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Her presence in the apartment and near her companion positively acknowledged; Grace actually stepped out herself for her own viewing of what made up their little balcony. “Yeah it is.” Space to breathe and be outdoors without committing to it like going for a walk or something. A place for a warm beverage of choice at the start of the day or a glass of wine at the end of one. It definitely had some possibilities. “Uh huh…that’s me, she confirmed as she accepted the offered hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you.”

“Everything seems alright,” a new voice came from the interior doorway as Simon pushed it open, the boxes he had brought levitated to make it easier before closing it behind him again. The older man having taken the extra time to look around the perimeter of the immediate vicinity for warning signs of things to look out for. Just because he was giving his daughter space, didn’t mean he wasn’t looking out for her as she moved out at all. The law enforcement vein went deep.

“And that would be my dad,” she remarked with a soft chuckle upon hearing her father admit his all clear. “Don’t mind him…working for MLE he can be a touch protective.” Never mind she had been a second year when the Neo-Alliance had come to power and actively put in danger. Valid reason to be protective after that he said. Grace moving to lead them back inside.

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