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The Headmasterís voice continued to ring out in the eerie silence of the bog. It moved from topic to topic, giving the students an idea of what to expect throughout the term. The man doubted they were truly listening to the words but it didnít matter, the voice was importantóas was his light. As heíd said to them many times before getting to this point, they needed to pay attention to both.

The problem with terrain like this was voices tended to travel and sometimes that made it difficult to pinpoint their direction. Similarly, with new lights appearing, it was hard to ever REALLY be sure. It was best to fixate on both.


Suddenly, a loud piercing scream can be heard. It sounds like itís coming from the same direction theyíd been coming from, back near the shore. What was it? Who possibly. Whatever the case, it was loud and chilling.

In that second, the two lights that continued straight began to separate. The one going left continued at an even pace but the other two were joined by a third. The fog thickens and the lights that carry the same level of light intensity converge briefly as they cross paths.

One veers of the right, the other two continue going straight. The Headmasterís voice echoes. Going right....? Keeping straight? It was not too late to catch up with the light going left. If you werenít too distracted by the scream, thereís a chance you may have noticed which light went where.

OOC:Next light post is up and another light has joined the party as they head deeper into the bog. Choose wisely Iíll post up the consequences sporadically but no worries this is still the mini activity and you can jump right into whateverís happening ^^
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