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Truth be told, fatherhood had made Ronan somewhat of a terrible friend. It wasn't that his affection for his people had lessened any since the first cheese wheel was born, but the more that ripened (so to speak), the tired and more reclusive the former Gryffindor became. At 8 now, thanks to the er... blessing of multiple sets of multiples, he was more a walking zombie than the energetic Loki variant that he used to be.

Though perhaps that was a good thing for most people around him.

But he also knew that continuing to close himself off from his prior close friendships and not make more effort, was going to isolate him and take even more of his personality away. So, he'd carved out some time, told Inkeri he'd be out for a bit, and opted to take two of the children with him so she wouldn't be entirely over run and reached out to Ly to see if she'd have any time. He was very pleased when it turned out she did, in fact. And he'd gone ahead and suggested bowling alley because he assumed that could keep his two, and hers if she brought them along, busy while the adults got a chance to catch up.

For once, it seemed like a well thought out plan really. Loading his crew into the alley, he picked a lane station post payment and propped them all down. "Alright, ground rules. We are polite to Aunt Lyra and play nicely if her kiddos come too. We do not leave this area," he drew a big box the lane, "and we do not make a giant mess. Got it?"

Brie had followed along after her Dad and younger brother, remaining silent as she surveyed the route they took as well as all the other shops within the vicinity. She was expecting bowling to get boring really quickly, and she was also betting on her ability to slip away unnoticed to find her own fun later. But for the time being, she'd try to let her Dad feel like he had things in control and the day would go without a hitch according to his plan. Although... After 7 years, she really would have expected him to know better by now.

Sitting down in the spot he had indicated, she scooted herself back and let her legs dangle, appearing to be the picture of innocence as she pretended to listen to the instructions and give a nod in agreement. "Okay, Daddy! Got it!" She glanced over at Roquefort too, but in his usual way he was simply giving his head a nod in silent agreement as he curled his legs up under him on his seat. How a McCarthy-Aesir was so timid would never make sense to her, and it took everything to not roll her eyes at her brother.

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