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What year is it in the Hogwarts RPG?
The timeline of the Hogwarts RPG takes place many years after Harry Potter's defeat of Voldemort. It is currently 2097-98 in the SSRPG universe. Further information about the history of SnitchSeeker's Hogwarts can be read in Hogwarts, a History.

Who is the Headmaster/Hogwarts RPG Admin?
The current Hogwarts headmaster is Malachi Trent, who is played by DaniDiNardo. Should you wish to interact with the headmistress IC or have an OOC need related to the Hogwarts RPG, please contact her.

Who are the Hogwarts professors?
The Hogwarts professors are played by selected site members. They can usually be identified with a italic, coloured Username (unless they happen to be a Mod or Admin) and a subject/staff role icon in their profile.

How can I become a professor/prefect/Quidditch captain?
You are invited to become a professor by the Hogwarts RPG Admin. We do not advertise open positions, and you cannot apply to become a professor. If you are interested in becoming a professor, the best way to improve your chances of being asked are to be polite and helpful to others on and off SS, use good grammar, and participate in classes and role-play around the school.

Prefects are chosen by each Head of House and the Hogwarts RPG Admin. You and your character should be of utmost standing in the Hogwarts RPG. We do not have a particular year in mind; however, we generally don't pick those who are below 5th year. The same qualities we look for in teachers and staff are the same ones we look for in prefects. Prefects serve for a limited time (once their character graduates from school, they must step down and allow another member to have a chance at being prefect; they cannot make a new, younger character and continue to be prefect).

Quidditch Captains are chosen by the Flying instructor and the Hogwarts RPG Admin. You and your character should have some experiencing playing Quidditch and be of utmost standing in the Hogwarts RPG. As with prefects, there is no particular year in mind; however, we generally don't pick those who are below 5th year. Captains serve for a limited time (once their character graduates from school, they must step down and allow another member to have a chance at being prefect; they cannot make a new, younger character and continue to be prefect).

The Head Boy and Girl are chosen by the the Hogwarts RPG Admin, usually from among the seventh year prefects, though those who were not prefects before may be chosen (just like in the books).

How can I get involved?
Before the start of each term, the staff works hard to create a school story which will take place during the term (or across several terms). Many of the storylines are carried over fro previous terms, just like in the Harry Potter books. If you are getting confused, try asking a student who has been around for a few terms or you can take a look at Hogwarts, a History.

To become involved in the school story, just have your character take an active interest in the goings on at Hogwarts. You can join one of the clubs, attend class, tryout for Quidditch, and role-play trying to figure out the mystery. We are attempting to make the school story more accessible for students, but it can be very difficult with the varying role-play abilities and the fact that we do have to stick to a specified plan. So, just sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and maybe you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the Hogwarts RPG plot this term!

Can I role-play more than one character?
You can only role-play one character the Hogwarts RPG unless otherwise stated. If you start role-playing more characters, it gets incredibly confusing as to who is playing who and when. It is also extremely unfair during classes. However, if you have a pet who absolutely needs to do something, you can role-play what they do. However, please don't make a habit of role-playing as a rabbit or cat throughout the entire term as this will irritate people just as much as you role-playing more than one character.

Do I have to start off as a first year?
The traditional way to go through the Hogwarts RPG is to start as a first year as each term is the equivalent of one HP year and you would progress to the next year until graduation. Nonetheless, you do not have to start off as a first year, even if you are new to the Hogwarts RPG. Just be sure you make it clear what year you are as people tend to assume the new students are first years.

Are there restrictions on what my character can be like?
There aren't too many restrictions on what your character can be like, but keep in mind the age of your character, the fact that you are a student at Hogwarts, and that the SSRPG takes place after Harry and gang have graduated. Your character should have the abilities of an 11 to 17-year-old student, and we expect their behaviour and potential romantic relationships to coincide realistically with their assumed ages. Another thing to keep in mind is that while we encourage House loyalty and pride, we will not tolerate the abuse of or insulting of members of other Houses.

Special powers are very rare, and we limit the number who play in our school each term. If you find you absolutely cannot create a unique character without giving them extra special abilities (Animagi, Metamorphmagi, werewolves, etc.) you MUST get special permission from the Hogwarts RPG Admin before playing such a character. Such characters should be RARE and while we don't want to stifle your creativity, these types of characters inevitably disrupt the role-play, make it difficult for others to take you seriously, and we just don't need half a dozen werewolves roaming the school grounds. We do not accept ANY vampires into the Hogwarts RPG, and, as JKR has stated there is no royalty in the wizarding world, we don't accept princes or princesses either.

If your character has any other dis/abilities (blindness, deafness, etc.), please PM the Hogwarts RPG Admin so a note can be made (we keep an updated list as a quick reference) and the staff be made aware of your character's trait. Realistically the professors we play would know of this IC, and we would like to have them interact with your character as such.

If you are not sure what is or isn't allowed, simply ask the Hogwarts RPG Admin by PM.

What is the enrollment cut-off date at Hogwarts?
The enrollment cut-off date at Hogwarts (and any wizarding school here at SnitchSeeker) is September 1st of the current IC year. That means a first year character will be coming to school already at the age of 11, a second year already 12, a third year already 13, etc. If your character is not the age of 11 by September 1st of the current IC year, they will need to wait to attend Hogwarts. If your character is already beyond their first year, carefully check their date of birth and make sure they are in the correct year.

For example, Harry Potter was born in the year 1980 on July 31st and turned 11 in 1991. He was 11 by the time it was September 1, 1991. Hermione Granger, on the other hand, was born in 1979 on September 19th and turned 11 in 1990. She was not 11 by the time it was September 1, 1990. Because of this, she had to wait until 1991 to attend Hogwarts and was just a few weeks away from turning 12 when she boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time.

Are there restrictions on what pets can be brought to school?
You may bring any of the traditional magical pets to school: an owl, cat, rat, toad, or pygmy puff. All other desired pets must be approved by both the Headmistress and the Care of Magical Creatures professor, who have the right to refuse any pet based on their Ministry classification and whether or not the animal is appropriate to be present at the school. To ask for permission, please PM the Hogwarts RPG Admin.

Traditional magical pets are permitted inside the castle and may also be taken out on the grounds. Non-traditional pets (that are approved by the Headmistress and Care of Magical Creatures professor) are limited to the creature barn and the grounds. If non-traditional pets, approved or not, are found within the walls of the castle, there will be a consequence.

Can I change my character during the term?
You may not change your character during the term. The character you start with at the beginning of the term is the one you will finish the term with. You cannot change characters until the in-between term period (when the school is closed). Changing your character when the term is in session may result in post deletion, OOC suspension from the Hogwarts RPG until the next term, etc.

Can I sit at other house tables?
Yes, you are allowed to sit at other tables and visit with your friends in other Houses.

How do I earn House points?
The major source of House points comes from role-playing in classes. House points can also be earned outside of lessons by helping professors and any other special achievements a staff member deems worthy of awarding points.

Can our characters kiss and snog?
Hand-holding, romantic embraces, flirting, brief kisses on the cheek or the lips are allowed throughout the site. No explicit bedroom scenes are allowed anywhere on the site.

Be aware that Hogwarts staff may turn a blind eye to minor PDA outside of class, but they may not be so forgiving if this is seen in class when your character should be learning.

Can my character get detention?
If your character breaks a school rule, there is a possibility that they may be asked to attend detention. If your character does wind up in detention, the staff member who gave them detention will create a personalized thread and scenario for you to role-play your character serving detention in until released. When this thread is made, the professor will contact you via PM.

Will I get in trouble for viewing the staff room/private areas?
Of course not! In fact, we encourage you (the out of character you) to view these areas as they will help you (the out of character you) figure out what is going on. However, (and we can't stress this enough) you must remember that just because you (the out of character you) have access to this information, your character would not necessarily have access or be aware of what is going on.

What are "Dead Students"?
On occasion you may happen across someone in the "Dead Student" user group or you may find yourself in this group yourself. "Dead Students" are students who have died in the Hogwarts RPG in the current term, usually as part of the plot, or because they did something stupid and reckless that realistically would have resulted in death. The school staff strive to make the Hogwarts RPG as real as possible. Dead Students are still able to view the school forums, but they are no longer able to post since their characters are no longer around. After the term is over, the member will be returned to their original user group and may play a new character (but NOT the dead character).

The Hogwarts RPG Admin reserves the right to place anyone in this user group in order to maintain continuity of or advance the school plot(s), both major and minor.

What do I do if I have a problem with another student?
If you have a problem with another student, please don't argue or fight with them publically. PM a professor or the Hogwarts RPG Admin about your problem and allow them to deal with it. Arguments and the like are cause for loss of house points, detention, and/or suspension if it is an IC issue; if an OOC issue, site warnings, infractions, and/or banning may occur.

What do I do if I have a problem with a professor?
If you are having issues with a particular professor, please PM the Hogwarts RPG Admin immediately.

What if I can't find an answer to my question?
You may ask any IC questions you may have related to the school in the Headmistress' Office or any other area of the Hogwarts RPG, wherever and whomever makes the most sense for your IC questions to be asked and answered.

Any OOC questions or concerns you may have regarding the Hogwarts RPG should be directly PMed to Hogwarts RPG Admin or the appropriate staff member.

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