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It was true that he had encountered plenty of unusual circumstances in his line of work. However, he had to admit that the going-ons of the Department of Mysteries was mostly, well, a mystery. He only knew of limited information about Level Nine and the sort of things were studied there. Terms such as emersence trulc and NCC-1701-D meant absolutely nothing to him. As far as speculation went, Frankie's imagination could run wild.

Not that there was any time for such theories in the present moment. The metallic scraping, the rattling, the creaking, the pop, the thumping, it all had been heard loud and clear by the Auror, which only caused him to dart forward toward the racket. Several spells were already at the forefront of his mind, ready to be said the moment the thing came into view.

"Have any intel about this emersence trulc that may be good to know?" he uttered. The sudden silence was unnerving ... and seeing hinges with no door attached to them was even more so. He sighed, taking a moment to brace himself before they had to venture into the stairwell.

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