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Of course Stella didn't go and fight. Instead of that she had stayed at the ministry, though she knew that Simone had gone. Of course she had, her so-called boss, whom Stella had been silently compiling information on for months now. As the woman's personal assistant, she had had more access to certain information than most, but Stella had also made it fairly clear to Simone, that she was looking the other way. Looking the other way did not, however, mean that she hadn't been listening.

It was better to stay in the know, to be better equipped to protect yourself after all. She figured either the Neo-Alliance would lose, and she could volunteer herself as a witness and give over evidence, or they would win and she could continue in her job. It was helpful when you were a pureblood and had that luxury.

She had simply been returning to the office when all of a sudden--

Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
The jukebox exploded in a spray of shrapnel, fire, and loud musical noises that likely shook a good portion of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Ministry (if not more). Like a spark to try tinder other parts of the room quickly erupted in flames.
-the lift she was in shot down, fast. Or was it up? When a lift was magical it wasn't always easy to tell how things were going wrong, or in which direction. Stella gripped the rail, eyes fixating on the arrow going crazy on the level display, and then just as suddenly the lift stopped with a jerk, throwing her backwards onto her bum, though thankfully she was still holding the railing and didn't go far.

"Ouille!" She exclaimed under her breath. Level one. The door opened in front of her and... was that smoke?

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