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Default Review: Spies in Disguise starring Tom Holland and Will Smith

By cursedkatie

"Spies in Disguise," starring Tom Holland (Walter Beckett) and Will Smith (Lance Sterling), is a funny and engaging animated film that’s a treat for all ages! It consistently garnered giggles from the audience with witty banter and a psychedelic pigeon transformation (yes, really). As a pigeon, Lance makes (real) pigeon friends and learns that it’s okay to rely on others – even if they’re pigeons that eat trash – because real friends will always have your back. Filled with creative gadgets, such as glitter that mesmerizes villains, the film left no stone unturned as far as fun and useful spy technology is concerned. The villain of the film was not only intriguing, but exceptionally human. The film emphasizes the idea that there is no true good or evil, only trying to do the right thing, as well as fighting fire with fire tends to create a bigger fire, not put it out, which is a strong theme throughout the film. Overall the film is packed with action, pigeons, glitter and a positive message to everyone that peace is always possible.

"Spies in Disguise" opens in theaters on Christmas!
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