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Old 04-13-2015, 06:55 PM
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Post Matthew Lewis on Bluestone 42, Harry Potter attractions, acting tips, projects & more

Matthew Lewis spoke in detail about the BBC Three comedy Bluestone 42, in which he costars, in an exclusive new interview with SnitchSeeker, which took place a few weeks ago to tie with the third season's premiere on the U.K. network.

Matt discussed what drew him to the army-based comedy, what medium of acting he prefers - television, film or theater, and even his upcoming charity climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro later this year.

More on that, as well as his preference to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions at Universal Orlando Resort over Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, and a few tips he gives fellow aspiring actors, can be read and heard below.

SnitchSeeker: What made you choose the role for Bluestone 42?
Matt Lewis:
Itíd already been a series on TV, which I saw the advert for. I thought it was a great idea. When I was younger, I was a huge fan of Blackadder Goes Forth. I was in the Air Cadets, so I contemplated a career in the military when I was younger. The idea of a comedy based around soldiers was something that I thought was very clever, daring and original. But then also the fact that it was a current conflict I thought was very brave and was something that, if done properly, soldiers and people back home could really get behind and appreciate. It was something I was so keen to get involved. They asked if I wanted to come in and read for a new character and, yeah, I was up for that.

SnitchSeeker: Youíve done television, film and theater. Which of the three do you feel more comfortable with as an actor?
Matt Lewis:
Comfort-wise Ė TV. I like to develop a character over a length of time. Youíve got several episodes to really show a journey. I love the process of making television. I feel so involved with Bluestone 42. I didnít write the show, I didnít direct the show, Iím just acting in it, but it feels very much like my baby and I want to make it as good as it can possibly be in all aspects. I get involved with everything from costumes to music. Particularly with this show, I just feel heavily involved in everything, and I really relish that.

But I love all three forms. I was hoping to do a play this year, but unfortunately Iím doing a film instead so I canít actually do the play.

SnitchSeeker: What film? [Editor's note: this interview took place a few weeks ago, and the project was announced last week; Matt will costar in the upcoming adaptation of Me Before You]
Matt Lewis:
Itís really exciting. Itís great. But I canít say just yet.

SnitchSeeker: What genre do you prefer to work in?
Matt Lewis:
I love working on comedies. Itís great, but it can be tough. The emotions that youíre trying to convey in drama weíve all at some point felt and can draw on experience, but when itís a comedy youíre putting yourself up on a pedestal almost and going, ďYeah, Iím funny. I can make you laugh.Ē Itís a bit of pressure there. There are times on set when I go, ďAm I even funny? Is this even funny? Is anyone going to laugh at it?Ē I definitely second guess myself a lot more when doing comedy. Itís fun. The whole process is great. Trying to find the joke. Trying to squeeze all the humor out of a scene, out of a line without over-edging it. Itís a real good, fun process.

SnitchSeeker: We hear youíre going to be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. Can you tell us about that and how you plan to train for it?
Matt Lewis:
Iím climbing a mountain Ė Kilimanjaro. Jesus. Itíll be in October and itís for the Steve Prescott Foundation. Steve was a rugby league player Ė a great player, a great man Ė who unfortunately died of cancer recently. When he was diagnosed with the disease, he decided to start the foundation and he worked tirelessly doing physical challenges Ė hikes and runs Ė to raise as much money and awareness of cancer as possible. One of his ideas was that he wanted to climb Kilimanjaro and weíve decided, in honor of his memory, to take up that mantle and do it on his behalf, and try and raise as much money for his foundation as possible. Iím doing it with a load of rugby league legends. Thereíll be a bit of training. Iím not sure exactly what weíve got planned yet Ė thereís a few bits and bobs coming up in summer. Iím in the gym, so Iím at a fair level of fitness already, but thereís a lot to be done between now and then. In a way Iím dreading it, but at the same time, looking forward to having done it and raising some money for Steve.

SnitchSeeker: We got this question from one of your fans: What advice would you give to an aspiring actor in the Yorkshire area who wants to be recognized?
Matt Lewis:
It can be a real tough gig. I know a lot of actors, mostly my friends. Some of them are wildly successful and some of them are chumming away and struggling. But itís a passion. And if youíve got the passion it can be the shittiest job in the world when youíre not working and youíre trying hard to get some work. But then as soon as you do, you forget all about Ö itís like being drunk. Like when you get a hangover, you think, ďIím never drinking again.Ē

But very quickly you forget. Itís a bit like that. Being an actor Ė thereís very few jobs in the world where you get paid to absolutely what you love. Appreciate that it is a job. Itís not just a bit of fun to try your hand at a hobby. It is a job and you have to be as proactive as possible. There are certain things you can do to make sure you have as much chance as anyone else. When preparing for auditions, even if youíre not right for the part and they donít give it to you, make sure you give the best performance you possibly can. That sets you up and creates a relationship with the casting director so theyíll think of you in the future. But if you half *** it Ė even if you are right for it Ė itís not going to go your way. Be 100 percent committed.

SnitchSeeker: Besides the fame, how did the Harry Potter series shape your adult life?
Matt Lewis:
I think it allowed me to mature as a person. In a way maybe I wouldnít have grown up as quickly had I not been involved. Iíd been working with adults for most of my life since I was about five years old, and then particularly from Harry Potter and onwards. Iíd been around film sets and learning the world and that level of commitment that it takes. As much fun as a kid and itís still incredible for me even now at 25, you learn very quickly when youíre in and amongst it that thereís a lot at stake and you need to really be aware of that. So that shaped me a good deal.

Iíve been fortunate through Harry Potter to travel the world and see some amazing things Iíve met so many people. I think Iíve grown just as a human being really from that. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have been given the opportunities. Harry Potter is Ö I honestly donít know where Iíd be right now without it. I donít know what wouldíve happened in my life Ė whether Iíd still be an actor or whether Iíd have had to go and do something else. Iíve honestly no idea. Itís a frightening thought.

SnitchSeeker: Did you have any regrets or struggles while making Harry Potter? Weíre there any downsides to being Neville?
Matt Lewis:
I donít have any regrets. Iíd rather have done something and thought, ďI shouldnít have done thatĒ than having never tried something and wished I had. So I try not to reflect and regret too much. What I thought was amazing is thereís very little there Iíd ever want to regret. when I was 15 or 16, having to put a fat suit on and wear false teeth was a bit frustrating because youíre going through that awkward age anyway. So that was kind of rubbish.

But again, growing up you realize itís not about you. Itís about the job that youíre doing Ė this opportunity youíve been given and the role that youíre playing Ė and you start to see it much more as a profession and an art form than you do about just not looking like an idiot. You mature. If I look back, at the time I wouldíve been miserable and aware that I didnít want to do that but the joy of working on a film like Harry Potter vastly outweigh any feeling like that. It was really just a fantastic time that Iím very humbled to have been a part of.

SnitchSeeker: Which of the two did you enjoy visiting more: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando or The Making of Harry Potter tour at Leavesden Studios in the UK?
Matt Lewis:
Orlando, without a doubt. Definitely. Goint to Leavesden was interesting because itís changed so much from when we were there. Going back to the place where you spent ten years of your life every day, going to work Ė then not going into work Ė and going back and seeing it all in its glory now in Warner Bros Studios was quite nostalgic. I quite enjoyed that. It was quite cool. But in terms of actual enjoyment, I think what theyíve created over in Orlando is spectacular.

Americans, in general, donít tend to do things by half, but Universal Studios especially have really nailed it when it comes to detail Ė the accuracy, the dedication to making sure that everything is spot on as possible, and building things to last. Itís there and itís solid wood. It just feels so real and felt fantastic. If only the weather was half as good over here. I just think everything theyíre doing over there is incredible. Whenever I get a chance to visit, I jump at the chance.

SnitchSeeker: Which one did you like more: Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley?
Matt Lewis:
Hogsmeade when I first saw it, was pretty spectacular. Thereís nothing quite like walking through those gates with Hogwarts Castle in the background was pretty jaw dropping. Diagon Alley was just as amazing to walk through those walls. What I love about Diagon Alley, the Kings Cross stuff outside very much reminded me of what the actual Kings Cross looks like. You walk through and then you walk up the street and see Gringotts bank with the big dragon Ė thatís pretty amazing. Thatís spectacular, as well. But I must say that that feeling the first time walking and seeing Hogwarts Castle was phenomenal.

SnitchSeeker: You recently met with Emma Watson and discussed Harry Potter and HeForShe. What did you talk about?
Mat Lewis:
It was just a general chit chat. When something is ten years of your life, obviously itís going to come up in conversation. We talked about all kinds of stuff, what each of us was up to. I told her about Bluestone, and we talked about HeFor She because she had asked me to do that picture awhile ago and asked about how it was going. So we just chatted about it. I just find it fantastic everything that sheís doing because itís one of those issues where weíve come so far and itís like, ďWell weíre done with that. Weíve got to that point.Ē And itís so not.

You can see that weíve only fought half the battle, and thereís a lot further to go. Sheís a very busy girl and to use what time she has outside of making movies to issues so important and I think thatís absolutely fantastic. I asked her how she got into it and what it meant to her. I was just fascinated how she puts down the time and the courage to talk about it. And I was just picking her brain about that really. Iím a keen supporter. Iím really behind her all the way. I just really hope it will go from strength to strength and really create some change.

SnitchSeeker: Have you seen Tom Feltonís documentary on super fans?
Matt Lewis:
No, I know a bit about it, not actually much. I remember Tom was going to an edit and I was chatting to him about it. He said, ďItís crazy, and youíre going to love it.Ē I canít wait to see it.

SnitchSeeker: Tom said he got Dan and Rupert and JK Rowling, so we were hoping youíd be in it.
Matt Lewis:
No, I was away at the time.

Bluestone 42 will have its third season finale this Monday evening, on BBC Three starting at 10pm GMT.
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