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Anna's delight that Solomon would offer some of his expertise was short lived as the activity began and her friend off. Rather than be disappointed or crestfallen, however, the fourth year smiled wide at his enthusiasm. It was nice to see and she might even point out to him later how he was getting excited about history when he previously kind of sort of would moan and groan whenever they would pretend to do assignments together. Mostly Anna's fault because she was a terrible study buddy due to how easily distracted she became.

Still with no really idea how to use her bow but every idea how to throw, the Hufflepuffle decided she may just try to do this javelin style. She had just as much of a chance hitting something while using a bow as she did using her scrawny arms.

Seeing as Anna already was fun sized, she likely looked even more so once her peers were all giant'd up. While not the most gifted with balance, she could be rather nimble and began making her way through the course at a modest pace - not quite a tortoise but also no where near a hare. Maybe like...a chipmunk? And with the majority of the attention on Solomon - he probably enjoyed that though so she wouldn't interrupt! - she was able to cover quite a bit of ground quickly while clutching one of her arrows in her left hand.

Skipping serpentine through a portion as she approached a large mass to hide behind and catch her breath, Anna could not help but CRAVE a bit of a glitter explosion. She supposed she could taunt the giants to try and draw attention her way... she kept her mouth closed, however, and peeked her head out from her hiding place to check things out. Biting her lip, Anna lofted the arrow she had been holding in the direction of the giants with...not exactly the intention to hit any of them but maybe just be a bit of a distraction.

Was she meant to not do that just yet? Honestly, Anna had kind of forgotten.

And then she heard the professor and she popped out entirely.

"Right here!"

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