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I dissagree. I think there are at least two, maybe three or four characters in the book (from Slytherin house) who demonstrated good-natured acts. Horace Slughorn--although he was a bit of a coward, he would buck up when he needed to. He was kind to most of his students, even if he did have a tendency to pick obvious favorites. Severus Snape--he acted bravely and truly became an aly to Dumbledore. I believe he became a friend aswell. He did many, many brave things in his lifetime. Even if he was a death eater..his first and possibly only best friend was, indeed, muggle born. The third, whom I'm not sure can truly count, Draco Malfoy or Narcissa Malfoy, if you do not wish to commend Draco. They acted with cowardice for most of their lives, and defintely believed that those of pure blood were above those of 'lesser bloodlines'. But I think that in both cases, their own personal families meant more to them than killing and being ruthless. In all, I completely agree with many people here who say that the story was presented from a biased point of view. It was. But, there is no denying that there are exceptions to every house. I believe Dumbledore once says that he believed the sorting was done at too early an age.
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