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DaniDiNardo 04-09-2019 09:19 AM

Staff Table
On a raised dais situated at the farthest point of the Great Hall stands a long table where the members of the Hogwarts staff sit and enjoy their meal while casting a watchful eye out on the four House tables. Each staff member has an assigned, cushioned chair to sit on throughout the duration of the feast, though the more notable out of them all is the throne-like golden chair in the centre reserved for the headmaster.

Keep in mind that you should not be wandering up to the staff table if you are not a staff member before Headmaster Trent has delivered his speech. Doing so will result in the last-minute loss of points or worse before you even made it on the Hogwarts Express. If you wish to speak with someone who is seated up here, you will have to wait until after the speech has been said and there is food and drink on all of the tables. Make sure to keep your visit brief though -- the staff were also waiting on the food to appear and are just as hungry as you.

Photos!: Seating Arrangement
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TakemetotheBurrow 12-05-2021 09:29 PM

Endings had never bothered Neva, especially the ones she knew were coming. The Charms Professor had experienced many in her day and this was, perhaps, the first time that she felt a deep sadness in her heart despite the fact that she'd known this day was approaching. The wave of emotions was unexpected and she was trying her best to ignore them as she settled into her seat and looked out at the students who she'd actually come to enjoy. It was the kids who'd changed her. Turned her into this sentimental being. Maybe she even wanted some of her own someday, which was...well, she'd unpack that some other time. For now she'd just appreciate the scene in front of her and the doors this position had opened for her.

AlwaysSnapesGirl 12-06-2021 01:20 AM

It was hard to believe it was time for the End of Term Feast. The year felt like it had flown by. It had been eventful too, but fortunately they'd found a way to pull through - Hogwartians were a resilient and resourceful sort after all. And Rosalie found she did still really enjoy this place, though she appreciated it in a different way as a professor than she had as a student so many years ago. Still, she was looking forward to the summer.

"Good evening, Neva," she said, offering her colleague a warm smile as she passed by to get to her seat on the other end of the table.

Felixir 12-06-2021 01:58 AM

Vine clean up? Brutal.

Seeing the desolation of the greenhouses whenever he wandered that way on the grounds? Brutal.

The impending break? Less brutal, but give it a few days, and he'd be champing at the bit for something to do. He'd probably find something too, as a matter of fact.

Given how much of the grounds needed his attention post... everything... from the training area, to the lake, to the forest, Kamran had been busy right up until the moment of the feast. It was all very well and good being busy and active, but nice to take the weight off. He did so at the staff table, greeting those already there with an "Evening," each, and settling into his seat between Malachi and Simon's usual places.

Two years in, and he was more used to the faces here. Harder to see the graduating students go, but, of course, entirely necessary. They'd be fine, he was sure.

Watson 12-06-2021 02:13 AM

He greeted his coworkers happily with a nod. “Hello!” The term was done… how crazy. Simon was holding a plant in his hand. He brought it here specifically for June cause he felt bad for everything. Not that he had caused it but because he was incredibly empathetic. Luckily they had stopped the invasive plant that had plagued them but… he couldn’t help but feel bad so he placed the orchard in front of June’s seat with a notecard.

Then he proceeded to take his seat next to Professor Kamzi. Leaning over to his feast mate, he asked. “Any fun plans for the summer?

Simon couldn’t wait to see his kids and wife.

Waddles 12-06-2021 04:44 AM

This term had been exhausting, more exhausting than she'd ever thought teaching could be.

Planning classes? Fine. Teaching classes? Also fine. Caring for dozens of creatures, most of whom weren't birds? Totally fine, she'd done that before.

But the vines? Worrying for half the term about the state of the creatures in the lake? Not fine. Not even remotely close to being relaxing. She saw now, why the school term had a summer break. It was necessary. Teaching, perhaps especially at Hogwarts, was exhausting. She was exhausted.

The one consolation was that with the destruction of that plant and all the vines, the ecosystem of the lake was on its way back to normal.

She gave brief nods to her colleagues already seated, as she made her way to her own seat next to the charms professor. "Evening, Neva," Mia said with a small smile as she slid into the chair.

TakemetotheBurrow 12-06-2021 10:55 PM

"Evening,Rosalie." Neva offered the Muggle Studies professor a kind smile, thinking Schmoe would've liked the job she'd done this term.

"Evening Kamran. Simon." Both men received nods, the history of magic professor a curious smile. The plant was for June, yes? The poor woman deserved it after the way things had gone down on the grounds.

"Hello Mia. I imagine you're as ready for summer as I am after this term."

MadMadamMalfoy 12-07-2021 01:47 AM

Would there ever be a nice, quiet term at Hogwarts? Norman doubted it if his three terms teaching here were anything to go by. First a blood supremacist cult, then an evil healer and her spiked candles, then cursed vines. He had a strong suspicion where they’d come from, but it didn’t matter now. The important thing was that they were finally rid of those things! Although he knew it was for the best, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for June losing the greenhouses. Speaking of whom… his blue-green eyes scanned the dais in search of the herbology professor, only to see her empty seat. Apparently he’d have to wait to offer his services in rebuilding the greenhouses.

“Good evening, all,” he greeted his colleagues as he took his usual seat at the far end of the table. Settling back in his chair, he allowed his gaze to wander to the students and the Ravenclaw table in particular. So far no sign of shenanigans… not that he expected it from this bunch. They’d done well in keeping up with their studies this year, in spite of the challenges the vines posed. Their House Cup victory was well-deserved!

Samia 12-07-2021 08:17 AM

June was in a .... mood. Ever since the greenhouses had been set ablaze to get rid of the curse, she had all but shut down. The deed was done, all was well - and that was that. She blatantly ignored the sympathy looks, and went about her business.

There was a lot to do after all. First and foremost, she had been mostly trying to salvage whatever she could. There wasn't much but whatever could be pulled away, she had tried to save. Her journals and personal things were mostly gone, but it didn't matter. Or so she told herself.

When it was an absolute must, she had finally made her way to the staff table. A tight smile here and there, she quietly took her seat - only to be met with an Orchard and a note. It was a sweet gesture, but it still twisted her insides - reading the note, she looked over at Simon and slightly nodded in his direction, "Thank you, Simon. This is very thoughtful of you"

Bazinga 12-07-2021 04:08 PM

Was she late? She might have been, but Meda had good reasons. As she moved towards the staff table she tried to casually fix her hair and smooth out her robes, not noticing the few peacock feathers sticking out of her hair and one on her robe in the back.

"Hello all, sorry for being a little behind. Had a small bird issue in my office, but all is well now." Her wonderful feathered friend loved the kids so much he couldn't understand why he had to stay in her office instead of coming to the feast and put up a nice little fight this evening not to attend.

Silly bird

Felixir 12-08-2021 01:27 AM

Nodding to each at the table in greeting - "Evening... evening..." - Kamran focused his attention in large part on Simon, sat right beside him, but also to June, over on the History of Magic professor's other side. Was he feeling a little guilty about giving the order to burn those greenhouses? Well, no, not really. It needed to be done. But it didn't sit terribly well with him, specifically how much of a toll it must have taken on his colleague.

But she had seemed to have divorced herself from all that for the time being, and he wasn't going to push it. Not right now.

Simon, then. "Visiting my kids," Kamran replied, idly turning his goblet in place on the table. Not everyone considered them as such, as he'd never officially adopted his niece and nephews, but they were his. Adults now too, but... still kids. "Beyond that, I suppose we'll see. Yourself?"

PhoenixRising 12-08-2021 04:16 PM

Winston wasn't sure how felt about his first year teaching at Hogwarts. Unlike many of his colleagues, he hadn't attended the Scottish school, so it was as foreign to him as it was to the first years. He did have to say that he was delighted he was able to recall many of students names, some them he even developed a fondness for over the last few months.

He was about to take his seat, but noticed Jane wasn't there yet and instead opted to sit in the Astronomy Professor's seat so as to be closer to his peers.

"Mia, Neva..." He said to the ladies to his left, and gave a small nod and wave to the ones further down the table. He wasn't keen on shouting across the table to communicate. "You both have a good term?"

DaniDiNardo 12-11-2021 01:19 PM

He was late for the feast, later than the man had ever been to a feast since he began his time leading the castle. Just one more walk. Malachi took the opportunity while all were gathered in the Great Hall and out of the corridors to take a final walk around the hollow corridors. Had it really been a decade? The time flew by faster than he ever realised. Hogwarts had a way of doing that. All the crazy that tended to come with the magic, you never took the time to notice. Only the moving on of the students adequately marked the time.

And now it was his turn.

Malachi Trent walked into the Great Hall, taking it all in for the last time. It was funny. When he started, he could scarcely imagine the time he would take his final walk, but here it was.

The Headmaster settled in his seat at the dais, offering his best smile and a "good evening" to those already gathered there. Seeing no point in keeping them waiting any longer, he hit his fork against his goblet and waited for the hall to come to attention.

"Good evening. We've come to the end of another year at Hogwarts. For some, this will be the last, for others it will be a well needed break for some fun memories and friends. I'd like to extend hearty congratulations to Ravenclaw for their win in the House Cup. It was well fought and well deserved." And a pause for appropriate applause.

"To our graduating class, I wish you the very best as you make your way out into the big world. Think of all you've learned here, take the good and the bad. You know more than you think you do and I believe there are bright futures ahead of you all." Some would just...need to work a little harder at it but very possible.

"To those who will be returning, I wish you the best as well. When September comes around, you'll have a new head to lead you. I trust you will treat them well and that through every circumstance you remember to think of your strategy. Never jump blindly into anything. Constant vigilance always has it's place."

And some could REALLY benefit from its usage.

"I won't keep you waiting any longer. Let's eat!"

And just like that, the tables began to fill with the delicious food the elves had prepared. His final feast at Hogwarts.

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