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Meet the SnitchSeeker staff!

Site Manager
Touz aka Mad Eye Touz
Years of service: Admin since Jan 2005, Mod since Oct 2003
Born In: August
Residing In: The South, USA

HP history: My little brother said wizards were cool and I should read this book about a kid named Harry. In order to prove to him that wizards weren't cool, I read it to make fun of him. Unfortunately for me, wizards ARE cool. Been hooked ever since.
Personal life: I'm making a career out of being a student, starting my masters this year. I like trees and fish and otherwise outdoorsy stuff, so when I'm not glued to this screen or planning some event for the site - I'm usually out being a nerd.
Favorite food: Sweet tea

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Forums Manager
Ali aka allucha
Years of Service Admin since Feb 2008, Mod since Aug 2007 & School Prefect during Feb 2006 to Jan 2007
Born On: August 18, 1991
Residing In: West Yorkshire, England

HP History: The publicity that the Goblet of Fire novel was receiving pre-release annoyed me (what was this book that was being mentioned on Newsround?!). I’ve never been much of a book reader, so I caught my family and friends by surprise when I asked for the three books for my birthday. And then the magical journey began!
Personal life: I’m a university student, studying my favourite branches of science. Academics aside, I’m very interested in music and play the electric (since 2007) and acoustic (since 2004) guitar, as well the piano and didgeridoo.

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Personal Links: Twitter
Hogwarts RPG Manager
Erin aka Cassirin
Years of Service: Admin since April 2005, School Staff since March 2004
Born On: April 3
Residing In: Ohio, USA

HP history: I discovered the Harry Potter books on one of those long visits to family in another state. My younger cousin had the first three books, and my younger sister picked them up to read. When I finally managed to steal them for myself, I enjoyed the first two, but it was PoA that got me truly hooked. I've been members of a few websites and groups, mostly those dealing with really nerdy in-depth study and oddball theories about what's to come, but I came to SS through the first Potter Project over two years ago.
Personal life: In my spare time, and when I'm not on SS, I enjoy reading, writing, movies, and generally goofing off with friends.

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Personal Links: LiveJournal

Site Related Links: Hogwarts RPG LiveJournal
Ministry of Magic Roleplay Admin
Anna Banana
Born On: March 17
Location: Louisiana, USA

Joined: November 8, 2007
Prefected: May, 2008
Head Girl: May - August, 2009 term
Modded: July 8, 2009
School Staff: I was asked December 7, 2009 and went purple on December 15, 2009 (Healer and Charms Professor)
Adminned: December 11, 2011

HP History: I never even thought to read the books until I was wandering through an airport waiting on a flight and saw book four on a display. I bought it but never could get into it, but that's likely because I hadn't read the rest of the series and didn't have an interest or investment in them yet. I watched the first movie, loved it, and decided to read the books. I read them in this order: 5, 6, 7, 1, 2. So, YES! Confession time! I've never read books three and four! I'll have to get around to doing that some day.

Personal Life: One thing you really should know about me is that my name is not Anna. It's Jennifer. Anna is the name of my first RPG character here on SS. People started calling me Anna before they knew my real name, and the nickname stuck. After all this time, I still prefer Anna here on SS, because that's the name people know me by! Other than that, I'm just a city girl trapped in a country world. I have big dreams that have gotten me exciting places before, yet I continue to hang around my boring hometown, because I love my family with all my heart! I also love my friends, SS, Facebook, reading, traveling, taking long naps, pop music, going to the movie theater, going out to eat, and just loving life!

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Head News Admin (L.A.)
Laurie aka katiebell
Years of Service: Admin since Feb 2007, Mod since April 2006
Born On: July 31
Residing In: Los Angeles, California, USA
News territory: Hollywood

HP history: I bought the first book as a birthday present for my husband, then ended up snagging it and reading it myself. From there, I read the next four in like a month. Then thought I'd die waiting for book 6. In retrospect, I'm lucky I started late on them ... there was a lot less waiting time that way. Anyway, I got everyone in my family hooked on the books - even my grandmother! My favorite HP book is Chamber of Secrets and favorite HP film is Prisoner of Azkaban.
Personal life: I was born and raised in L.A. (If I had a dollar for every earthquake I've been through ...) I'm married and have two kids - 10 and 13 - both HP fanatics, thank you very much! My husband is a jujitsu instructor – that’s how we met (I'm a green belt). I went to film school (that sounds so L.A., I know) and graduated university with a communications/film degree. I worked for awhile as a film editor and, before you ask, no I don't work in the movie business anymore - those people are weird. Anyway, I've been working as a copy editor for a cancer research hospital for over 10 years, helping them promote their latest discoveries and such through the media.

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Meet the rest of the News Team!
Gallery Admin & Assistant News Admin
Red aka masterofmystery
Years of Service: Admin since June 2012, News Mod since 2008
Born On: February 6
Residing In: New York, NY

HP history: In actuality, and much to the shock of everyone who knows me (except my one cousin), I originally hated everything to do with Harry Potter. I thought it was overrated rubbish. Then, one day in the summer of 2002 my bro rented 'Sorcerer's Stone', I decided to watch it, and voila, I fell sadly in love. It was over then. From there I saw 'Chamber of Secrets' in late 2002, after which I read the third and fourth books, and by early 2003, I immersed myself in the madness that is the Harry Potter fandom.
Personal life: I became a SnitchSeeker member in 2006, and joined the news staff a year and a half later. I update the news, mainly, though am keen to find the newest photos related to the films and became the gallery admin in 2012. Outside of SnitchSeeker, I just stick to blogging about Harry Potter-related things, oddly enough, so it's no surprise that I enjoy doing it at SnitchSeeker, as well. As for real life, I'm a freelance business news blogger trying to get a better-paying job.

Meet the rest of the News Team!
Technical Support Admin
Kristi aka Biochemkris
Years of Service:Admin since Aug 2004, School Staff since March 2004
Born On: February 27, 1979
Residing In: Sutton, New Hampshire, USA
Most like: Minerva McGonagall

HP history: I never wanted to read HP. It was too hyped up and I hate getting involved with really popular things. But, one day I went over to visit my in-laws and my mother in-law had SS on the TV. I loved it. So, I went out and bought it and the newly released CoS on DVD. Then, I had to read the books because I just had to find out more about this Snape character and what happened next. Once I finished GoF I scoured the web to find out when the next book would be released. I spent a lot of time on but, when I started looking for more than just news I decided to browse their affiliates. That's how I found SS and I've been here ever since.
Personal life: I am married to a wonderful man who indulged me by reading the first five books and came with my mom (another huge fan) and me to the opening night showing of PoA. We were married October 26, 2002 and on May 18, 2005 we welcomed our first son, Alexander Shawn, into the world. I quit my job as a biochemist at Dartmouth Medical School to be a full time mom. On January 4, 2007 we had a daughter, Elizabeth Kristi. I am currently taking online courses toward my Masters in biochemistry in between taking Xander to/from preschool, entertaining the kids, cleaning our church and putting together the bulletins. I spend my free time on SS and crocheting.
Favorite food: Chocolate anything (as long as it isn't ruined by fruit, which was meant to be eaten whole, fresh, raw & unadulterated)

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Personal Links:
Family Blog

Site Related Links: SS RPG: Hogwarts, A History
The Technical Support Wizard
Kevin aka KevinG
Born On: … wouldn’t you like to know.
Residing In: The USA

HP history: Kevin has read all of the HP books.
Personal life: Kevin is a technical genius but, he is incredibly busy so he can only pop in from time to time to make SS a better place from behind the scenes. He's responsible for most of the nifty new gadgets that pop up from time to time. Kris can't remember what else Kevin wouldn't mind being public knowledge so this is all you get for Kevin's bio by Kris. LOL
Owner, designer, technical slave
Richard Harris (yes that's my real name) aka Dumbledore
Years of Service: Since the beginning of SnitchSeeker
Born On: December 22, 1970
Residing In: Oslo, Norway

HP History: As soon as I saw Philosopher's Stone in the theater I knew I had to read the books. I was hooked from the very first page and read all four within two weeks (yeah I am a slow reader)!
Favorite HP Book: Before Deathly Hallows it has always been Goblet of Fire. Now I can't really decide between the two. Half-Blood Prince comes in a very close second.
Personal life: I am married with four children. I work as a Designer and Web Developer.
Favorite movies of all time: Star Wars
Favorite Book: Les Miserables, His Dark Materials trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy
Favorite Music: Classic Rock (and oldies), Alternative, Classical, and Film Scores. Madrugada, Beatles, Daniel Powter, REM, John Williams, etc.

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Personal Links: Web portfolio, Family blog

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Prefect Office (SS Announcements, Help, and Feedback): All SnitchSeeker Staff
Hagrid's Newbie Hut: Lislchen*, Ameh, katiebell, Cristygen,
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Daily Prophet
Meet the News Staff!

Daily News: katiebell*, allucha, EmmaRiddle, masterofmystery
Potter Polls: katiebell*, Dumbledore, EmmaRiddle
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Flourish and Blotts: Dainsie*
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Wizarding World RPG Managers
School RP: Cassirin
Diagon Alley RP: Con_Stripes
Ministry of Magic RP: Anna Banana, Mad Eye Touz
School Staff

SS RPG: Hogwarts, A History

Headmaster - Cassirin
Deputy Headmaster - demented_death_eater

Ancient Runes -Con_Stripes
Arithmancy - Orchideae
Astronomy - Antarctica!
CoMC - Luna Laufghudd
Charms - Maxilocks
DADA - Cassirin
Divination - SilverTiger
Herbology - AmbiguouslyMe
History of Magic - DH Vixen
Muggle Studies - Lislchen
Potions - Droo
Transfiguration - MeredithRodneyMckay

Flying - demented_death_eater
Groundskeeper - Tailzinator
Librarian - Liisa
School Nurse (Healer) - Colley ♥

House Positions

HoH - Colley <3
House mod - Orchideae
Female Prefect: imaginarynumb3rs (Wesley A. Reagan)
Male Prefect: Wenzter (Cedric N. Leon)
Quidditch Captain: Lindzers (Melanie Lockhart)

HoH - Liisa
House mod - Maxilocks
Male Prefect - PattyH (Patroclus Hudson)
Female Prefect - Nordic Witch (Sophie Connolly)
Quidditch Captain - Macavity (Simon Bennett)[/b]

HoH - demented_death_eater
House Mod - AmbiguouslyMe
Male Prefect: RachieRu (Finlay Charmichael)
Female Prefect : Ivy Nienna (Ivory Erised)
Quidditch Captain: Walrus (Jacob Blunt)

HoH- Droo
House Mod - Lislchen
Male Prefect - Deniiz (Evan Cartwright)
Female Prefect - Nixy! (Iris Beaumont)
Quidditch Captain - rubindo (Aaron Anderson)

Other Positions
Head Boy: Ashwinder
Head Girl: feltbeatslover22
OWL/NEWTs - demented_death_eater
Yearbook - demented_death_eater
Quill - Tailzinator and Luna Laufghudd
Merlin's Beard - demented_death_eater
OOC Forums modding - School Staff
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Gobstones Club - Liisa and Antarctica!
School Historian - Biochemkris

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