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Don't get her wrong, Mouse liked to be outdoors and exploring as much as the next girl, but being comfortable at home was far more important to her. Until her experience at Hogwarts, particularly her sixth year, she'd never really felt comfortable anywhere. Nothing felt like home. But this? She wanted it to, for herself and her new flatmate both. Giving the hand a quick shake she beamed at the girl. "It's nice to meet you too!"

A new male voice entering nearly frightened her just because she hadn't been expecting anyone. Silly, really, considering moving days WERE something people often got familial help on. She observed Grace's father for a moment, head tilting as she considered why he'd looked sofamiliar. It was only when Grace mentioned MLE it connected. "Oh! You were at the job fair! Hello again, sir." She greeted, smiling and righting her head once mystery was solved.

"I think it's nice we got a professional to clear the surroundings!" she grinned back again at her flat mate, before following Grace inside. "Do you have a preference on which bedroom?"
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