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Originally Posted by aussiegirl View Post
Oh bugger!

Now Marie had decided to take up the other side of him and he had this awful feeling that the girls were up to something.

"Life has been treating me okay Marie" he replied warily as he looked down at the saw still in her hand.


Marcus chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, "I know how to reverse charms Marie but just not those ones. I made sure they weren't reversible. It was supposed to teach you a lesson."

Err...perhaps he shouldn't have said that. Maybe he should move, these girls were going to kill him.

Marcus cleared his throat very aware of the two girls sitting beside him and probably staring daggers at him.

"So before we start the class today. Destiny here has something she would like to share with the rest of the class." He turned towards the Slytherin girl and gave her a little smirk. "The floor is all yours, my dear."
"I'm glad life is treating you so well," she said glancing at the saw in her hand then back up at him.

Well crap, he still didn't know how to reverse the blasted charm that was holding that saw in her hand. He really was getting old if he can't remember...


NOT reversible! The man had totally lost his mind. What the heck kind of lesson was this supposed to teach? DON"T ever touch muggle tools because they will get stuck in your hand. Nice lesson.

First he ties her to Destiny for half the term, now he won't take the saw out of her hand. Remind her again WHY she doesn't want him to leave.

Huh, Destiny has something to share with the class? Like how mean Lawson is, or how he is going to leave, or how he is going through a middlelife crisis?

He should really let Marie share some of those things too... or not.
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