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Default 25 Tracks for Nina Castillo - Sa13+

Hihi. I'm Ariana. Whaddup. I've finally caved, so here we are.
This set of 25 drabbles is for my ssrpg character, Nina Castillo. Throughout these little stories, I'll be exploring her childhood and her years attending Beauxbatons, and later Hogwarts. All characters mentioned throughout the drabbles are of my own creation unless otherwise noted ^^ aight, let's do this.

disclaimer; the cool harry potter universe belongs entirely to JK Rowling. i'm just here to bask in its glory.

1. Try by Colbie Caillat
2. Kids Again by Artist vs Poet


Try | Colbie Caillat
Beauxbatons, Year 2
Put your make-up on / Get your nails done / Curl your hair
Run the extra mile / Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?

Drawing the blanket over her face, she let her smile slowly fade. She was exhausted, but it was not the kind of exhaustion she felt in her bones. It was the kind she felt in her heart. The kind that tugged at every atom of her soul.

Perhaps the exhaustion came from the heaviness she carried with her throughout the day. Maybe it was the very manifestation of her meaningless smiles and empty laughter. She did find it funny, however, that one could be so lonely, despite being surrounded by others.

Was it simply the price she had to pay?

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