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4:30 AM! What on godís green earth had made the headmaster decide to get them up at this hour Ingrid did not know. What she did know was that the pyjama top that she had on over her hoodie and the fluffy magnolia pyjama bottoms she had on were soooo comfortable, even as she wandered through the halls at this time of the morning. Maybe it wasnít the best idea but she was way too sleepy to do more than that at this point. After all, she still hadnít had her morning cup of tea and shortbread biscuit yet! Times at Hogwarts were indeed getting darker.

Wand in hand, she wandered out into the courtyard and blended into the crowd near Avalon and Ivy Ė her fellow Ravenclaw - or rather, behind her because she for sure didnít want to be seen at this particular moment in time.
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