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Default Flat: Bennett & Durand

Welcome to the flat of Grace Bennett and Minerva Durand, located above Noltie's Botanical Novelties!

As you enter through the front door, you are greeted with the sight of the open living room and dining room combination. You can do what you want with this space, whether that be adding a dining table to the left hand side giving a comfortable location to eat or have the room just be one large living space. If you walk all the way through the living room, there is a sliding glass door leading out to your personal balcony that looks out over the Alley. This is a great space to sit to drink your mid afternoon tea or early morning coffee - or the perfect spot for a little garden!

As you walk further down the hall, the entry to your left is where your kitchen can be located. Kitchen comes equipped with all the necessary appliances, dishwasher included for those who prefer to give their spell casting a break. Right across the hall from the kitchen is a cupboard that can be used for storage space.

Directly next to the storage cupboard is a door leading to the first bedroom. This room is slightly smaller than the master, but still a decent amount of space - closet equipped with a sliding door to contain your belongings. Or if you don't need room for an extra bed, this is perfect for an office space or studio for whatever your artistry is.

A little further down the main hall, and you'll encounter another door on the left side. This is where the main restroom is located. Main restroom includes a single sink, toilet, shower and bathtub. Cabinets and a medicine mirror give plenty of storage space for your toiletries as well.

The last room at the very end of the hall is where the largest bedroom resides, with a walk in closet and an en-suite half bath included. The walk in closet has plenty of built in shelves so that you can layer your shoes and personal effects, while the bathroom has a single sink and a toilet for use.

All rooms have plenty of windows for natural lighting, and in the kitchen there is a little booklet provided by Nesting Occamy with phone numbers for leasing agents and maintenance for any issues that may arise. Welcome home!

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