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Default #TeamGiant + a few mentions!
~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

If Ezra thought that he was rubbish, it was nothing compared to how Ary felt about himself as a giant. He had completely missed whacking Solomon. “I’m sorry I’m rubbish,’’ he remarked, shaking his head slowly. Ugh. He hated feeling so sluggish! “Maybe if we work as a team, we can be able to get a few centaurs.” For example, Ary was already eyeing Ezra’s target - Desiree. If he could swing his club in the other direction that Ezra had swung, then there was an increased chance of one of their clubs connecting with her armour.

So, even though the first year was quite tempted to go after Solly again, he took aim at Centaur!Desiree from the opposite direction of Ezra’s. There had been no rule about two giants tackling one Centaur anyway.

Did his club connect? Or was he still too slow?
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