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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
“We can climb.” The response left little room for the possibility of doubt. Consider it a seed that had taken root long before the farmer got it buried properly in the soil. Forget the quill and talk of the mind numbing work he often had to do up on Level One. This was more interesting and promised something he could look forward to. ”I don’t care what or where,” before his mate could try considering safety or otherwise, “we just gotta take Ty for a walk first. Make sure he’s got his dinner. I know the perfect place.”

He hadn’t at first but by the end of his rambling, it had popped into his head and was so utterly perfect and...and quite frankly, he needed friends like Kaiser. It was...nice having a few to still let you do reckless things without asking if you’d taken your medication.

Very necessary. Kaiser, Kaiser was necessary.

It hadn’t escaped him that he got a return invite either. Wasn’t the sort of thing that happened often and Kodee had worked real hard not to take offence. That became easier when his own life went right into the large dumpster fire called his reality. After that, he could respect it was...just another thing.

“Sure, yeah. That sounds good—did you hear about the bloke that got taken down by the aurors last week? Somewhere down in Knockturn Alley. Heard he was saying he was the new Neo Alliance leader.” Lots of those popping up these days. Fame mongers, honestly.

Kaiser had no more safety considerations than usual about the idea. He'd been free-climbing buildings since he was a kid, and despite one horrific fall when he was seventeen or so - the consequences of which he was still dealing with, case in point - he never worried about whether it was all that safe. That had been the only slip. Kaiser did worry about Kodee, because he cared about his friend, but he also knew exactly what he was like and so veered away from fussing and hassling. Without excitement in his life, Kodee sort of went to pieces, and even though he had a tendency to get distracted, climbing was one of those engaging things that seemed a little more likely to hold his attention.

This was a healthy option, really. It was fine. And if it suddenly wasn't fine, they had magic. Consequences. Still dealing with those.

"Great. I haven't climbed for a while." Now the idea had been floated and grasped and nailed down into something resembling a plan, he'd be disappointed if they didn't.

Kaiser wrapped his fingers around his wrist and subtly rotated the cuff of his sleeve back and forth - a habit he'd inexplicably developed since the day he'd found his watch missing - then looked over at Kodee again. He made a face. "No. But I am not surprised." Then again, if there was another legitimate one out there, they wouldn't be shouting about the fact, which made Kaiser just the slightest bit twitchy for all kinds of reasons. He was vaguely aware that if he found himself face to face with a Neo-Alliance pretender or sympathiser or genuine member, he might attempt to kick them back into the twenty-first century. It was a concerning train of thought, and he tried his best not to stray there, in case thinking about it too much made it a reality. It could happen. "The sooner this is all dealt with, the better ... Hey, did I tell you about what Mr Hollingberry did for me? Before that... gala thing?"

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