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SPOILER!!: Little Bry! <3
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
In her eyes she was a Ninja Warrior Princess. No ifs, ands or buts about it. This was her goal and the deadline to make it come true when she was nine was rapidly approaching. That in itself explained the serious increase in her training. Sorry Ary. It also wasn't her fault that nearly no one understood why she loved it the way that she did. Sometimes even she didn't fully understand why she was so obsessed with it but it was so much a part of her she couldn't change it.

Bry wasn't at all discouraged when Vinny the niffler went directly towards Aryan and she was ignored at first. The eight year old was very much aware of how well the boy beside her knew this particular niffler. It wasn't long though before that tiny sniffly niffler nose was sniffling at her making her giggling. "Hiya, Vinny." She reached out one hand to give him some pets. Her other hand searching her pockets for a shiny marbel that she thought she had with her.

Bry was free to be obsessed with whatever she wanted, even if it made no sense to Ary. The downside to her obsession was that she found it in her heart to drag him along on some of her training. Being athletic was not something that Ary excelled at. Despite the setback, he did try his best to climb the monkey bars and do all the other things that Bry required. She should be grateful that she had a friend like him.

Yes, Vinny and Ary were very good friends. Vinny had been the first Niffler that Ary had bonded with and after that first encounter, human and creature had never looked back. The little boy giggled too as he watched the encounter between Bry and Vinny. He had the feeling that Vinny was going to keep sniffing at the girl until she gave him more pets and something shiny.
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