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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Olly was trying not to show the initial discomfort he felt with the PDA. He was trying to adjust for Esme's sake but there were persons looking at them and he was quite sure they were wondering why someone like him was with a beautiful girl like Esme. Her words cut into his thoughts. "Lay those facts on me then,'' he told her, genuinely interested but also wanting her to chatter. He liked it when she did that, you know.

And so she did!

Lots of interesting facts too.

"Wait. That many steps? I'll be a dead goth by the time I reach to the top if I was going to climb them.'' So there was no way in the Eiffel Tower's great history that Oliver McDean was going to do that.

"Please tell me there are lifts in this thing, baby.''
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