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Default Giant!Fergersnout joining in xD
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The start of the battle was seemingly going well judging by the beaming faces of the little Beansprout’s faces. However it seemed as if she had slightly misjudged her class division, either that or some of the students had switched sides, and the numbers were a little skewed towards the Centaurs and it seemed as if the Giants were outnumbered.

Not being overly tall herself, she considered it the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and headed over the spare potion which she downed in a single gulp. Her joints clicked and groaned as they stretched, her clothes straining a teensy bit as they adapted to her size before stopping at seven foot. She was tall enough to give her an advantage but not too tall that anyone would get accidentally hurt should she dramatically fall. She may have been a little off-rack but she DID actually think about these things before diving head first into her lesson plans. Her movements were obviously stilted by the potion but weren’t slow enough that she couldn’t achieve anything.

“Come out, come out wherever you are little Centaurs” she chortled, her voice deepening with the growth potions affects.
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