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All the nerves, all the anxiety, all the excitement? Dead. Buried. He woke up way earlier than he was used to after failing to take his own advice. Spent the night awake telling his wife about the CRAZY first night--which he'd by now deduced was a result of a potion and needed to have a talk with Noble about a lecture on potions ethics for the kiddos.

One thing at a time, but after last night he'd admit it'd moved further up the to-do list.

Right now he needed coffee, and another hour wrapped in blankets--or Mavis. His daughter had a knack for waking him up in the sort of way that made it damn near impossible to fall back asleep. Malachi yawned freely, one hand in his pocket while the other held the lantern. The students would be arriving soon. Getting into the lesson would wake him up but standing here in this swampy area in the dark, it was all but bedtime at 8 am.

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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
First lesson. Kaira was thrilled. And nervous. Lesson by the Headmaster! Oh boy!

She walked into the..classroom? It looked very different from what you would expect from a classroom. There were no chairs or desks. She double checked her schedule to see if she had come to the right place. But.. everything seemed right!

Maybe this is the way things were carried out here. She decided to wait it out in the room..

Ah, the first of the lot. The Ravenclaw first year walked in just as he'd taken to patting at his own cheek in a last ditch attempt to wake himself up. He'd been all set to greet her, but the kid just walked in wordlessly and stood there. Malachi raised his brow at her but said nothing for the time being. He'd chalk it up to her still being half asleep on the first day back.

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Originally Posted by Dokimoto View Post
And it begins...

He chalked it up to muscle memory from SOREs last year, but Jackson was wide awake today. Jackson entered the classroom and as he said "Good morning Headmaster," he was distracted by the change of... hour. Was it still dark? Or dark already? Hard to tell because his eyes had to adjust a little. And nowhere to sit meant that Jackson stood along the side of the classroom. "Well I'm interested in where this is going."

"Good morning." He replied, not at all embarrassed he wasn't yet able to greet anyone by their name. It was only the first day. He had the entire year to get all the names down. A tired smile appeared at the Prefect's comment. "That's the spirit, an open mind's never a bad thing to have when you step into a lesson, especially one involving the dark arts." And this lesson would have them all very involved, to say the least.

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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
There was a feeling of excitement and nervousness that Daisy was experiencing as she made her way to the classroom. She had learnt that one had to be prepared for anything especially when it came to DADA lessons and this was no exception as she surveyed the layout of the room.

"Good morning, Headmaster," Daisy greeted with a smile.

"Good morning to you, too." Third student. By now he'd stopped tapping at his cheek, finding it just a little easier to grow into an alert state. The setting was quite less lit than what many of them had been expecting and he didn't want any wandering off prematurely.

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Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
Mornings definitely weren’t a problem when they weren’t expected to go for a run at dawn. It was the first day and Stasya was already feeling more optimistic regarding the term ahead, even if there were all sorts of new professors to learn how to deal with and she might’ve been a bit sad over the departure of the previous Flying professor. Generally, it couldn’t be anywhere near as bad as last term had been. Hopefully.

The sight that greeted her upon arriving at the classroom barely registered as odd in her mind either. Professor Hirsch had rarely had a normal classroom setup and she was actively using a mental block to remember last term’s DADA lessons so it was rather expected that the classroom wouldn’t be normal.

“Good morning Headmaster Trent,” she said brightly, as she’d made her way through the door and past the man, settling into a spot near the edge of the bog to wait and acknowledging her fellow prefects and the ickle Claw with a smile that probably wasn’t entirely visible. Dark rooms made it hard to be seen, even if she’d slipped her wand out to be prepared. She didn’t cast a lighting charm or anything. She just held her wand loosely in her hand, ready for anything.

"Good morning." Another Prefect. So far they'd been setting the right example, showing up early. There was still time for the others to be early so it was by no means a jab. No, he'd reserve his judgement for what he'd seen at the feast and wait for further evidence regarding this lot as a whole.

Malachi watched her moved to the edge of the group, watching only long enough to ensure she didn't try wandering off. Inside was vast and wide. One could easily get lost, especially in the dark.

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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Defence against the dark arts had to be his least favourite subject. Not that it wasn't fascinating because it was and he learned lots in these classes. It was because he was scared easily when it came to dark creatures and arts and now that the new Headmaster had put up his own rules and one of them had been not to scream and run away, he was more nervous than ever before cause doing those things were his specialty.

The fifth year wasn't surprised at all to see the setting of the classroom and he even let out a chuckle when Kaira checked her schedule a bit in front of him before entering the room.

The night scenery did nothing to ease his nervousness and Dorian wondered why it was always supposed to be night. Why couldn't they have a lesson in the butterfly garden for once?

Spotting the new Headmaster holding a lantern in his hand, the Ravenclaw nodded his head in his direction to greet him "Good eveni-- i mean morning, Headmaster" well at least he sounded a bit more confident than how he felt...

After he had greeted him, he turned to look who else was present already and while he greeted Jackson with a "Sup?" he stood near Daisy while he waited for class to begin.

Malachi's lips quirked upward in something resembling an amused smirk at the boy's blunder. It may have been a bit jarring, knowing it's morning, just finishing breakfast then walking into night. "Good morning." Even he would admit it was a little strange offering that particular greeting in this setting.

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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
Walking into the classroom was strange but then again, wasn’t everything in Hogwarts? With the moon bright behind the ominous clouds, Ewan couldn’t help but smile slightly at the classroom. Night time was both one of his favourite and least favourite things although the clouds did spoil what he liked about the night.

“Hello Headmaster Trent, How are you this morning? Or uh…evening?”
he smiled at the headmaster now, genuine and rather excited for the lesson ahead. “I can’t wait to get started today” Ewan continued, rather tentatively now, which may or may not have something to do with the previous headmaster.

Walking further into the classroom now, Ewan spotted some other students. “Hey Kaira, ready for your first lesson?” smiling at the first year now, he couldn’t help be excited for her. This was her first lesson!

Turning to face the other Ravenclaw now, Ewan gave a smile and a wave “Hey Jackson, how was your summer?” Hopefully his fellow Ravenclaw had had a great summer and forgotten all about the last school year.

"Good morning." Holy hippogriffs this was a lot of Ravenclaws already. Was he surprised? Well, yes. He'd had enough Ravenclaw friends in his day to know they could sometimes be distracted by their own interests and late or absent altogether. "I'd say I'm doing pretty good, all things considered. Could be worse." They could all still be under that love sickness.

But this was another one looking forward to the lesson. Good. He wouldn't have to pull teeth.

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Originally Posted by Symphora View Post
Isla had no problem finding her way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom this morning. Thank goodness! She didn’t want to be late on her first day of lessons! Part of her reason she woke up extra early today so she could wake the others in her dormitory. Isla didn’t want them to be late to class either so she volunteered to become an official human alarm clock for her Gryffindor sisters! Teeheee~~

Merlin, she was too eager to start using her magic! She has been waiting for this moment for soo long. She wish to flourish her wand alreadddyy~!

As soon as she enters the classroom, darkness overwhelmed her senses. Oohh, what’s going on? She scanned the room, amazed seeing the indoor night skies just like the ones she saw in the Great Hall. ”Good morni~ evening, professor! Where are we?” she asked politely.

Oh look, an eager little Gryffindor. Malachi offered a cheeky sort of grin as he replied to her question. Where were they? "We're in classroom 104, remember? It's the one on the schedule for the day."

Of course, he knew what she meant but despite this bog like appearance, they really were still in the classroom. It had simply been magically modified to suit the needs of the lesson.

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Originally Posted by Star-Lord View Post
First class of her last term and Stephanie was honestly a little sad. Though it wasn’t her much preferred class, she still didn’t want to miss it. Heading to class with everything she needed in her bag, Steph smiled and greeted the headmaster as she walked in. ”Hello, headmaster,” she also gave him a small nod. Oh my was it dark in here! Steph looked a bit confused but knew it obviously was part of the lesson and went to stand near a window of the room. Clearly it wouldn’t be smart for someone of her height to stand up front. Most students probably wouldn’t be able to see over her.

"Hello to you too." He replied. It was amazing how the sleepiness was beginning to drift away on it's own, leaving him feeling almost chipper. He welcomed the feeling even as he watched the Hufflepuff step to the side of her classmates in this vast expanse of bog area.

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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Defense Against the Dark Arts? It was one of the fun classes, typically. And there weren't too many of those so that was saying something. 8 AM? The WORST time of the day. Despite hardly getting any sleep the night before, Zoryn Spinnet was FULL of energy. Perhaps it was because of how wonderfully she had pulled off her prank. Or maybe it was because she no longer had to worry about Sylvie Norcott. OR maybe it was because she was a seventh year and ruled the entire school, officially.

Mostly likely it was because she was on some sort of sleep-deprived-energy spike.

"Yo Headmaster, are we learning about dragons today?" Bringing it back for the last year. RIP Professor Hirsch.

This one, this one he remembered and her entry told him he wasn't likely to forget. Snogging at the feast--with the Head Boy no less. Now what was this about dragons? Dragons? Where? Oh, in the lesson? Oh, oh, gotcha. "Nooo." He said smoothly, allowing his voice to drag for that extra second or two. "We'd be fresh out of luck trekking through terrain like this with a dragon lurking somewhere." Sure, if it started breathing fire they'd at least be able to see, but in that case it may very well be the last thing they saw and some of them may not have been okay with that--understandable, dying wasn't for everyone. It certainly wasn't for him.

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Originally Posted by natekka View Post
It would take Tessa a good few weeks to really get used to being up this early again. She still considered herself a morning person but that didn't mean the crack of dawn early. It meant, you know, 9am or 10am. Definitely NOT 7.30am.

She let out a few yawns on her way to the classroom. Better to let them loose now rather than in class. Professors often took offence if students were yawning through their classes, even when those classes were first thing in the morning. Or perhaps she was just thinking about last year, a year she would gladly forget.

Anyway, enough of that sort of thinking. She was trying to be extra positive.....this....year...... Her thoughts trailed off as she entered the classroom and saw, well, nothing for a moment as her eyes adjusted. The walls and ceiling mimicked the look of a night sky, but this was Defence Against the Darks Arts, not Astronomy. Tessa noticed their Headmaster surrounded by a few students and went over to them. "Good mor-eve- Hello, Headmaster. Or would you prefer Professor when you're teaching?" She asked, a curious and friendly grin on her face. She gave the room another look around, wondering whether they would be dealing with or learning about some kind of dark creature that liked bogs in the night time.

That was a good question. Malachi looked to the latest Gryffindor to enter and fumble with the time of day, understanding the confusion completely. Did he regret the setting? Nah, still absolutely needed.

To answer the chipper Gryffindor's question though, "In the classroom, either is fine with me. If you walk in and I remind you of a professor, go for it. If the next time you show up I've got that Headmaster vibe going, then I say go for that too." Just don't ask him what a Headmaster vibe was. He didn't know. He was still getting used to his office.

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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Caolan had almost done as instructed and had an early night but truth be told there was a lot spinning around in his head from the night before and he had spent a good hour lying down in his bed staring up at the ceiling lost in his thoughts. He was trying desperately to stifle how tired he was as he turned up for the first lesson of the school year not wanting to give a bad impression. He entered the door after a group of students and blinked a few times as he was met with darkness on the other side.

“Huh?” He blinked and rubbed at his eyes testing whether he was really awake or whether this was just a part of his dream. He stepped out the room for a second and then came back in spotting the Headmaster at the doorway holding a lantern. “Good.. morning Headmaster?” It WAS still morning right? He hadn’t stepped into some weird alternative universe or something..

The fifteen-year-old looked around for a seat or desk but was met with nothing of the sort. He stood by himself near a wall of the room with his arms folded across his chest. He was kinda excited about starting school but he didn’t want to show it being a cool teenage boy and everything.

In the same way he found the students fumbling with the time of day to be amusing, he found this kid amusing too--maybe more amusing after that walk out. "You're in the right place, no worries there." He assured, gesturing him further into the room that wasn't currently a room. The confusion on his face was priceless, and understandable. "Good morning."

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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
After the happenings at the feast the previous night and only managing a couple hours of sleep, three hours... maybe, Rylee was wide awake and ready to go. Managing to somehow completely avoid a specific older lion and after talking to a certain Hufflepuff things were okay. At least between the badger and herself that is. She had been able to go about her morning and get ready for the day which included a quick run around the pitch, breakfast and than back to her dorm for a shower and to get ready for the first lesson of her fourth year.

And all of this before eight a.m. Good thing Rylee was a morning person, well actually she was an anytime of day person. The hyper lioness that she was had a warm friendly smile on her face as she stepped into the classroom. "Good mor- uh... Hello, Headmaster," she greeted stumbling over her words just a moment as it was morning but the room clearly depicted that of nighttime.

Blue-gray eyes quickly scanned the entire area or that which she was able to see. A smile or a nod of her head was sent to anyone close enough to notice. Spotting a special younger lioness she went to stand beside her lightly bumping her shoulder against hers. "Hey, Issy. Did you have a good first night?"

And another one caught off guard by the setting. Malachi smiled to himself, "Good morning." Not big on constant vigilance were they? To their credit, it was the first day back and they'd woken up to find themselves once again at night. He expected their reflexes would improve over the course of the term.

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Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Odaline was going to kill him.

That was all Igor could be thinking about as he got up this morning and remembered what happened at the feast it was so normal and then he was acting really really weird. It was just weird. That's all he could say as he walked into DADA class first thing in the morning.

"Hello, Headmaster. Are you having a good morning?"


Or um was it night now that he was in the room. This was some cool cool cool magic for this eleven-year-old to see.

Also, that lantern made his look a million times more spooky and it wasn't even Halloween yet.

......where is he suppose to sit or is he?

"It's been decent." He replied to the next firstie to enter. Slytherin this time. "Hope you got enough sleep, people your size are especially prone to getting lost in dark bogs."

And while he certainly hoped he didn't lose any of the kids, he couldn't deny that to an extent it was definitely possible.

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Originally Posted by Zannash View Post
Mary walked down the corridor, hair still damp from the shower she had taken after her morning soccer practice. Noting that the lesson said appropriate attire for practical, she sported athletic clothes not unlike the ones she had worn for this morning. The only difference was, of course, that she was wearing a pair of practical leather boots.

She held the hazel wand in her right hand, entering the room that very much did not look like a classroom. She stopped in her tracks, surprised by the complete atmosphere change. She stood by the door of the classroom, along with the already congregating group of students.

This one got a raise of his brow too for her lack of greeting or any sort of acknowledgement. Again, he would chalk it up to nerves and the first day at school. Being a first year, the girl was particularly prone to not knowing what's expected of her. He trusted she wouldn't make the same mistake a second time. If she was smart, she would watch what her classmates did.

Originally Posted by Samia View Post
There was something in the air. Because he was pretty sure he'd wake up feeling pathetic and hating his need to pretend his way through his days - but he had actually managed to get out of bed in an okay mood.

He was in an even better mood by the time he reached class - because turns out running with free will did wonders in lifting up your spirits.

The atmosphere of the class perked up his interest too. Was this it? Was Hogwarts finally coming through? Or were his expectations just very very low this time?

Regardless, he greeted the headmaster as he entered the room and found himself a corner to be at.

The Headmaster shifted his gaze from the first year to the next student to enter. Bigger than a first year for sure. He returned the boy's greeting just before lifting his wrist and moving his lantern closer to check his watch. There was still a fair bit of time.

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Originally Posted by Anna Banana View Post
Torii was really nervous. She'd tried to will herself to push the nervousness to the back of her mind, but the moment she'd stepped out the common room and headed toward the class, she'd honestly felt sick. She was still fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall every time she thought about her mom, her dad, and her school--Ilvermorny. Yes, Ilvermorny was still her school. She was claiming that. She hadn't wanted Hogwarts, and she still didn't want it now.

At least she was on time. Or, at least, she thought she was. When she entered the classroom, she started second guessing herself. It was...nighttime? And they were in a bog? ... Hinkypunks? If so, that only added to her nervousness, and she felt her stomach flutter at the thought. Noticing the Headmaster nearby, lantern in hand, the fourth year looked up at him. "Hello, Headmaster," she said, her voice a mix of a whisper and a normal tone. With that, she stepped out of the way, although she did stay kind of in the proximity of the Headmaster.

"Good morning." The man replied in the same half whisper half audible voice the Slytherin had greeted him with. Don't ask him why they were whispering, he was still trying to make sense of the desire for whoever to spike drinks at the feast. Teenagers were weird. He hoped his children would never be teenagers, but as it was one of those inevitables in life, all he could do was cringe in advance.

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Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
With her books in her bag over her shoulder and her hawthorne wand in the holder on her forearm, Holly walked into the first class of the new year. Carefully moving through the doorway, her eyes focused in the dark room; noting the lack of tables and chairs.

With a quick look around her, she tried to find her brother, Jorgie or Alis - but figured they would join her soon enough. Finding a space in the room she gave the Professor (and Headmaster) a very small smile. "Good morning." She didn't want to be rude... she was just... hesitant. After all, she'd never spoken to the man in front of them before.

Curling her hair around her fingers, she waited silently.

Timid little thing, wasn't sure? Malachi offered a small smile, hoping to reassure her. How much of the smile she could see in this dark space was yet to be seen but hopefully the lantern he held illuminated enough of his features to make this apparent. "Good morning."

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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post

Odaline had wanted to get straight to classes as soon as she arrived here, but instead she had to sit on a stool in front of everyone, sit at a table with the worst people in the world and then deal with Igor. Who was lucky she hadn't broken both of his arms.

Which explained why she did not stand anywhere near him as they gathered into the classroom. Because she still wanted to break his arms.

Could they start now? There was already too much mingling happening.

So was probably a first year thing...?

Malachi stared at the next student to enter the not!classroom. Like a few of her yearmates, she did not offer any form of greeting or acknowledgement. Was this an epidemic that needed to be stomped out? He'd wait and see.

SPOILER!!: Queen
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
First lesson of the term. This should be interesting. Skyler was so used to last year that as she entered, she merely gave the headmaster a respectful nod and stood in an area not saying anything after that not really paying any mind to the surroundings.

While this one hadn't really greeted him either, he did catch the nod--barely, considering how dark it currently was--but it was more than the first years had offered so he simply nodded back but in the back of his mind he did wonder what these students had been taught and what had been allowed in the last few terms.

SPOILER!!: Mallari
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Hogwarts students had already made quite the impression on the new headmaster, she was sure, so Vita could only imagine what was going through the man's mind given his lesson was the first of the year. Honestly, she was just glad that she hadn't been one of the students making lovesick puppy eyes at and confessing her love to random classmates, because she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to live that down.

Slipping into the classroom, the sixth year paused to take in her surroundings. This...looked like the perfect setting for a hinkypunk encounter, didn't it? She couldn't say she'd ever been interested in seeing one of those up close, but she was curious to see if her hunch was right.

"Good morning, Headmaster Trent," She offered politely as she crossed paths with the man, noting his lantern. She wanted to add something more...welcoming, too, but she just wasn't sure how to express her hope that they hadn't completely put him off to being their fearless leader already.

Spotting Zachary, Vita pushed past some younger students and took her place beside him, offering him a smile. He was stuck with her for now, she hoped he didn't mind.

"Good morning." He greeted, just before taking another glance at his watch. It was getting closer to the hour. Soon the door would close and they'd go on their own little "adventure" of sorts. For now, greetings.

SPOILER!!: Slinkhard
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
Drewett Slinkhard wasn't a jack of all trades, but he was rather skilled with a few things. And one of those things was the ability to avoid people. The moment he woke up this morning, he just wanted the world to eat him alive already. And he had to deal with the awkwardness in his dorm room with Hudson and Keenan. Drew was not at all having it today. Not. No. Nope. He kept his head low as he made his way to the classroom from Defence class, their first ever for the term and with the new headmaster. Drewett knew there were others who were probably as embarrassed as he was, but he felt weird. It was so weird. He didn't want to be here.

And oh thank Merlin the room was dark. Drewett would hate it for people to see the obvious embarrassment on his face. He was avoiding a lot of things. "G-good morning, Headmaster..." he greeted and hurriedly took a space for himself at the back. He was going to be a wallflower today and for the rest of this term.

Uhh...."Good morning...?" Was it just him or did this one seem like he was kinda in a hurry? Malachi gave him a look, just for a few seconds while he tried to figure out if he was UP to something. You never really knew when it came to Ravenclaws. In some ways, they were as perplexing as Gryffindors.

SPOILER!!: Smedley
Originally Posted by klexos24 View Post
First lesson at Hogwarts ever... no biggie. None whatsoever.

Of course it had to be Defense Against the Dark Arts, easily the scariest-sounding class out of all of them. Couldn’t it have waited a few days to spring itself on her? A week or two, even?

Another unpleasant surprise was that it appeared to be taking place in a swamp.... Ridiculous.

Needless to say, though, Charlie would still be making a concerted effort — through gritted teeth, but an effort nonetheless. In a satchel slung over her left shoulder, she had her well-used textbook, quills, pencils, parchment, and just about everything she could ever need for the classroom.

She didn’t prepare for the swamp, though....

With a gulp and a feigned sunny disposition, she made her way through the classroom door, making sure to say “Hello, Headmaster Trent!” as she passed him. She relaxed her face once she had made pleasantries with the professor (He taught and was headmaster? Weird...) and scanned the room for familiar faces.

Charlie spotted Kaira and made a beeline for her, grinning at her friend, housemate, and dormmate before she began mentally preparing herself for the lesson.

She would need it.

Oh, awful chipper, wasn't she? Malachi returned her enthusiasm with a grin and a "Good morning!" of his own before watching her go to take up a spot by who he assumed was a friend made at the feast. That's what feasts were for, not all that snogging and lovey dovey mess of the previous night. Shudder.

SPOILER!!: Newton
Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Besides hearing his speech at the Start of Term Feast, Hanna didn't know anything about the new Headmaster. Still feeling nervous after what had happened last year, with the Headmaster, all of those rules... well, she wasn't quite sure what to expect. If she greeted him, would it be points lost? If she sat down, would it be detention? There were some confusing times last year, too, and she just wanted clear-cut definitions.

Alas, no such thing. But it did appear that the castle had returned to normal. Students allowed to be at ease, so long as it was done with respect.

She entered the Defense classroom, feeling very much alert after a shower and breakfast, to see that... it was NIGHT. Looking around, she saw that at least there were no chairs. There would be no confusion as to whether she had to stand or not. And, hearing other people greeting the Headmaster, she figured it would be safe to do so, and indeed she enjoyed greeting people. Felt rather rude otherwise. "Good morning Headmaster," she greeted the man, an almost nervous looking smile on her face.

The nervousness in her smile went unnoticed in the dim light of the room. With only a lantern for light and a growing number of students pouring in, it was difficult to focus on any one thing or any one change in expression. "Good morning." He returned, pleasantly enough. It was almost time.

SPOILER!!: Rousseau
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Indigo had not wanted to get out of bed this morning. Not even because of the early hour but because events from the feast the night before had been... interesting. And he didn't want to have to face anybody. But his fear of getting in trouble had won out so he was there, heading into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Which didn't look much like a classroom at the moment. He assumed that meant this class was going to be interesting.

There was the professor - er, the headmaster - by the door. Should he say good morning? Should he not? Indigo didn't know what was the proper thing to do. After last year, he was a bit anxious about the rules. He settled for saying nothing, because if Indigo had a choice between saying something or saying nothing, he generally went for saying nothing. He just glanced around the room for somebody he knew. Oh, there was Vita. He moved her way and gave her a small smile as he stood next to her.

This one was too big to be a first year and yeeeeetttt...he was right there with a number of them in the lack of greeting department. He was mildly more inclined to accept it from first years who didn't know better, but the least the boy could do was read the room and realizing others were being polite.

SPOILER!!: Tamesis
Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
In theory, Cameron would have taken the Headmaster's advice to get a full eight hours of sleep. Unfortunately, however, he had been forced to stay up a little longer than intended, seeing as he had to keep his dorm mates from touching each other's hair and/or wandering off to try to get into other common rooms.

This was NOT how he had wanted to spend his first night back.

Stifling a yawn before stepping into the classroom, Cam tried to look as awake as possible. "Good morning, Headmaster." Okay, but the fact that the room was incredibly dark did absolutely nothing to help his current state. If anything, it only made him more sleepy. He really should have had some coffee this morning, shouldn't he?

He came to stand next to Zoryn and leaned into her side a little. "Morning." How had her night been?

"Good morning." He replied to the Slytherin. Merlin, seeing all these kids reminded him that at some point he'd have to start learning their names. Just at a head count, and seeing everyone at the feast the night before, he knew it would be a big task.

SPOILER!!: Winklebleck
Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Cordelia was ready for her first lesson at Hogwarts. Thanks to Isla, Cordelia was up early enough to make it to this class which was held at such an early time. This new schedule would take some getting used to. Entering the room, she found that it was not at all what she had been expecting of a classroom. It was very dark. Were all classes at this school held in dark empty rooms? Her education up until this point had come from tutors at Stemp House, so for all she knew this could be what a normal classroom was like. ”Good morning, Headmaster. Are all classes going to be like this?” Moving into the darkness of the room, Cordelia spotted her roommate Isla and went to stand by her. ”Thanks for making sure we were all up for our first lesson.” Defense against the dark arts was something that Cordelia was interested in because the man at Ollivanders had said her juniper wand with phoenix feather core would be good for defensive magic. This subject might turn out to be something she was good at.

"Good morning." Other student whose name he didn't know. At some point he'd need to start working on this. "I wouldn't say all, no. It would be quite awkward dealing with a few creatures and curses while in a bog. Other times, theory will be necessary. Think...happy middle ground."

Sometimes the lessons would be all out, other times they'd sit quietly and copy notes. Each held its own importance in the curriculum.

SPOILER!!: Parker pt. 2
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Kaira had just spotted the Headmaster standing there. Oh, her bad!! 'Good morning Headmaster Trent!,' she wished him in a cheerful tone.

Kaira smiled at Ewan. 'Yeah..,' she said, grinning. 'First of many more to come.. hopefully..unless a spider eats me up,' she said, jokingly.

Well at least one of the first years finally remembered her manners. Malachi nodded in her direction. "Good morning to you too."

SPOILER!!: Wallace
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Ronan didn't feel so good.

After....................... that thing, at the feast, with the thing, and the thing and Max Anderson-Belfort He Who Does Not Exist, Ronan woke up this morning wanting to dump the contents of his stomach into the toilet. And run away. And NEVER EVER come back. And wipe his memory with BLEACH.

He STILL didn't know what had happened to him and he definitely wasn't going to talk to HE WHO DOES NOT EXIST about it so he'd spent this morning madly dashing from his bed to the bathroom, trying to get ready in the unfamiliar space of his dorm while actively avoiding every single on of his dormmates (especially the one that does not exist mmhm), then wolfing down bread and butter at breakfast as if he hadn't seen food since 2093 and ignoring his yearmates AND housemates. And now.... DADA.

Ronan had been pretty excited for classes, so he was rather dismayed when he was about to follow some tall guy in when he realised he'd FORGOTTEN HIS WAND. More mad dashing ensued, bumping into people and asking several for directions back to the Hufflepuff common room - good thing he was a medal winning sprinter, right? - and held his apple wand tightly in his hand as he ran back to the classroom, considerably more full now than before.

............... Uh. Except it wasn't a classroom?? "Good mo-.. uhm, Headmaster," Ronan greeted Trent just like everyone else did, though he was very confused about what was happening. So confused, in fact, that he forgot to be mopey and embarrassed about He Who Does Not Exist. He held his wand out at the general darkness, clutching it tightly in both his arms, shoulders hunched and eyes squinting. Ronan Wallace was READY. To run away screaming, sorry Professor.

"Good morning, Eager McGee." He said good naturedly as he looked to the boy's wand. Already out and drawn at the ready. Well, someone came prepared. "At ease, son, we won't be using our wands for quite some time. Good on you for being ready though." Brownie points for him.

SPOILER!!: Hadley-Nairne
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First class of the term and it was the headmaster’s.

Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn’t exactly his forte but Septimus would like to think he wasn’t totally terrible at it. One could only wait and see if that was both the truth and if so, continue into the new year. Properly dressed and relatively well rested for the day after the opening feast, the fourth year made his way to the appropriate classroom on the first floor, his book bag slung over his shoulder and his wand securely in his pocket.

Except the classroom wasn’t a classroom, inside anyway. One of those days it seemed. The wonder of magic from the wands of the various professors made classroom learning less monotonous. It would be interesting to see just what would develop along the way today. “Good morning, Headmaster,” he greeted the man as he passed to get further inside the transformed room.

"Good morning." The fact that was, for the most part he could offer, was a bit disappointing to him but the man wouldn't beat himself up about it just yet. The term was still young. He would learn their names eventually.

SPOILER!!: Mitsue
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Malachi walks into his first class and looks around honestly excited. He can’t wait for the class to start.

And another first year to not greet him. A special seminar for first years on what was expected of them in a classroom was looking more and more feasible.

SPOILER!!: Carden
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For once in his life, Maxton Carden had woken up bright and early. Not by choice though. He'd gotten up, threw his uniform on in record time and snuck out of the dormitory in the hopes of avoiding a certain dorm mate. Last night's feast and its aftermath were still kind of a blur, but he remembered ENOUGH. Too much. He'd even skipped breakfast.

He was hoping for a niiiiiiice, chill lesson to start off the term. One where they'd just be reading and copying from the textbook or something.

No such luck though, apparently, and Max frowned when he stepped into...... the opposite of the standard classroom. What the---?

Rubbing his empty stomach to try and stop the growling, the seventh year sent a silent nod in the direction of the new Headmaster on his way past and then found himself a quiet spot to stand. And wait.

In the dark, it was a hit and miss when it came to what reactions he saw from the kids. The lantern cast strange shadows depending on how he held it. As it happened, it was in the right place for him to see the Prefect's nod. He returned it in kind, seconds before his eyes fell to his watch again.

SPOILER!!: Dooley
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Patrick walked into the classroom. He had gone back and forth and back and forth about what sensibly meant. Did that mean he could show up in his jeans and dress shirt? cause if it was he'd gladly ditch the uniform from here on out. Since he knew he had a Potions lesson later he wore the uniform but had his robe around his bag. He did not need to trip over it.

Just as he got through the door he noticed that the room did not look to be day time... wait wasn't this class at 8 am. Did he over sleep? Did he miss his whole entire first day of classes? Checking his muggle watch he noticed that he was in fact early to class and okay for the day. He looked around deciding where he was going to sit, "Morning Headmaster." he stated clearly before taking up a spot off to the side of the room.

Aaayyy, someone else sporting a muggle watch. Muggle things were interesting and had their place. Thanks to his wife, he wasn't as ignorant about them as he could otherwise be and that was good enough for him. "Good morning." He greeted, instinctively looking back to his own watch.

SPOILER!!: Botros
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First day of lessons....and Aaron was be-bopping into the Defense classroom with a huge smile on his face. He'd had the BEST summer of his life, and being back at school did nothing to diminish that. He felt lighter somehow. More hopeful. Less nervous.

Not even the dreams could harsh his mellow.

...Nor this spooky room decor...? OooOoOOoOO!

"Headmaster!" He was joyful, despite the room, as he greeted their new commander-in-chief. Aaron had a good feeling about the man, and his intuition was rarely wrong in these instances. Whilst he stood there, debating the adventure they were obviously about to embark on...he considered lighting his wand. The adult had a lantern. Could he have one, too?

Such enthusiasm! There was only one reply. "Hufflepuff!" Such a spirited kid too. Bless him. One day he'd learn his name. This, the first day of school, was not that day.

It was a work in progress.

SPOILER!!: Blackwell
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Bettie ready as she is ever going to be headed to her first class of the new school year. Upon walking into classroom 104 for her first DADA class she found herself walking into a dark bog with a slightly cloudy night and headmaster Trent was not to far from the door holding a lantern.
Bettie passed the headmaster with a “good morning headmaster” and polite nod before finding a spot to stand.

"Good morning." By now, the last of his sleepiness had subsided. It was giving way to restlessness. The man couldn't wait to get the lesson underway.

SPOILER!!: Kowalski
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That was Jó had said last night, but now he was feeling a different sort of way. And that way was tired-but-I'm-not-going-to-admit-that and he was definitely trying not to show it. Because, of course, sleep was for the weak.

And Józef Kowalski was not weak.

He'd almost forgotten about Lucas' weIRD behaviour at the feast. Almost. And as he entered the classroom, excited and intrigued by the eeriness, he pushed the thoughts completely away. This had to be something exciting.

"Morning!" he whispered, adopting a spooky voice, as he entered and grinned at the knew headmaster.

Another whisperer. Malachi responded in the only appropriate way--whispering back in like spooky fashion as he offered up his own, "Good morning." Interesting kid this one. Had an interesting sense of humour if nothing else...but the man may have been biased toward his former house. Maybe.

SPOILER!!: McCarthy
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Normally, Gunnar would be up bright and early before classes began to start off his day with his morning run. But not today. Not when he had apparently been up half the night writing a love letter to Jolie Chosen because of what he could only guess were the effects of a potent love potion somehow slipped to him during the feast. And he had been mortified when he woke up and slowly began to realize how he had acted the night before.

Had anyone seen him? Besides the obvious, of course. The fourteen year old had already done a pretty good job of avoiding Jolie this morning, but he wasn't sure how long that would last considering that they shared a common room. And he wondered who else might have caught sight of his declarations of devoted love to his housemate, but it was enough to make him want to skip classes and stay in his dorm.

But at the last possible moment, Gunnar decided he couldn't start off the term that way and so he made his way to class, barely on time with his eyes averted to the floor. He half wondered if Alessandro still went running without him, but he quickly pushed that thought from his mind as he turned in to the classroom.

The fourth year gave a nod in greeting to the Headmaster, still having the routine of not speaking until spoken to in class still etched into his brain. Yes, he knew it was a new administration, but he remained unsure and was so used to hearing the rules being broadcast on the hour for like, nine months. And he didn't have to worry about standing by a desk, waiting to be told when to sit, because there were no desks. But he found a spot in the back to stand.

He was glad to see so many of these kids coming in looking reflective or otherwise stuck in their head. It obviously hadn't been their fault what they did at the feast and he could only imagine the aftermath all that would've brought on. Honestly, he was just glad they weren't bouncing off the walls. That was how people got killed in perfectly safe environments. Reflective wasn't bad, wallowing though...he hoped none of them were wallowing. That was equally distracting.

The man returned the boy's nod, for now leaving him to whatever.

SPOILER!!: Malcolm
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First lesson of the term, after a rather strange first night back.

It was certainly rather odd to see everyone act so strange last night at the feast trying to snog one another, particularly her mates; whom some of which were in relationships. Come to hear through word of mouth, someone appeared to have pulled a prank on the school causing them to act in such strange ways.

From the looks of it this morning however, people seemed to be back to normal, or at least she thought...


Oh......alright..interesting set up to the classroom.

Vivian took a quick glance around the interesting set up of the classroom and the students standing around waiting for the lesson to begin. Her eyes carrying over towards the Headmaster before giving an optimistic greeting, "Good morning, sir!" She smiled brightly before taking a stand beside her friend Gunnar, giving him a light nudge.

Another chipper student. Not having kids drag themselves in looking like they wanted to be anywhere else was a good boost for him on this first day. It was a good sign. "Good morning!" He replied, doing his best to match her level of enthusiasm.

Some of these kids were alright.

SPOILER!!: Anderson-Belfort
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As was to be expected considering last night's horror show Maxie was doing his best to melt into the background. He'd considered pulling up his head on the way over but decided against it - if anything that was an attention grabber. He needed to be boring, not mysterious. Slightly flushed, the Hufflepuff, nodded at an open space behind someone he didn't make eye contact with (It was, unbeknown to the boy, his enemy Josef Kowalski) before taking up said space and staring at his favored Chalk White Adidas Yung 1's.

Okay, so, everyone was saying hello to the Headmaster- he supposed that meant he was supposed to too. Right- TOTALLY NORMAL BORING BOY HELLO COMING UP. "G-Good morning, H-headmaster." Excellent, totally boring and normal. Totally adequate and lackluster. Maxie swallowed audibly, tucking his clenched fists into his trouser pockets. He had this, he absolutely had this.

He couldn't really tell, not with how dark the area was, but this was another one that seemed a little off--body language wise. Another casualty of the potion maybe? Either way, it was likely none of his business and he was sorely uninterested in the love life of anyone standing before him. "Good morning." Keeping it simple.

SPOILER!!: Botros
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Abra had a love-hate relationship with Defence Against the Dark Arts. Or... maybe a like-hate relationship. He liked it, and it hated him. Essentially.

But he was here, okay? He was HERE. Nervous and jittery and all sorts of keyboard-smash about the whole needing to get used to another new professor who probably wasn't used to his general disposition, but he was here. This should, at any rate, be better for his nerves than the previous year had been. THAT had been stress. Stress on legs. Actually.

Dressed as sensibly as he had deemed might be appropriate, Abra entered the classroom and... stopped. It had been day, and now it was night. Dark. Hmm. Don't like that.

But he moved further into the classroom anyway, albeit a little bit warily and one hand on the handle of his wand. This was one class where they could spring anything on you at any moment and claim it was part of the curriculum or something, so he was certainly... ready. Or on edge. Listen, it was the same thing.

.............. Oh. OH. Right. Yes. Of course.

Abra quickly turned back to look at the professor standing near the door, lit up by the lantern he was holding. "Good mor-... uh... eve-... uhhhh..." Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...? "... Hello... Headmaster." Okay, first class back, lesson not even started yet, and Abra was already confused. Excellent start.

And another confused by the setting, it was a growing trend. It didn't bother the man in the slightest. "Helloooo." He replied coolly, dragging out the last syllable in the word.

SPOILER!!: Dakest
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Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

Lucas felt TERRIBLE. He walked down the corridor, not...... really paying attention to where he was going. His feet was guiding him but his brain was thinking about everything that had happened with a very glum look on his face. Why did he keep touching his hair? And giving him cuddles? And why oh why oh why did he confess his love to JÓZEF KOWALSKI?!

Did he love him? NO. Not like THAT. They were friends! Good friends!

And the worst part? The truly WORST part? He woke up remembering everything and there he was: Józef. On a bad near his!!

How was he ever going to show his face again???

Lucas physically facepalmed, as if this would help him forget everything. Was there a way he COULD forget the feast? He didn’t know. And he wasn’t going to bother looking. Maybe he’d talk to Emma because she would understand. And avoid Jó for the rest of his time at Hogwarts. Yeah....... yeah, that might work.

Reaching the Defence classroom, the second year entered and-

......... UH. It was dark? Nighttime? But wasn’t it first thing in the morning?

Confused, he looked behind him and at the closest window, and then back at the inside of the classroom. This was the right room. He was sure of it. Even the Headmaster was in here. Who, by the way, got a nervous look from the second year as he said very quietly, "Hello, Headmaster."

Shuffling inside, Lucas glanced around, maybe even squinted slightly, before moving to an empty spot. A spot that happened to be as FAR away from a certain Gryffindor boy as he could get.

And no, he wasn’t turning red from embarrassment. It was just...... hot in here.

Another one? Really? How many of them were suffering some form of embarrassment following that feast? Was that even what this was about? They looked uncomfortable, like they wanted to crawl into a little hole--or maybe that was a result of the way the lantern cast shadows across their faces. What did he know? "Hello."

SPOILER!!: Ainsworth
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To say Harri was excited was an understatement.

She had the MOST enjoyable sleep ever next to her lovely toad, got up early (she hates getting up early) with a grin on her face as she greeted her pretty dorm mates, and was literally bouncing on the balls of her feet as she bounded over to the very first lesson of the term (her VERY FIRST lesson EVER!) and it was Defense Against the Dark Arts.

It was a bright, sunny morning too...except it wasn't, when she got inside classroom 104. ooOoooHHHhhhHHH. It was actually the opposite of the outside and the eleven year old looked around in amazement, blue eyes bright. "Morning, Headmaster!" Because it was morning even though it was dark, she wasn't easily discombobulated, at least not yet.

Without any desks around, she wiggled her way into the middle and ended next to a familiar face. "Oh Igor, morning. Quite a fun feast, was it?" Harri offered in greeting as she reached to pat his head. Still taller! HA! The young Gryffindor also spied her dorm mates (Isla and Cordelia) and waved jovially at them.

"Good morning!" Had to admit, he wasn't expecting quite so many of them to be THIS awake and lively after the first night back. The train was a long ride, the feast became long with that whole debacle and then it was an early rise and shine for lessons. Was it sugar? Did they keep sugar up in their dorms? Was this a thing he needed to look into??

SPOILER!!: Toussaint
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Alessandro Toussaint rather abhorred the opening feast. He had endured three years of unappetising, endless opening feasts, but none had quite been as terrible as last night. And he still counted the opening feast his first year, when he was sorted into Hufflepuff, to be among the worst days of his life.

He apologised to Kodee at breakfast, though, so he hoped the whole table incident would soon be a thing of the past. Doubtful, if he knew Kodee Chosen.

Brushing aside all jaw and nose injuries, which was easy as he was not the afflicted party, Alessandro walked into the DADA classroom and was suddenly drenched in night. He spotted the Headmaster with a lantern and he nodded politely at the older man before joining the crowd of his peers.

Ah the polite nod. It was becoming as much a trend as students walking in and being absolutely floored that it was suddenly night. Finding it better than no acknowledgement at all, the man returned the nod. It was something, he'd take it.

SPOILER!!: Flory
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Matthew was more excited about his first lesson than he cared to admit. He tried to hide his new found enthusiasm as he entered into the classroom. As soon as he stepped in he sensed the...difference? He quickly noticed the lack of desks. He shrugged his shoulders, guessing it was just a part of the class. But there was something else, Matthew couldn't put his finger on it.

Quickly he scanned the room, seeing several other students that he had seen at the Feast and in the corridors. He was looking for the ones he remembered names of, like Bel. Surely Bel was here.

Another too big to be a first year but just as rude as them. Malachi's gaze swept over the Hufflepuff who walked in without any greeting or form of acknowledgement. He made note of it for another time. Not off to a good start, this one.

SPOILER!!: Kettleburn
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No chairs, no desks, no seating at all... Chloe took in the whole room in a single glance as she entered. Lots of students already, but the lack of traditional classroom accoutrements was clearly making them uncomfortable. Or maybe it was the creepy weather patterns the professor had magicked in.

Not the professor. Headmaster.

"Good evening, Headmaster. Interesting aesthetic you have going here."

Know what? "I'll let you have it, Kettleburn." BOOM, one name he DID know and remember. If nothing else, he remembered the Head Boy and the Head Girl. It was the little things. "So yes, good evening." As morningly as it currently was outside, he did open himself up to this and would actually prefer them to pretend it really was night, for the....aethestic as she called it. Set the right mood.

SPOILER!!: Gunter
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Mark normally enjoyed Defense Against the Dark Arts. But after the events of the Feast well. This was going to be very awkward to go to the Class after declaring his intention to follow a man he only just meant into the Darkness.

He had pulled the hood of his robe over his head and made sure it obscured his face as best it could as he hurried into the Class...which was Dark and...boggish...Oh no. He was literally going into the darkness for this guy...

"Hello, Sir." Marked muffled and deepened his voice as best he could for a twelve year old who was still a year or months from puberty. Passing the Headmaster was not to far from the door with a Lantern. He slouched and continued to hurry into the class and prepare to keep a low profile through out the whole of the class.

He wasn't here, He wasn't here, don't notice him. But also...he was here please make sure you note his presence for class participation. Thank you, please don't acknowledge him..but do.

And here was the kid, the yelling kid who he by now deduced had just looked at the wrong place at the wrong time. Merlin was he happy that's where it ended. They were tables away from each other and the man wouldn't have it any other way. The lengths he went to disguise himself were admirable, laughable but anything he needed to do to get over what he imagined must have been a truly embarrassing moment in the young man's life. He'd be a good Headmaster and not bring it up. "Hello strange boy I've never seen before, who certainly didn't profess anything to me." Yep, he was a pro at this pretending. A natural.

SPOILER!!: Macindoe
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Well this was... dark. Bel looked around with curiosity and a tiny slither of apprehension at the not-a-classroom. Not the unsafe kind though, because she wasn't so worried about the class being unsafe (since she was inclined to trust professors and obviously a Headmaster should be the most trusty of professors), but more apprehensive about if she would be able to actually..... be any use in here. Do stuff. Spell stuff. For a sixth year she was definitely not up to par with her spellwork. It just wasn't her strength no matter how hard she worked at it. She had only got a P on her NEWTs but had special permission to continue trying to work at things, given the whole experience the term before last with the Inferi and all, it was clear that certain skills were necessary and quitting wasn't the best way to gain those just-in-case skills.

Oh crap! Had she brought her-- Bel patted herself down and relief came over her face. Yes, she had her wand. Of all classes to potentially forget it... but no matter. She had it. She looked around the boggy space a little more, her eyes being drawn finally to the headmaster and his lantern, which was all reminding her quite strongly of one of the illustrations in the textbooks she'd been pouring over to try and make up for her lack when it came to the practical stuff.

"G'day sir, you look like a hinkypunk, you aren't gonna lead us astray are ya?"

The comparison brought a smile to his lips, one that resembled a child caught with his hand in a cookie jar but he's already grabbed the cookie and knows the jig's up. "Interesting you'd say that." Miss Quidditch Captain person who's name he was working on. Primeaux? this one Meriwether? ..............Huh. He'd get it by the next time, maybe.

"I make no concrete promises about where I take this lesson, and you lot. Best enjoy the ride." He continued, the smile growing into an amused grin. Nail on the head. Did she know? Wait. DID she know? Hmm.

Malachi looked once again to his watch. Only a few minutes left til they could get this show on the road. He looked to those already present. "Watch your step and where you stand while we wait for the others to arrive. I'm afraid when I cast the charm, my wand added it's own little additions." Creepy crawlies along the floor. Overly muddy areas that would make shoes awful messy. He wasn't sure what else. He probably should have checked to find out what else.

Nothing they couldn't handle he was sure! Nothing dangerous at least, so not a tremendous concern for him.

"We'll begin in another couple minutes."

OOC: Class will officially begin in about 3 hours, you can definitely still post your arrivals ^^
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