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DaniDiNardo 06-02-2021 01:31 PM

If you’ve got an interest in the drama club’s latest production, you’ve come to the right place. The duelling arena has been remodelled to now resemble a theatre, the large stage in front and many rows of seats for those waiting to audition to wait.

The Headmaster sits at the front by a table. He’ll have some help with the judging, as evidenced by the empty chairs on either side of him. Hung up on the stage is the surest sign you’re in the right place. It’s a large banner that says:


Hopefully you brought your own material, but if you haven’t, there’s a few scripts set on the little table on the right of the stage. You can pick something and unleash your natural talent.

For now, come in and have a seat. We’ll begin shortly.

OOC: If you wanna be in the play in any capacity at all, this is the place to be. Don’t worry if your character isn’t interested in the acting part, they would still be invited here (as this thread is what we’ll be using to determine who does what).

pundantic 06-02-2021 02:52 PM

Kale Alexander Trent was STOKED. Famously, the sixth year was a bit of a drama queen, emphasis on D R A M A. He'd been taking tap dancing since he could basically walk, and was a pretty decent all-around dancer, singer and actor. These skillz had been cultivated by an environment of imagination and play that Headmaster Trent and his wife had encouraged in their home.

The duo had even put on the HOME-Y'S, the at-home Tony Awards, every summer since Kale could string together a rousing rendition of Memory from Cats.

SPEAKING OF CATS. Picture this: Malachi Trent in full spandex playing along with his kids in the aforementioned at-home productions. Ugh. He'd given a truly dazzling turn as whatever cats his kids didn't want to pretend to be. All the awards. Tens, tens, tens across the board.

ANYWAY. What was Kale trying to say? Oh right.

THE AUDITIONS. He was very excited. The blonde twirled into the dueling arena, blonde hair flying every which way, before he addressed his father, "Hiya Dad. I'm thinking, for the audition, we do our two man show. Whatcha think?" He was obviously teasing. But also. Like. Shrug. If he wanted to....

astrocat 06-02-2021 03:28 PM

Ash was not really into this whole 'play' thing. She liked singing, she was fine with dancing, she could act when she wanted to. But like... she just wasn't interested. She WAS interested in set design. And she was here with her drawing notebooks, ready to beg the headmaster and look sad until he said they needed a set designer. Hopefully it wouldn't come to that though. For now, she just sat quietly, offering a silent nod to the headmaster. She doodled some ideas in her 'scenery' sketchbook. She really really really wanted to do set design. Like, she was even ready to use unfair tactics. Like puppy eyes. And looking sad. But mostly, she thought that her talent was more than enough.

TakemetotheBurrow 06-02-2021 04:53 PM

As the charms professor, Neva was interested to see what kind of lighting and effect spells the kids could make use of in order to make this play as realistic as possible. She'd brought along a clipboard to write down her thoughts on those auditioning for the stage crew and she had it tucked under her arm as she joined Malachi at the table.

"I have to admit, I'm kind of excited." After everything last term, it felt good to be bonding with the kids over something a lot more lighthearted. Plus she liked the theater setting. The costumes and makeup. The scenery. It was fun to escape in this way for a while and she was glad to offer her help. Honestly, anything to take a break from repairing damaged bones (Cambridge). She offered a smile to those already waiting to audition and then set her clipboard on the table and waited.


Holy hippogriffs, she was nervous. Also excited. Also she should've eaten a little more before her audition because she was snacky when she was nervous and sadly, there wasn't anything to snack on here. She really should've planned this better. Gosh.

Spotting Kale, the blonde smiled a little and made her way over to him. She was dressed as Alice in Wonderland, could he tell? "Hi." She nearly went to kiss his cheek, only THEN she realized his dad was watching, which made her think of how WEIRD the headmaster had been towards her and WHY, and that just turned the sixth year RIGHT into a tomato. Red faced. Blushing. Yikes.


"Hello Headmaster, Professor Peralta." She managed a smile. "Hey Ashley." The younger girl got a smile, too.

Samia 06-02-2021 06:13 PM

June neeeeeeded to see this. It was just what the healer ordered (pun not intended????). Anyway, the brunette found her way into the make-shift theatre and made her way to the headmaster and Neva.

"This is going to be really entertaining" June grinned at the two.

"I am so ready to see them all"

Lo and behold, Aries Flamsteed was here in the most serious clothes he could find in his trunk - which was basically his uniform but worn in the most proper way possible.

A script already in hand he made his way over to where the judges were - and the the other ~ACtOrs~.


"I'd like to do a very serious, dramatic reading for my audition." Should he start? Or was he supposed to wait his turn? Or was it first come, first serve kind of thing????

Watson 06-02-2021 08:09 PM

Lisa was feeling unusually calmer than normal about this audition. She walked into the classroom with a notebook in hand that she flipped through. Inside the notebook, she had several different types of monologues captured (classic, traditional, dramatic, comedic, modern) that she had ready to go for her audition. Biting her lip, she continued flipping through her notebook and took a seat near Aries Flamsteed. Thinking that he was Atlas, she stood closer to him. “Break a leg Atlas!” she whispered to him, fully not realizing that the boy was actually Atlas’ twin.

Then she went over to stand near the other actors. Lisa continued flipping through her book as she tried to decide which one to go with. Hmmmmm.... choices... choices....

Fireheart 06-02-2021 08:27 PM

Shreya had been looking forward to audition day all week long. Donned in a pair of silky teal robes (a bright color felt particularly necessary for the theatrical occasion), she made her way into the dueling arena. A familiar flutter filled her chest as she took in the stage. It had been far too long since she'd set foot in an auditorium—the last time was when she performed in the opera at Centre Stage London over five years ago. And she missed acting dearly. So naturally, when Malachi had asked for assistance in evaluating the auditions, Shreya was one of the first to volunteer.

"Hello, everyone!" the Potions professor greeted her colleagues with a broad smile as she found a seat at the table, a warm cardamom latte in hand. "I'm excited to see what they can do," she agreed with Neva and June. "I feel like we may have some aspiring stage stars on our hands."

Avalon entered the duelling arena, pulling a large trunk behind her. She wasn't sure exactly what an audition for the costume crew would look like, but she figured she should at least bring her fabrics and sewing kit just in case. Always better to be prepared. The seventh year took a seat next to Lisa, giving the girl a friendly wave as she approached. "Trying out for a role? What script are you gonna pick?" No, stage acting wasn't quite up Avalon's alley—but she surely could live vicariously through her housemates.

ArianaBlack 06-02-2021 08:58 PM

Finneas R. Schmoe here. The R stands for Reporting for duty.

Though, er, he wasn't quite sure whether he was meant to sit at the judges' panel or if he ought to take a seat next to the other auditioners. Just to be safe, he chose the latter. He had come to audition after all. His loafers meant serious business.

Or. Er. Something like that. They were better suited for business casual, if he were being honest with himself. He had misplaced his nicer pair in the mess that was his office. They were in one of the several boxes. Surely he hadn't left them behind during the ... unexpected move.

Anyway, AnYwAy, ANYWAY.

Despite the strange disconnect he was feeling, Finneas thought that involving himself in the production might allow him some clarity. A needed distraction from the tug-of-war going on in his planet sized brain and pea sized heart. Perhaps stepping out of his thoughts would allow him an opportunity to find another tether.

Stepping into the room, he stopped to nod hullo to each of his colleagues, offering a salute to June, in particular, before making way for the chairs set aside for auditioneers.

aRogueOne 06-02-2021 11:31 PM

I mean, if you don't mind being sick on... :O
Slightly confused as to why she was heading towards the duelling arena, Ingrid’s little legs continued to head towards the room, her mind only really processing the fact that there were indeed auditions for the drama club’s latest production and that she was going to try be apart of it. Or at least try anyway and most likely make a fool of herself but that was fine too.

Despite feeling a deep inner sense of dread at the watching gaze of the headmaster as she entered the room, Ingrid’s briefly moved towards the other children in the room, her face looking slightly pale and sickly. Was she ill? Coming down with a fever? Who knew? Not her anyway. “Hello Headmaster. Professor Peralta. Professor Flamsteed. Professor Varma. Professor Schmoe”, her only form of greeting as she made her way past them. Holy moly, had she greeted them all? Why were there so many of them even there to watch? Like, come on? Three would have been enough but there were enough teachers here to start some kind of new actors union or something.

“Hey everyone. H-“ How were they feeling? It didn’t matter. Why? Because Ingrid Luck was going to be sick!

Heaving slightly, the third year Ravenclaw covered her mouth for the moment and, seemingly with self-restraint from somewhere unknown, she shivered and blinked several times before finishing her previous sentence. “How is everyone feeling? Any nerves?”, the smile across her face a little bit forced as she eyed some of the other students curiously. She herself had no script but still kind of wanted to try out for a reading part. Maybe, if her food stayed down…

Chelliephone 06-02-2021 11:38 PM

He had zero interest in actually ACTING in the play, but Evan was hoping to volunteer for working behind the scenes. It seemed like a good opportunity to spend more time with people and maybe make a couple of more friends. So he made his way into the duelling... auditorium? Well this was certainly a change of scenery. The Ravenclaw eyed the group of people already gathered, feeling pretty sure that he could pick out who was planning on auditioning for an actual role and who was just there like him for behind the scenes. He smiled spotting his little sister flipping through a notebook, sure she had plenty planned for an audition.

They really should have re-enacted a Star Wars scene together. Even if he didn't want a part, it would have been comical and that was something they had plenty of practice on.

He decided to not bother anyone that might be practicing before audition, and instead just quietly finding himself a seat to slide into. He smiled in greeting at all the Professor's gathered, but forewent giving any verbal greeting in the chance that it broke someone's concentration.

But then he spotted Ingrid who looked... concerningly unwell. Evan blinked before quietly moving again to make his way closer towards her. "Are you alright?"

FearlessLeader19 06-03-2021 12:07 AM

Needless to say that Claudine was impressed with the transformation the Arena had gone through. And no, she was not completely ignorant of theatre stuff {thanks to Heath}. Being someone who likes to stay out of the spotlight, Claudine was just here to offer moral support to the boyfriend and any of her friends that were auditioning.

“Headmaster,’’ the sixth year said coolly in announcement of her arrival. “Professors.’’ They actually got a smile out of her before her eyes were seeking out familiar faces with whom she was most comfortable around. Ashley.

Claudine sidled over to the Ravenclaw and gave her a light nudge. “Hi. Going to be auditioning?’’ Also, how come Heath wasn’t there as yet?

Charely Potter 06-03-2021 12:15 AM

Dare walked into what used to be the Dueling Arena. Wow.. Impressive. He had considered the amount of work necessary to be in this production, whatever it entails. After enough deducing, he was still in.

"Hello," Darius said, eyeing everyone else already here. He eyed the scripts on the table. Something... serious. He went ahead to pick one off the table. If he bombed on the audition, he would hope to get to at least help with the production behind the scenes or whatever.

After picking his set of material he took a seat and waited for the next step.

SilverTiger 06-03-2021 12:29 AM

In some ways, Gracelyn still thought the dueling arena seemed like an odd place to hold theatre auditions, but then in others, it really wasn’t. She figured they couldn’t exactly overhaul the Great Hall temporarily, and the RoR was probably just as unlikely. Just by way of how would everyone be able to get in and not end up in a completely different environment. Plus, the headmaster was leading the whole thing, and the dueling arena was kind of his domain.

Either way, she had been thinking about her audition for a while. There had been trips to the library to see if they had anything she could use for her audition, but in the end, she had chosen to owl her papas to ask if they had any suggestions. Since they knew her the best, and she had just gotten a package from Aunt Eliana that morning that contained a few script selections. All that remained was to decide what she actually was going to use.

Nerves were mostly at bay, due to experience from gymnastics and dance shows, but she wasn’t entirely confident either. She was definitely excited to see if she’d get cast in a role or not though. New experiences weren’t bad.

“Hi Headmaster. Professors,” she greeted, giving them all smiles even as she took up a spot near Kale and Cece, script pages in hand and possibly slipping Cece a small snack with her free hand in the process. If anything, she’d just say she was helping the Gryffindor’s aesthetic. What with the Alice costume and all.

Cassirin 06-03-2021 01:21 AM

"This is unprofessional," Phoebe grumbled as she fell into a seat on the other side of Kale. Cece and Gracelyn got a small smile - it wouldn't be a Phoebe entrance without a little good-natured griping, but she was always glad to see her friends. "How am I supposed to prepare without knowing what the tone and genre of this show is? What if Cece auditions as Alice but the lead role is a serial killer?" Wait. "Actually, that's genius. Strike it. Cece is the smartest of us all."

Phoebe was as prepared as she could be, considering she wasn't going to get her hopes up too high. Whatever they wanted her for, right? Sure, she'd worn her leotard and lucky legwarmers, hair pulled up into a messy bun to allow her to put her dancing chops on display unimpaired. Could she actually dance? Passably. Could she sing? Better than most, but she wasn't Tavie. (Tav would be LOVING this. *sigh*) But Phoebe could chew up scenery with the best of them, and she wasn't afraid to be on stage... and she had PROJECTION.


feeheeheeny 06-03-2021 01:55 AM

Huh. This was different. The dueling arena resembled nothing of its usual form, appropriately so, but it still caught Teddy off guard as he stepped inside just behind his twin sister. This wasn't really his thing, he didn't consider any aspect of performance to be, at least not like performing was to Kale or theatrics was to Fi or gymnastics was to Kiz or dance was to Gracelyn or acting was to Heath or charm was to Cece or--

He thought of Octavia Stark, Yolanda Luna, and Flynn Whitlock, and how they each would have thrived here today. His heart ached.

Gravitating toward Kale, Cece, and Gracelyn with Fi was instinctive, as was his smile and eye contact made with the adults present. "Hi. Thanks for being here." Because, you know, this was entirely voluntary, they probably had other ways to be spending their free time, et cetera - but here they were spending even more time with the students than they had to. Admirable, and Teddy acknowledged it.

"Cece's always the smartest," he noted to Fi & co., a fond smile accompanying his words.

He surveyed those present briefly. Nervousness and excitement appeared to be the common trend among the faces he scanned, but he was fairly cool. Chill. Nothing to be nervous about, really. He didn't expect to impress anyone today; he was just here to enjoy time with his peers and cheer others on. He could audition for the experience, sure, but the stakes were pretty low, all things considered. Lots of his friends were born for the spotlight, and he was eager to see them shine.

ArianaBlack 06-03-2021 02:10 AM

Teddy may have been tailing Phoebe, but Kinsay was tailing Teddy AND Phoebe. Best sneaaaak ever! Kiz did make her presence known once she stepped inside the arena though, one hand reaching for Teddy's and her other reaching for Phoebe's. It was for the best that she avoided looking over at the stage for now because.... Because it'd make her really nervous. Maybe just as nervous as Ingrid looked. Probably even more than that.

Because doing gymnastics in front of a crowd of strangers was one thing, but to be acting in front of her PEERS and her PROFESSORS? And................ a Headmaster who she could not stop associating with-- Um. It didn't matter. Everything was fine.

What DID matter was that she was here because Emm said they were auditioning for the play and Kinsay didn't want to disappoint her. Maybe if they asked politely, the professors might let them audition together. That'd probably help Kinz feel more at ease. Sandwiching herself between her siblings also helped with that.



AlwaysSnapesGirl 06-03-2021 02:37 AM

Ivy was sooo excited for this!

She'd prepared a couple things for her audition, just in case one felt better on the day of, especially if they finally announced what show they were putting on. Buuut then she also spotted the scripts that were already there, and now she wondered if maybe doing a cold reading would be a better way to show off whatever skills she had. Hmmmmm... Something to ponder for a bit.

"Hi, Headmaster. Hi, Professors." She grinned before continuing on to find a seat...pausing when she spotted Evan and Ingrid, who...didn't look too well.

She walked over. "Everything okay?" she asked softly.

Bryn 06-03-2021 02:47 AM

Eden took this seriously, and she had since before Hogwarts. "This" being hair and nails. She practiced a little at makeup with her friends, but hair and nails? That was where it was at, baybeeee. She didn't know how nails would be relevant to the show, but all the same her nail art took up a nice section of the pink leatherbound portfolio she'd brought along with her. Kind of a overkill way to say she painted nails and braided hair, but you didn't heart that from this narrator.

She'd also taken the time to meticulously iron her uniform today as well as style her hair. She wanted to be in charge of other peoples' appearances, so she made sure to look good herself. Logic.

"Hello Headmaster. Hello Professors." Politeness was always good. Now time to find a seat. She didn't take a script because she wouldn't be needing one. She noticed that Professor Varma was here and looked very pretty as usual, a sentiment Eden would carry to her grave.

She made a point to ignore Kinsay James. Today Eden Tilly would be presenting herself as ~mellow~. Drama free, if you will, Headmaster Trent. No trouble here! The second year sat next to Ashley and Claudine. "Hey guys!"

Ginevra 06-03-2021 07:54 AM

"Why did I sign up for this?" Fiona kept mentally saying to herself as she tried to control her nerves whilst remembering her audition piece. She had promised herself that she wouldn't be looking at a script whilst auditioning. Instead, she would recite a poem but with a dramatic flair.

"Hello, Headmaster Trent and Professors," Fiona with a smile, her voice quaking slightly with nerves before she sat down near Claudine.

Felixir 06-03-2021 04:15 PM

It had taken less than a day for Nem to reconsider this whole drama thing, and that went for anything behind the scenes too. Partly due to their meeting with the Headsman, and partly because of a sudden lack of interest in absolutely everything, they'd figured they would pass on the situation entirely. Yet the day had come, and here they were, doing a visual pat down of the duelling arena to see who was present, before going to take a seat directly behind the, ah... judges.

Several of the professors would no doubt expect the worst from them. Maybe a few even got a little twitchy about them mixing with the other students. Said students might get all tetchy about the idea of sharing a stage, duelling arena, or even just any free time whatsoever with them. In short, nobody wanted them here, so, naturally, 'here' was exactly where Nem had decided to be.

One of those days. Bored.

Nem had been told, only very recently, that they were a really good actor, though they didn't consider their talents quite in line with the hammed up mess that theatre seemed to require. This comment had made them no more or less inclined to go through with the audition. Maybe they'd change their mind about participating - adaptable, always open to change, that was them, though singing and dancing was probable cause for an immediate hard pass - but the main thing they wanted from today was to sit back and quietly see for themselves just how well the others could do what they did. To that end, putting their name down had been beneficial after all.

Locating Phoebe James herself in amongst her friends, Nem raised a hand in greeting, flicked their eyes to Limpet to extend the greeting to her as well, then turned to face the front again.

NiallNIP 06-03-2021 06:09 PM

Quinn made his way to the duelling arena with a giant bundle of knit clothes in his arms. He could barely see over or around the wad of clothes, but he managed well enough to stumble his way into the room. He looked around for open spots and saw a couple people he knew and some he wished he didn't and started making his way over.

He noticed Aries already in the room and thought he was Atlas for a split second, causing him to jump, but quickly realized the mix up. Quinn had gotten good at telling the twins apart. There was a certain... energy, almost, that was unique to them both. He reddened a bit and hoped no one noticed as he started waddling more quickly over to his friends.

A scarf and a couple socks dropped unnoticed from the large mass of yarn before he made it over by Eden, Ash and Claudine. He sat in a seat next to them with a huff, relaxing a bit now that he wasn't walking around encumbered. "Hello, everyone."

Bryn 06-03-2021 07:21 PM

"Quinn," Eden giggled as she stood up and retrieved his dropped knitwear. "You got some stragglers." And she dumped them unceremoniously atop the rest of the clothing in his lap.

And then she sat back in her seat and awaited her turn.

DaniDiNardo 06-03-2021 08:36 PM

She was here and she was reeeeeeaadddyyyy.

”Look out Hogwarts, your STAR has arrived!” Emmerson busted through the doors of the dueling arena, pulling her shades down, knowing the only true way to be recognised would be by making an impression the MOMENT she walked into the room. Loud bangs (like what the Headmaster liked to begin his lessons), a glamorous outfit and a loud mouth, those were the things that would take her through this audition.

“It wasn’t mE that sLaYeD the SAvAgE bEaSt.” She recited, projecting very clearly so everyone in all corners of the room would be able to here. She was making sure she would be very hard to forget. When the Professors got together later to deliberate, they would all surely have the name “Cambridge” on their lips one way or another.

Choosing to ignore the waiting area, Emm made her way past everyone and onto the stage.”I’m guilty of nothing but true love and unmistakable talent! When they try to get me down,” She clutched dramatically at her shirt, “I rise and rise AGAIN!!”

Oh yeah, she was nailing this audition already and was working on several different lines to make sure she had at least one they were looking for.


“LIGHTS!! Who’s working the lights??? You have to hit my good side. Do I need to start again? I think I should.”

There he was. Malachi had been selfishly pleased to see his son’s name on the sign up sheet...even if he knew this was the time he wasn’t allowed to play favourites. No one had anything to worry about, the Headmaster would be entirely fair. He wanted the best people for each role and knew there were several parts that needed playing. The man cracked a smile at Kale’s. “Maybe another time. Gotta stay up here and judge this go around.” Those who got the parts would have plenty of opportunity to see a more dramatic side of the man.

The arrival of the women at to be table served to boost his own excitement. “I get the idea there will be a few to watch.” And this was just what the castle needed. Some light fun, a brilliant performance, something to take their minds off the dark cloud that hung around the memory of the previous term.

Trent greeted the students as they arrived, wishing equal luck to all in his further bid to

Oh sweet Merlin.

Malachi facepalmed as he watched Cambridge....enter. Facepalmed again when she got on stage. “Cambridge, please take a seat with the others. We’re about to begin.” When it wasn’t one thing, it was another.

But they really were about to begin. The theatre didn’t wait for anyone. Malachi rose from the table and made his way onto the stage. “Good afternoon, everyone. I want to thank you all for making it out to our auditions. Now to ensure we get a chance to see what everyone can do, we’ll be splitting you up. Those interested in a part in the play, you’ll be with me. Those interested in costume and makeup will be with Professor Peralta. Any interested in stage design, you’ll be with Professor Flamsteed. The latter two will be behind the curtains, with those acting obviously remaining here by the stage. Now if there are no questions, I’d like everyone who has prepared a scene to come sit up front. I’ll give you an extra 5 minutes to shake the nerves or get in a few lines.”

It was time to get this thing started.

Emzily 06-03-2021 08:56 PM

Merrrrrrlin, she WISHED she hadn’t bothered showing up. The nerves were insane, and the mass of students that were here had only made it worse. Why did she think she’d be the only one here? The only person here to take the lead role? Even her entrance today wasn’t dramatic compared to others in the room. Some seemed to have already started their audition!

Remy stood sheepishly at the back the whole time until Headmaster Trent greeted them. She considered going for the stage or costume area but she really had no idea what she was doing there.


With her head held high, Remy’s shaky legs wobbled towards the front of the room with the headmaster, and she sat waiting to audition for a role in the play. She knew that the theatre industry was a tough one no matter if you were good or not.

astrocat 06-03-2021 09:00 PM

Ash smiled back at Cecelia. Ash assumed the smile was out of pity, seeing as she didn't know the girl enough for them to greet each other. "Hey." But she smiled and responded anyway. Look at how social she was. Not social enough to talk to Ingrid though. That girl was gonna barf sometime SOON, and Ash was gonna stay away until after that happened.

"Hey Claudine. I just wanna do art and like, stage design stuff. Kinda sounds like something you'd like." She shrugged. Claudine liked art, right? No pressure though. "I was thinking I might like to work the lights or something too, if I feel like it." She noticed Eden and Quinn too. She waved at them. "Hiii." Just look at how social she was being. "Nice hair Eden. Nice stack of clothes Quinn. Don't trip!" She laughed. Just look at how well she got along with her peers. Some of them, anyway.

Not Emmerson. Who coincidentally was basically smashing through the doors and being wayyy too dramatic. Ash could appreciate dramatic. But only in moderation. She just completely ignored the girl, feeling that it would be better for both of them. But jeez, if they both got the parts they wanted, Emmerson better not be micromanaging her set design or else. Because that would not end well.

Ash was relieved when the audition started. She headed towards Flamsteed, because STAGE DESIGN. Finally. Please could they get this over with so that she could do stage design and, more importantly, stay away from Cambridge. For the good of everybody involved.

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