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Merlin it would've been embarrassing if it wasn't Gabriel that she seen, oddly she made that mistake more times then she can count. As the result she hid her face in embarrassment and shame, before bolting out the door quickly not looking back. "I'm doing good, taking a break from studying and my load of homework.." Nodding she smiled softly. "Of course not, go ahead it's yours for the taking."

Yeah... she kept it pretty well hidden during her Hogwarts years, it was probably cause she had a feeling that she didn't stand a chance. After all there were tons of girls that were prettier then her and was a popular as her, but also overrated and popular in the wrong ways. She wasn't the one to party and drink, she never was and never will be. She doesn't understand how people become popular cause of the parties they throw.

She didn't mean to stare at him, it was just how she seen how much a person as changed since she last seen them she knew it was a bit strange and creepy. "It looks nice on you." Giving him a small smile she took a drink of her hot chocolate.

She always tended to ramble, a bad habit of hers that she needed to stop doing but didn't think it was possible. Indeed it did keep the conversation going, but she does tend to bore people easily though. " I understand, I wanted to get away from the campus for awhile and have some fun." Giving him a small shrug she replied. " I don't know yet, I been doing Herbology and Magical creatures seeing how I love them both but haven't decided on what I wanted to be. Yeah, I am closer to home and stuff, been feeling a bit home sick."
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