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No matter the path you’ve taken, once you head far enough down the river it becomes apparent that they all come together again just before ending at a mass of land. It’s an area completely surrounded by the water and as you may imagine, it’s as muddy and bog like as the ground you travelled on to get here.

Once you’ve successfully mastered the river, dismount the boats here. The Headmaster waits on the shoreline.

Malachi’s stance is casual. If he’s bothered or annoyed that some managed to get lost, it didn’t show (and he genuinely was not). The man was the picture of perfect calm as he waited for everyone to arrive.

The Headmaster patiently stood by and waited for the students to gather around him with the occasional call for them to do so. Once they’d all gathered, he gave them a small moment to take a breather.

“Now we’ll move on to the final part of the lesson, the practical. Using spells that have been covered in your previous charms lessons, you will tackle hinkypunks. First Years and those unfamiliar with the spells, please ask an older student for assistance.” It was the first day back, first years would not have had the opportunity to learn these as yet. ”I am also available to offer assistance should you prefer.” Either way, the spells would not be the difficult sort. “Lumos, the light charm. If you’re able, try a more potent version of the charm—lumos maxima. Follow it up with a knockback jinx once you have successfully solidified the hinkypunks. As was mentioned before our little boat trip, light makes them grow solid. The intensity of the light will determine how soon they solidify.” A “lumos maxima” would obviously get the job done sooner than a regular “lumos”. “Lumos is a simple spell but you’ll have to concentrate then create a loop with your wand, like this.” He took the time to demonstrate and paused in case any wanted to try it then and there. “As for the knockback jinx, you’ll use “flipendo.” And again he demonstrated the wand movement then waited a moment for anyone who wanted to try that out.

“One thing I’d like you all to remember, these are not real hinkypunks, they will not seriously hurt you. The important thing here is to keep calm and concentrate. You may work alone or with others.” Neither spell was difficult and with teamwork, if anyone was having problems with one it could easily be remedied through the aid of others.

At the end of his explanation many lanterns appeared at the edge of the water and began creeping closer.

“Get to work, I’ll be watching.”

OOC: Hey everyone! Thanks for sticking through the lesson so far! We’re on to the final activity. The students will have to defeat the fake!hinkypunks. They can do this alone or with the help of others. You may RP the hinkypunks and have until Monday evening around 9pm EST to get it done <3
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