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Oh goodie…she wasn’t too disappointed in his refusal to take action with her request. Simon had a mixed bag of history with department heads and he much preferred when they didn’t have problems with him. Much easier to do his job when he had to worry about his presence being either forbidden or a chore to them. And with his return, it was a set of relationships he needed to continue to work on. Though her latest question could be a tad worrisome as well, making him wonder.

Was it better to warn the woman or hide the habit the Ministry had to make their lives more than a little interesting? The security man finally opting not to do his companion a disservice and tell the truth. Let her be prepared to make sure her employees were prepared and safe…or at least try to be. Less headache that way. “It would be easier to take note of when fiascos DIDN’T happen.” Sure, the kidnapping of ministry employees was on the more serious end of the spectrum and started the new year with a bang.

A bang he had had to be concerned as a negative on his division and his previous absence.

“Though thankfully not always quite so serious,” he assured her to soften the blow of concern. Not everything was like the war or the locking out of the ministry by chizpurfles.
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