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Default DADA Lesson - 1 Don't Go Into the Light

It's the first official day of school and the first class at that. Hopefully you took Trent's advise and got yourself some sleep. As the notice stated, you should be properly attired for the practical lesson.

The corridor leading to classroom 104 is quite bright, and the grounds outside the windows appear to be awakening at this relatively early point in the morning. This is a stark contrast to the inside of the classroom. Once you enter, you'll immediately notice that it's no longer nearly 8 am. Indeed, the inside of the classroom depicts a slightly cloudy, night sky.

That's not the only thing strange about the classroom, the setting is void of any desks or chairs. Nothing about the room looks like a classroom, it doesn't look like a room at all but a bog of sorts. It's a dark "night" as the moon is currently being obscured by a cloud with no intention of going anywhere, but Headmaster Trent can be found not too far from the door, lantern in hand, while he waits for the students to come in.

Step lively, there's a full lesson ahead.

OOC: Welcome to the first lesson of the term everyone!! Don't forget to read the classroom rules before posting. I'll have the first question up in 24 hours

The lesson hasn't started yet


Class progression:
- Replies
- Replies and Question 1
- Question 2 + walking
- Start of Mini-Activity: Get in boats
- Mini-Activity: Follow the light
- Mini-Activity: You get a light and you get a light
- Main Acitivity: Practical