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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash didn't really know how she felt right now. On the one hand, she was doing well. On the other hand, everything in her life was just awful and she was so lonely and she didn't like anything about herself. It sort of depended on the day whether she was cheery and social or whether she didn't want to get out of bed. It even depended on the hour sometimes.

That was why it was so hard to spend time with her close friend Evan. She just kept cancelling because she didn't feel like going out, or because she felt like he'd be better off if they weren't friends, or because some other reason. She hated that she did that. She'd apologized often.

But today was an okish day, and she really really pinky promised she'd be here and she came early and even sent a picture of her at the restaurant so Evan knew that she really meant it this time. And another sorry for the other times. She just hoped that he wouldn't give up on her... after all, she had a table for two at Espresso Patronum, and she really didn't want it to be another one of those times where a table for two turned into a table for Ashley and Nobody Else. She hated sitting with Nobody Else.
While Evan could not fully comprehend what Ashley was going through, merely because he was not in her shoes, he could appreciate the fact she was struggling but still trying to keep their friendship strong through it. Which meant a lot to him, but he also wanted to at some point find the right words to tell her she did not need to worry so much when it came to her friendship with him. He was not going anywhere, and after all they'd gone through at Hogwarts together, some canceled hang out appointments would not make him give up on her. And he'd make the plans as many times as she needed until they could connect.

Which seemed to be today. He got the text from her with a picture at the coffee shop included, and sent a text back that he was already on his way and she didn't need to be sorry. Life happened, and he wasn't at all upset with her. The only thing the canceled plans made him feel was concern, but he also didn't want to pressure her to talk about things if she wasn't ready. It had always been his approach to let others talk in their own time.

Which he really hoped didn't come across as lack of affection.

Reaching Espresso Patronum himself, the former Ravenclaw pushed upon the door and removed his sunglasses and glanced first towards the counter to see if Noah's friend was working, before than scanning the tables. Spotting his friend, he gave her a warm smile and headed her direction. "Hey Ash. Did you notice if Minjae is working today?" He remained standing for a moment to give a second to see if she wanted a hug, which was their usual greeting.

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