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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Of course his Little Sunflower was quite capable of carrying boxes up a flight of stairs. That doesn’t mean that she should be doing it. Char wouldn’t hear of it. Sorry, Keighley, if he agreed with his mother! Besides, he thought that she’d have more fun unpacking his belongings. It was just another way for her to get to know him better, by looking through his possessions.

One of the best things about Keigh learning Swedish was that it meant they could converse in the language and he’d have someone else to talk to in his native tongue rather than just his mother. This way, he could share part of his heritage with the girl he loved. “Muggar varm choklad ropar mitt namn.” {“Cups of hot chocolate are calling my name.”} Rosemary Bergstrand had made sure to bring along toppings for that from Sweden. Keighley’s words made him laugh. “As if!’’ Char replied, his accent very evident. “You’re the real MMA champion.” That was something he meant rather seriously. Keigh and her MMA skills always impressed him. “No. I’m too focused on Quidditch. I do take part for recreation at Durmstrang. Did. take part..” Since he would now be transferring to Hogwarts for his sixth and seventh years. “Where do you think we should put this, and the others?”
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