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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Someday they would upgrade from prince and princess to king and queen.

This bit of information confirming Jude was something new to him. It was already known that Keighley loved hot chocolate; it was perhaps why his mind was so set on having a few cups. 的値l keep that in mind about Jude,鋳 Char remarked earnestly. Because he had already learnt that the Anders were rather close - something which he silently envied - and he wanted to know as much as possible about each of the family members. 的値l make you how many cups you want, my little sunflower.鋳 She'd always be his sunflower! Charlie was only telling it as he saw it: Keigh was amazing at MMA and he loved watching her. But he nodded, smiling softly. 的 would like to think you have some activities planned for this summer then? He壇 like to attend all if possible!

Keighley didn稚 think he was showing off. This was good because this Bergstrand boy really and truly hated anyone doing such a thing so why would he? He simply watched as his girlfriend did her thing. He tilted his head, watching her every move. In actuality, his attention was more on her than where his possessions were being placed. 溺hm. I think so too. What needed to be hung up? Right! The plaques. 展e can do the posters afterwards. Char grabbed two trophies and took them over to Keighley. 的 have a huge one of Thunder. I really hope you can meet him someday.
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