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Default Greenhouse for Out of Class Work

Welcome to the Greenhouse for Out of Class Work; otherwise known as the Greenhouse #17.

From here, the big Greenhouse has doors connecting to the smaller Greenhouses and to a yard outside. By the front, you can also see the Poison Cell as well as the closets. If you forgot something, perhaps you should take a look inside!

While you work here, make sure to look at the aisles numbers carefully, otherwise you may find yourself in the man-eating plants section or in the severe weather section! If it helps, perhaps you can ask for a map.. (but there is none at this time).

So, come in and hang out before classes start once more! Are you tending plants? Are you tending to the Greenhouse?

Make sure you follow directions carefully!

For your information:

By the entrance, there was a small room protected by a door. That small room was known as the "Poison Cell".

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