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Text Cut: NEWT quotes and queries
Originally Posted by EW_FAN View Post
Harvey was glad that he had not lost anymore points and that he was following instructions. Harvey stood up and introduced himself. "Hi Professor Glass, My name is Harvey Watson and I am in my first year. I don't know what NEWT level is so I can't answer that question, I don't know as I am what you may call muggle-born. So this week is my first magical experience" After Harvey was over with his introduction he sat down, hoping that he could impress his professors from now on and not lose anymore points.
Originally Posted by nogoodforyou View Post
And then... she wasn't sure whether she was supposed to raise her hand for this, but she did it, anyway. "My name is Nora Reed and I am a second year. I'd love to take the NEWT level, but I suppose I'm way too young for that." She felt her cheeks going red after that last part, buuuut she let her hand fall down on her lap and looked away.
Originally Posted by tomewitch View Post
When it was her turn, she stood right away and said in a formal tone, "Good day Professor Glass. My name is Beatrice Evangeline Castell. A first year Ravenclaw. I would love to take the NEWT exam but I reckon 7th year's are only allowed." She finished her sentence with a smile.
Originally Posted by jesifur View Post
Jesifur looked worried. NEWT level DADA? Maybe she was in the wrong class. When it got to her turn for the introduction she timidly stood up.

"My name is Jesifur Hitchens, first year Hufflepuff and I am very interested in DADA. You did say NEWT level though and I am not sure if I am ready for that am I? Being a first year and all?"

She nervously sat back down and waited for a response hoping she wouldn't be thrown from the class. Looking around she saw other first years too.
Originally Posted by James_Potter View Post
William turned away from August and looked forward as Professor Glass addressed the class. He had absolutely no idea what NEWTs were, besides being a type of lizard. Feeling pretty sure the Professor was not talking about lizards, Will decided to answer the other questions she had asked.
"William MacGhilleseathenaich, professor," he said. "I am a first-year Ravenclaw. A-and I don't know what NEWTs are but I like Defense Against the Dark Arts!" He lowered his hand.
Originally Posted by anolan807 View Post
Minerva raised her hand. "Professor My name is Minerva Wheatborn and I am a first year. My house is Hufflepuff and I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what NEWT level is."
Originally Posted by Lisette de Lapin View Post
Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the rest of her introduction. "I-I I don't know. Um, w-what do you mean by newts, e-exactly?" She hoped she wouldn't get points taken away for not knowing.

"NEWT's are exams that students sit at the end of their seventh years at Hogwarts," Sarani said in brisk tones. "NEWT-level Defense is Defense taught to sixth years and above. The question was aimed at students who have decided to pursue Defense Against the Dark Arts after their fifth years. Those of you who haven't will be able to sift through and sort your preferred subjects as you progress here at Hogwarts, learn your strengths and weaknesses and get your OWL results, and to make the choice yourselves."

Originally Posted by pinkphoenix View Post
When it finally came her turn, she said"Good Morning, Professor Glass. My name is Aurora Opal but you can call me Orr to avoid confusion with the other Aurora. I'm a first year so I don't know anything about DADA but I'm really excited to learn."
The girl could not have thought, with any amount of seriousness, that a professor, least of all Sarani, would resort to a nickname. "It's good to know that you're excited to learn... Miss Opal," Sarani said, voice cool.


Originally Posted by Destiny View Post
Heaving a sigh, her feet already hurting at the mere thought of walking the very long way up there, Destiny slowly raised her hand. "Destiny Shepard, seventh year." Hehe, it was kind of cool to say that. "And I decided to take this class because.." Err.. "I thought I had to."

Was she WRONG!?
"No one has to take my class, Miss Shepard." Sarani's smile was not the nicest smile ever. "While I am teaching Defense, you are all free to take or drop the subject." She couldn't care less if someone decided not to show up. The less, the merrier, after all.

Text Cut: Omg!Cute!Arlo
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post

Arlo raised her hand a little and offered her a little wave before dropping her hand back into her lap and making no sound. THIRTY points EACH for those two people?! Their houses were going to HAAATE them. BUT ARLO DIDNT! Arlo liked everybody. Except her older siblings, yeah. YEAH.

NEWT?! WHAT WAS A NEWT LEVEL?! She'd heard her eldest brother talk about his NEWTs, but she'd assumed that you know....they were ANIMALS. So obviously, this was what she assumed the lady was talking about. Waiting for her turn to introduce herself, Arlo listened to EVERYONE so that she knew names already, and then spoke. "Im Arlo! Arlo Quinn Domicone, and I'm a first year! And...I don't actually LIKE lizards, sooo...I don't suppose I'll be 'taking' any newtsies!" Aaaand now she was shutting up.

Foolish, little girl.

Sarani ignored her.

Originally Posted by RoseWitch View Post
Rose was so glad that this professor wasn't going to put up with any funny business. She was always serious when it came to lessons. There is a time and place for messing aroud, but that was not in a classroom. She was stoked that she would be able to concentrate without the disruptions of other students. Rose beamed at the professor. My name is Isabella, but I prefer to go by Rose. This is my first year professor."
The DADA professor raised one perfect eyebrow. "And do you have a last name..." Kid. "Miss Isabella?"

Yes. Sarani Glass did not care what Isabella Last Name Unknown preferred to go by.

Originally Posted by iceblossom22 View Post
Elise looked at the new DADA teacher, terrified already. Were all the teachers going to be this scary?!

Terrified, she answered the professor's question. "G-g-good d-day, p-prof-f-fessor. I-I-I'm El-l-lise F-f-fairf-field, proffessor," she stuttered. "First year."
Sarani arched her left eyebrow. She hadn't even attempted to scare any of these students yet and, the way some of them were acting, one would have thought she had sentenced them all to a term in wizarding prison.

"Do you need a Calming Draught, Miss Fairfield?" She asked.

Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Ellie eyed the new professor apprehensively. She frowned slightly. Dang. She was kind of pretty. That made it harder for Ellie to dislike her. But she would still try anyway. And those spiked shoes? ...Interesting.

When it was her turn, Ellie stood confidently and didn't bother to smile. "Ellie Johanson, sixth year. I've decided to take this class to NEWT level... Because I feel like it." And that was that. But before she sat down, she looked down at the woman's boots and then back up at her before saying, "Nice shoes." And sat down.
Because she felt like it. That was, at least and as far as Sarani was concerned, a better reason than having no clear sense of direction even in your last year of school, and wanting to keep your options open.

"They're quite useful, Miss Johanson." Sarani smiled just a little too sweetly.

Originally Posted by Greymalkin View Post
Sarah shifted in her seat as Professor Glass walked in. Bloody skirt. She hated it. She looked up, ah, still wearing spiked heels, eh? Well, it wasn't like she had expected any better. As freaky as the heels were, they were sort of cool. In a emo-punk way. Sarah really didn't want to be stepped on by someone wearing those boots.

Hello again, Prof. "I'm Sarah Oliver, first year."

Short and simple. If she was lucky the professor wouldn't do anything to acknowledge their conversation at the staff table.
Sarani remembered this.. kid.

"I hope you've been able to see the reason the point systems is in place yourself, Miss Oliver," she said, oh-so-sweetly.

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
"My name is Victoria Bunbury, professor," the redheaded girl answered sullenly when it was her turn. "I'm a third year Slytherin. And I'm taking your class because it is required."

She turned up her nose and crossed her arms, GLARING at the evil points take-awayer.
"Like I just told Miss Shepard, Miss Bunbury," Sarani's voice was cool. "You are free not to take my class."

Do it, kid. We'd rather not teach you. Or anyone.

Originally Posted by Yourenodaisy View Post
Sweet Merlin! This woman as scarier than a bear being woken from hibernation. Sure the older students were acting like first years, and Em was always a little bit happy to see other houses lose points, but this was ridiculous. She had never seen somebody lose that many points at once. Glass huh? Seemed like shattered glass that you had to walk lightly around. Gulping when it came time for her introduction, she started. "E-em- Emmaleigh S-swynford, M-ma'am. F-fourth year." Em was unsurprised that her stutter had returned. Professor Glass was more terrifying than Lafay ever was.
Did this one need a potion, too?

"Do you need a Calming Draught, Miss Swynford?" Sarani asked. How did Tate expect her to teach these kids defense? The evil creatures of the world were not going to offer them Calming Draughts.

Originally Posted by Elsie View Post
Elsie laughed, that was the sort of thing that would normally happen to her, the reason why she always had spares. "I do actually!" Elsie said handing over to Willow the quill the had just pulled out of her bag. "Have I missed much yet?" Elsie said looking around the classroom not quite sure of what was going on.
Sarani's eyebrow rose half an inch. "Five points from Gryffindor for disruptive behaviour, Miss.." Miss Whoever. "My classroom is not the place to socialize. You are here to learn and, if you would rather socialize, you are free to leave the classroom right now and come back for detention in the evening."

Learning was serious business and Sarani did not take it lightly.

Originally Posted by Ivy Nienna View Post
Waiting her turn to offer up her details, the Ravenclaw prefect spoke up clearly. "Ivory Erised, 6th year Ravenclaw. I fully intend to pursue Defense Against the Dark Arts at NEWT level because-" She paused for a split second, mind racing through the numerous reasons she could offer until finally settling on the most honest answer. The one that had nothing to do with her thoughts for the future and everything to do with her as a person. " I love a challenge." she stated simply. Her eyes shone darkly, like water before a storm as she finished with a winning smile.
Sarani smiled. For once, it was a nice smile. "I'm glad to hear that, Prefect Erised," she said, her tone as close to approving as Sarani's tone could be, around a horde of children.

Originally Posted by Con_Stripes View Post
Really? She wanted to know their names and... well, Corey wasn't quite fourteen yet, how was he supposed to know if he was gonna take NEWT level DADA or not? That would depend right? If the professor sucked, then he wouldn't learn enough to get high enough grades to be accepted into NEWT level.

And she probably didn't care what his name was anyway. So what, she was stalling for time then? He stuck his hand up in a half-hearted sort of way.

"Corey Quimper, third year, and I dunno Ma'am, I guess that depends how good of a teacher you are and whether I get inspired or not, and I guess whether or not you reckon I'll be good enough to keep up with this subject when I'm old enough to do my NEWTs." Such a logical snake, he was.
"If you haven't chosen to take NEWT-level Defense, Mr. Quimper, you are not required to answer that part of the question." Sarani gave the Slytherin a sweet smile, her "sweet" smile being anything but sweet. "I advise that, next time, you make you sure you understand the question before you decide to answer it."

Originally Posted by Deniiz View Post
"I'm João Neves, I'm a fifth year, I'll take it at OWL levels first and..." the reason is because YOU are teaching it! "...I want to learn to protect myself properly."

Time to look away? Not yet.
Perhaps she could give this kid turnips for ears. Or pumpkins. She doubted that Tate would be pleased, though.

Her wand hand might have twitched all the same.

Text Cut: Lady!Josh XD
Originally Posted by Lara_the_Firelady View Post
Unfortunately...the boy was unable to complete his question to his girlfriend about the shiny thing on her when he had heard footsteps behind him and a woman's cold voice that said.....

Detention, Carter

Seriously? This was the first thing she had to say right after stepping into the classroom? No to mention that reaction with the exact words originally belonged to Professor Lafay.

And this was totally unfair!!! He had not done anything wrong, had he? The girls made him wear the heels and he did. Wearing heels was not forbidden, right? Who was this woman who knew nothing about justice?

To see, then, while keeping an arm on Evelyn so he could manage his balance, he turned around to see who that was....

Thirty points?


SHE was the new DADA professor. The beautiful woman at the staff table.

Yet what was with beautiful women and being evil? Was that a law of nature or something? He opened his mouth but unable to say anything...closed it back.

SPOILER!!: Evelyn and the Professor again :)

Feeling Evelyn move made the Gryffindor remember that he needed to sit down and maybe it could remind him the shiny thing on her too but he did not seem to remember it yet as not there were too many toughts in his mind that kept it rather busy. Or to be exact...he was confused. Following the Slytherin girl's moves, eh she did not look happy either, Josh sat down next to her and took a deep breath of relief when almost half of the pain on his feet was gone.

Then he carefully listened to her words and...looked up at the professor again. Was it his turn? ''My name is Joshua Carter.'' as you very well know since you can yell out detentions ''Seventh Year. Gryffindor.'' Was not that obvious as well? *Ahem*. ''And yes, i plan to take NEWT level Defense and most likely more than that because...'' Eh. He had to pause at that point because now for some reason he had started to doubt if he wanted to pursue that career. Had Professor Lafay been serious? Him being an Auror? He was never going to know. He always had one reason though, if he was not going to mention that one. ''...because i will always be protecting my girlfriend no matter what.''

She felt for his girlfriend, alright.

"And you intend to do that by turning up to my class in heels?" Sarani's voice was cold. If someone could defend themselves in heels, fine and dandy. If someone turned up to learn defense in footwear he or she couldn't even walk in, however, Sarani was not going to be impressed.

"Take off those heels, Mr. Carter." If he was serious about learning defense, he'd better start acting like he was. Sarani had no place for people who did not want to learn, in her classroom.

Originally Posted by Jason Potter Weasley View Post
William is disgusted. " Kurumi and Jai, we need to get our Gryffindors on track" William told them both. " We all work hard to get points and win the house cup for Gryffindor" Willaim said to them. "Can we have a meeting about losing points for Gryffindor?" William asked them. " It is bad we lsot 10 points, but losing thirty points is absolutely uncalled for by the students" William sighed. William is going to get a lot of DADa class this term.
Sarani raised an eyebrow. "That's five points from Gryffindor for disrupting my class with pointless talk. My classroom is not the place to discuss house points, Mr. Montcenaggio."

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
She decided to go for something neutral. She shook her head and narrowed her eyes for a moment, hopefully that would send the signal that NOW was not the time and place to talk about this. She then held her index finger up against her lips in a 'shush' manner, but didn't make a sound. She then turned her head towards the professor and bowed it in apology.

Not speaking unless spoken to. That was going to be her policy in this class.
Originally Posted by TSnitch View Post
Jai could understand the boy's stance but timing was something to be considered with finesse. He gave the boy hard stare and pressed his finger to his lips to silence the boy. He would be having more than one stern conversations after class. Turning back to Professor Glass, Jai sat waiting for everyone else take turns responding.
The Gryffindor prefects had, at least, managed to keep their calm - and, wonder of wonders, silence - in what could not have been the most comfortable situation for either of them.

"Five points to Gryffindor for a well-handled situation," Sarani said. There might have been a smile playing around her mouth.


Originally Posted by sarah.kate13 View Post
"Thanks!" whispered Willow, breathing a sign of relief. "No, not yet, everyone's just introducing themselves." she said, looking around as well, to make sure she was right.
"Which means you should be introducing yourself as well, instead of talking, Miss Draconis," Sarani said, tone cold. "That's another five points from Gryffindor for disrupting my class with pointless talk." She looked up, so that everyone could hear her. "This is the last time I will say this: my classroom is not the place to socialize. You are here to learn. The only discussions that I will allow in my class are discussions that promote a clearer understanding of, and grasp on, defensive magic and techniques."

She paused, before speaking again. "You are all here to learn defense against the dark arts. What are the dark arts? Is there a rigid definition? Could something be or not be a "dark" art, depending on how and why it is used? What do you understand?"

OOC: Feel free to tell what your character thinks are dark arts. Discussion is fine. Chatter is not.

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