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kayquilz 06-27-2016 12:33 AM

Abandoned Muggle Tunnel

Located in a not well-known part of town, the tunnel has been abandoned for decades now. Paint is chipping off the interior walls, there is a fairly dank and dirty smell to the entire place, and shriveled, green plants are scattered around the inside as well. No need to fear a train coming through here because, well, there hasn't been a running train in here for a while now. The muggles in the nearby town, however, claim to hear the sounds of a train riding through on very bleary nights and believe the tunnel to be haunted. Obviously, it's the perfect place for the Department of Transportation to investigate the area for eventual magical use; perhaps for a magical tube system?

So, employees, headed by your department head, come on in. We'll take a look around and see what we can do with the space. We don't really think the tunnel is we?

OOC: Hello all! Lynley is waiting for them in front of the tunnel, where they were told to meet her at. This thread is for TRANSPORTATION PEEPS only! ^_^ Let's get this party started!

PhoenixRising 06-27-2016 02:01 AM

There were really no words to describe how psyched Chloe was about exploring a potentially haunted underground tunnel and potentially designing a new transportation method for wizards. Honestly this was like a Hogwarts adventure all grown up! However being that she was going to be out and about today, instead of the office, the ginger opted for some nice black jeans and decent top, plus sneakers instead of heels. She didn't know how much they'd be walking around and she figured heels and her usual dressier attire would not be very practical. She did have her wand but as they were in a moderately muggle area, it was tucked safely in a small beaded bag, which held a variety of books on curses and runes and anything else maybe needed for their trip.

She might have been young, but she wanted to show her capabilities and how deserving she was to be here ... And it was more than just being a suckup, as Archer liked to think she was. No she just wanted to keep her job and her independence.

Bumblebee 06-27-2016 06:26 AM

Darwin (on time per usual) was stoked to finally get the ball rolling! He was a tad bit nervous finding the location of the tunnel to begin with, not that he didn't know how to grasp directions but getting lost was always a thought. However he successfully arrived to the tunnel, it seemed a little disheveled..actually A LOT of disheveled and it didn't have a pleasant smell at all! His olfactory glands were already rebuking the foul smell. Muggles may be apprehensive of the place but Darwin found in interesting in a mysterious sort of way, I mean there's just so many things you can expect from a place like this. This would perfect for a new transportation route, right?

Already spotting Lynley and co worker Chloe, he was good at remembering faces and names, he smiled and gave them a wave. "Hi, Lynley." He greeted. Turning to Chloe "Hello." he too greeted her with a smile and wave. Looks like there were still more people yet to arrive. "Well this looks interesting." He chuckled, letting his eyes roam and explore his surroundings.

DaniDiNardo 06-27-2016 03:00 PM

Got permission, was asked to provide security *coughs*
Haunted tunnels in the underground world? Lynnie only had to ask her once. Alexa's excitement, however, was a tempered one. She'd been told places were haunted before, just to find out it was nothing more than the overactive imagination of muggles.

Still exciting. Still took her out of the office. Still told her she was needed. Being the Security for the venture, it meant Lex was in charge of making sure everyone came back alive. Granted....there was a MINUSCULE chance anything would go wrong--because nothing ever did, no matter how badly she wanted it to--but it was still an adventure.

"Reporting for duty, Lynnie. Your team will be safe with me." And a wide grin that really meant, thanks for letting me tag along on your little excursion.

In truth, she could have opted to ask one of the 'more seasoned' Aurors, so Lex was beyond herself at having been asked--and make no mistake about how OFFENDED she would have been if the woman had asked someone else. After all they'd been through, y'know?

"Ready to put your lives at risk for the betterment of wizarding transportation guys?" She asked the employees already present. The grin didn't waver in the slightest. Nothing was fun without a little danger added.

Kolyander 06-27-2016 06:12 PM

Evan was here and very much on schedule. See he could do things right when he woke himself up an hour earlier then usual to get the ball rolling at home. All that was important was he was where he was supposed to be, when he was supposed to be. He hadn't gotten himself lost, nope. There was no trouble with finding his boss and fellow employees.

"Morning Lynley, everyone," the man greeted with a small nod of his head. Hearing Darwin's comment he laughed quietly. "Indeed." Interesting was just one of the many words running through his mind as he peered through the darkness ahead of them into the tunnel.

Whatever was to come from this he was ready for. Nothing like jumping head first into the unknown.

Steelsheen 06-27-2016 08:40 PM

Exploring the underground....

Vickers stepped up the pace, not wanting to be late. He had thought he decided on which of his archival maps to bring, only to second guess himself again and again, and then finally just stuffed most of what he can in a charmed document tube. A weathered leather bound notebook was pressed between his arm and his side, as he somewhat struggled to get his wand out of its holster.

Its just one of those mornings....

Finally he caught sight of his boss and his co-workers "Lynley, Chloe, Evan... Darwin" this guy he didnít know as well as the first three, but hey he always welcomed an opportunity get to know people better.

But wait a minute..... this one he knew pretty well. One could say he knew this one best of all "Lex......glad to see you here." really he was genuinely pleased about that. But he couldnít deny being surprised and wondering why she was here.

He turned his attention to Lynley shortly thereafter "I brought some of the archival maps, as well as some of my old notes-- just in case we needed them ."

kayquilz 06-27-2016 10:07 PM

Oh good. Employees were arriving. Lovely. And Alexa. Right.

"Hello, Chloe," she said to the younger employee, wondering where her...friend was. Archer. Humph. "You look excited," she said with a small grin. "Good good, the enthusiasm is appreciated." Lynley herself was even a little jittery at the idea of...exploring this tunnel.

"Yes, Darwin, it does look quite interesting. I'm excited." She smiled and probably looked a LOT less grumpy than she normally did. Because nerves and excitement. And TUNNEL ADRENALINE.

She did shoot Alexa a death glare. "Lynley." She corrected her sternly. LYNNIE WAS ONLY A PRIVATE NICKNAME, ALEXA. "And thank you for coming..extra protection and all," she said, clearing her throat. Because come on, did they really nEED Alexa? No. Pffft, no. But Lynley was partial to her.

Get over it, everyone.

"Hello, Evan! Nice to see you, dear,"
she said with a small smile once more. Merlin, the best mood she'd been in in MONTHS in front of her employees. How lucky they were today.

"Ahhhh the man of today, Vickers!" Lynley put an arm around her employee and smiled. "Good, good, very good, dear." She said, giving him an uncharacteristic squeeze!hug thing. Ahem. "I'm sure your maps will come in handy, Vickers." NOBODY ACT LIKE THIS NICE LYNLEY WAS OUT OF THE NORM OR ELSE.

She checked her watch. "Just a few more minutes to let the others arrive..."

Sneakeh Cat 06-27-2016 11:09 PM

Milo had heard stories about this abandoned tunnel.

Yes, these stories did include ghosts and scary noises that came from nowhere. He was not scared nor worried about what he would encounter inside the tunnel because he dealt with a lot of that kind of stuff (scary noises, ghosts, etc...) at Hogwarts. If he survived Hogwarts, he would survive this. No questions asked.

For this assignment, he had decided to dress a little casually, so he wore a plain white shirt, some worn out jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He had a feeling it wasn't going to be the cleanliest job ever, and he did not want to regret getting dirt on his dress clothes.

As soon as he arrived in front of the tunnel where everyone was, he greeted his boss and coworkers, "Hey, y'all."

Hiraeth 06-27-2016 11:25 PM

Not that Archer would ever admit it. . . but he had been pretty excited when he heard that they were going to be exploring an abandoned tunnel. Even if the stories that he'd heard sounded lame and far-fetched, there was still a potential-threat lurking in the dark, something that awoke the old Gryffindor inside of him.

Archer was dressed a lot more casual (was there something more casual than casual?) for this occasion, seeing as they were going to be trekking through year's worth of mold and gunk in a ghastly-tunnel. He had arrived at said tunnel a lot later than he would have preferred, but eh, what was he going to do about it? He was the one that had to take Ro to that Muggle-daycare place. . .

Archer was glad to see that he wasn't the only one that was late. He flashedMilo a grin and a, "Hey." when he passed the man on his way towards their loving boss. "Boss-Lady." He said with a nod and another grin. He nodded at the unknown-girl-person besides Lynley (Alexa) and at anyone else that he knew in this dank place. Chloe was, however, only greeted with a stiff wave. Archer was still livid at her for what she had said at Orientation, but he was going to try and be professional like she said. He wasn't mixing his personal life in with his work-life. . .

Were they waiting for anyone else?

Bumblebee 06-28-2016 02:48 AM

Upon seeing the arrival of the young lady (Alexa) who seem to be present for security purposes if need be, Darwin smiled and gave her a kind wave. Chuckling he nodded, "Ready as I'll ever be." He was born ready!

Darwin noticed the present arrival of Evan, he waved and nodded. His fellow co workers seemed to be as excited as he was, embarking on this tunnel journey. "Any guesses on what to expect in there?" he chuckled.

"Hi." He smiled at Vickers once he arrived and greeted the crew, though he was't familiar with this guy or any of the DMT faculty he was looking forward to getting to know them.

Darwin smiled and nodded at Lynley, "My thoughts exactly, very exciting." It really was! He was so ready to get this show on the road. He was anxious (in a good kind of way) to go into the unknown and discover all sorts things, if any.

"Hey." Darwin greeted (Milo) in return and with a wave too, of course.

Checking the time on his watch he stuffed his hands in his tight pockets and awaited the next phase of this encounter.

DaniDiNardo 06-28-2016 02:54 PM

Oh good, the others were beginning to arrive. If nothing else was clear, Alexa Cambridge was ready to go. Nothing ever got discovered standing at a dimly lit entrance and waiting around.

For the sake of not having her friend burst a blood vessel, Lex conceded to the 'Lynley' correction with a simple nod. If she had a galleon for every time she was told not to call her that, she would be rich...well...richer....or wouldn't have made much difference to be honest so maybe it wasn't the best analogy. Anywho. "You'll have nothing to worry about with me here, though I confess something better jump at us even once or I'll be proper disappointed."

The Darwin fellow got an enthused nod out of her for his response. "That's the spirit!" As it was turning out to seem, the lot of them weren't snivelling pansies. She wouldn't have to carry any of them on her back or hold their hand the entire time. Brilliant! "I do hope at least half the rumours about this place are true."

AND THERE WAS VICKERS!! Ahem. Calm. Professional. Auror on the job. That's why she lunged at him (after Lynnie did) and locked him in a hug. "Vickers!" Funny how'd she'd forgotten the possibility of running into him here. "This'll be like that adventure you promised me that we never got around to--except I'm still waiting for that one." GRIN.

But also, Lex turned to the Department Head once more. "Who put what in your coffee and how long will these side effects last?" Because nice!Lynnie was funny only for a while, but an entire trip with her might prove bothersome.

Schroyers 06-28-2016 04:33 PM

Someone's a cranky person today.
Grant walked into the tunnel. This was not how he waned to spend his day. Nope, luckily he did have a cup of coffee in his hand. But all he wanted was to crawl back in bed with his wife, sleep until noon and watch cartoons with his daughter.

Nevertheless here He was. His only hope was that the tunnel might provide a way to play a prank on someone. Maybe even the Boss Lady herself. He would have to stay vigilant. IN Any case he sipped his coffee and approached the group. "Morning, everyone." he didn't recognize one girl from the office but whatever. It wasn't like Grant to ask questions or really do anything more than what was requested of him.. Maybe that made him lazy? But he wasn't super concerned with that.

"When are we heading into the super fun tunnel?" Because when people wanna be outside instead of in the office this wasn't what anyone had in mind.

kayquilz 06-28-2016 05:19 PM

Milo, Archer, and Grant had all arrived. Lovely! It was almost time, then, to go in. And why did everyone call her Boss Lady? Was that her official departmental nickname? She supposed it wasn't the worst thing she'd ever been called by an employee.

She smirked at Alexa. "Nothing, I'm just excited. I can't be excited?" she asked, raising an eyebrow before stepping towards the mouth of the tunnel.

"OKAY everyone! We're heading inside, now! Wands out and ready, y'hear? And a LUMOS from all us should provide enough light in there. It's completely dark...there's no working lights or...shouldn't be any trains in there," she scanned the darkness behind her, over her shoulder, for a second before turning back to her crew. "Our initiative today is to walk as MUCH of the tunnel as we can and see where it takes us. It might not even be a one day job--we might have to spend a WEEK here--we'll just see! If there are any forks--we'll split up into teams. NO ONE is to explore alone! How many of you can conjure a patronus, in case we split up?" she asked, and she gave her wand a brandish, and the enormous irukanji (a HIGHLY venomous and killing jellyfish) erupted from the end of her wand, floating around the group for a second before disappearing. "That's mine. If we have to split up, we'll use them as a ways to call for help IF NEEDED. I highly doubt there's anything up with this tunnel, to be honest--just a load of muggle hogwash, as usual," she cleared her throat.

"Wands up, everyone! Light 'em up!" Lynley quickly cast a lumos and walked into the tunnel, hoping her employees would follow. The tunnel was dark, very dark, but as their wand light entered the enclosed space, Lynley could see ahead. The weird, shriveled plants lining the walls twitched slightly, but Lynley wasn't worried about them. They looked harmless enough.

"I am truly sorry for the smell!" she called out, her voice echoing around them quite bit. But man, it really stank in there. Lynley was holding her nose. But she kept walking, lighting the way with her wand.

Kolyander 06-29-2016 02:32 PM

Everyone was in a wonderful mood. At least from what he was able to gather. Excited talking, smiles and grins. This should help make for a much calmer more fun experience. Sure it was work but that didn't mean they couldn't have a good time while they checked out this tunnel.

Evan fell into line behind everyone else his wand out and gripped in his hand. A quiet 'Lumos' was cast without much prompting for he didn't fancy tripping and falling flat on his face. Walking along with everyone he held the light of his wand upwards to cast the glow along the ground and walls nearest him. "I can," he replied in answer to Lynley's question. He hadn't had any need to cast his patronus in quite some time but he was positive should the need occur that he wouldn't have any trouble in doing so.

His eyes traveled along the wall as the team walked further into the tunnel. Nose wrinkling a little at the stench. Disgusting. When one lived with babies and animals though they got used to odd smells. So far the tunnel looked calm enough even if it was filled of garbage and weird plants lined the walls. You never did know however so he would be keeping on an eye on everything.

Steelsheen 07-02-2016 11:12 AM

Lynley and Lex and all you Transpo Explorers xD
Was his boss hugging him? It seemed like she was hugging him. And having worked with Lynley for this long and having known her for this much, its kinda scary. But he smiled anyway, the goofy aww-shucks half-grin. His eyes may have said please donít eat me though but hey at least he was looking down.

And when that was done there was a more forceful tackle that followed. Ah yes this he sorta expected, but nonetheless Gryffindor exuberance was always something that was more than expected. Ah yes Lex' adventure.... "Well uhhh.......this can be the first installment?" he grinned sheepishly. Because he has to look over his confusing-history diary for what exactly he promised his Gryffindor friend. Sighs memory issues....

Can he conjure a patronus? Well he knew the principles behind it, but alas the one crucial ingredient was missing for him to successfully pull it off. Genuine happy memories is a little hard to come by for him. Well memories in general anyway....

But right it was time to get going. He quietly cast a Lumos and used it to charge a crystal ball, then letting it float above their heads, adding more illumination along the tunnels. Shriveled plants and stagnant air indeed, and got even more intense the further they went on. At one point the Ravenerd started coughing, what with the pollutants in the musty air."This place looks to have been abandoned for a long time, judging by the dirt and particles thatís settled, may have been undisturbed for years." Until they came along.

DaniDiNardo 07-02-2016 01:14 PM

Absolutely nothing wrong with being excited, Lynley Purcell, but when YOU of all people start hugging Employees, there was an amusing line to be drawn in the sand. "By all means, don't let me stop you." Lex replied, feigning a look of innocence before turning her attention to her former Ravenclaw of a friend.

"This will only count as a first installment if something absolutely brilliant happens in the worst sort of way." He knew what she meant, didn't he? If this turned out to be a dangerous mission as opposed to a walk through a dark hole in the ground, the Auror would be over the moon and absolutely ecstatic.

Her attention turned only to the Department Head as she began giving instructions. Splitting up, patronuses, lumos. Right. Got it. She was listening.

Lex flicked her own wand's lighting on and began down the tunnel with the others. "Abandoned tunnels make the perfect hiding places." She replied to Vickers' statement, not bothering to disguise the obvious appeal the idea held for her.

kayquilz 07-06-2016 05:41 PM

Look at Vickers, being helpful and such. Those orbs would be great! Lynley flashed a smile at him over his shoulder. "Alexa! Be quiet, Merlin--" the last thing SHE wanted was something that would put her department in DANGER.

As they crept deeper into the tunnel, Lynley kept her eyes peeled. Her ears, too, were picking up movements, HIGH ALERT over here. It felt like they had been walking for a few minutes when Lynley stopped walking. "Okay...." she said, her voice echoing around her. "Nothing so far, eh?" she said, and she turned around to face her employees. "Lets...go in a little further..." was it further or farther? Lynley couldn't remember at the moment. She was a bit too.......adrenaline-filled, anxious but excited. The darkness ahead of them was doing nothing for her nerves, either.

The Announcer 07-06-2016 08:47 PM



Those plants on the sides of the tunnel are wiggling around a lot...a few of them have even started to puff up....

Kolyander 07-07-2016 03:06 PM

Taking notice to puffy plants! ^^
Okay so Evan had to admit that the glowing orb that Vickers made float above their heads was a darn good idea. He gave the man a nod of approval for even thinking of that seeing as no one else had. It threw off a lot more light in all directions so certainly a handy little thing to have brought along.

Either way the dark haired man kept a firm grip on his wand which he held out in front of him shining it's glow along the dirty walls. Cleaning up should they decide to continue on with this idea was certainly going to be a fun task. The vines and plant life lining the walls and all the garbage was enough to make you turn around and walk out but this was what Evan enjoyed. Getting out. Getting his hands dirty and being a part of what happened. It was in a way like going camping except he wasn't outside in the open and there wasn't any trees. Exploring was the same though.

Each step he took was a carefully calculated one. The further they all walked the more closely he began to look at those plants. Look but not touch, he wasn't a Herbologist and had no clue what type they were but were they...wiggling?

Did that one seem bigger?

Evan blinked and took a small step closer to one wall eying a slighter puffer then the others plant. What exactly were these things?...

Schroyers 07-08-2016 07:46 PM

Grant grumbled a little as they started to venture into the tunnel. But once the orb-thingy was above his head it was a relief to him so he could lower his hand. Not having to hold his arm in the air the whole time would be nice.

Either way this would be a fun day. Fun in the most sarcastic meaning of the word. Maybe he was just cranky. But Grant didn't know that walking in a dark, muddy tunnel was in part of the Portkey Master General job.. There were indeed no portkeys to br found down here. And now the plants on the walls were moving?!

When did he sign up to be Indiana Jones! This seemed like some nonsense. Feeling a little bit like Murtaugh He thought to himself that he was getting a little too old for this.

Steelsheen 07-10-2016 08:46 AM

Brilliant happening worst sort of way. This he is starting to re-learn about Gryffindors, and with Lex in particular. "Right... Of course." he responded feebly. Far be it for the Ravenerd to hope this would be a quiet educational tour of discovery eh? Gulp.

The illuminating orb was doing its purpose, and he was glad that his coworkers appreciated it. Of course now they could better see things around them-- including plants that move on their own.....

Ok first of all, there is zero wind here, so plants wiggling about looks odd to the trained eye. But then some had started to puff up and Vickers icy blue gaze grew large in alarm. For all he knew from Herbology, plants growing at an alarming rate right before your eyes is never a good thing.

Wait is Evan actually stepping closer to it? "Evan!" he whispered warningly at his co-worker.

DaniDiNardo 07-10-2016 08:51 PM

The plants were definitely moving, did Lynnie see? With the light from Vicker's orb, Lex could see well enough into the tunnel as they walked on and these plants were DEFINITELY moving.

Much like that Evan guy Vickers was now cautioning, Lex also moved a little closer to the walls. "What sort of plants do you think these are?" She asked, her wand already out and poking at one lightly. It was dark enough that these could be devil's snares, all the vines and the movements but then it could be a number of other things too.

Soon, Lex stopped walking altogether. "They're...they're getting bigger."

And here she thought this would be an uneventful walk in the dark!

kayquilz 07-10-2016 09:02 PM

As the group kept on, Lynley didn't really notice the plants until Alexa said something. She turned around, spotting Evan getting close to one. "I have no idea what those things are--but if we want to use this tunnel at some point, we WILL need to clear them out...or...just move them or SOMETHING." Since people were so bloody 'LETS SAVE THE PLANTS' lately.

It seemed they were moving, though, and Lynley shivered. "Let's keep going..." she said softly, since it was so echo-y in here...that it didn't matter how loud she was, everyone could hear her most likely. It seemed the plants continued to line the walls of the tunnel, though, for as far as she could see with the lighted orbs.

The Announcer 07-10-2016 09:32 PM

More wiggling.

More puffing up.

The plants didn't calm down as the group continued on; in fact, they did the opposite. Some of them began to squeal and make noises. Others were starting to ooze with a thick, green puss that had small, reddish pricks in the goop.

Also, did the group smell that horrendous, sour smell?

If they didn't, they would soon enough, because suddenly, the plants, collectively, POPPED open and splattered the goop everywhere. The DMT group were right in the line of fire!


Had one of them gotten too close to the plants? Had someone received a face-ful of the green liquid? DID THEY SMELL IT YET?

Steelsheen 07-11-2016 06:46 PM

....................... Now Lex was moving closer to those strange plants. Asdfsadfasdfasdf what is with these two? Ok Lex he knows, because LEX. But was Evan a Gryffindor? Is he surrounded by Gryffindors???

Oh Merlin he's gonna die.

What kind of plants were they? "The kind of plants you keep your distance from." he whispered urgently to the blonde former Lioness. But then his Boss said they will be cleared out anyway since the tunnels can be useful in the future and Vickers feebly replied "Well... we should get the Professionals to do that.... DERP perhaps? After all, unfamiliar-- "

--S P L A T ! !

That caught him completely by surprise. He backed off several steps as he belatedly cast a shield charm, trying to protect himself and whoever else that the shield could cover from the explosion of goo. But already he could smell the pungent odor, worsened perhaps by the fact that they were in a tunnel and hello no free flowing air.

"Ew!...." oh no, his clothes had a splattering of this goo. He tried brushing it off swiflty with his hand, but it just spread the goo wider and deeper "......Whatisthis??"

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