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It took him a moment as the name was given to him, but then it clicked. Right…the environmental head, the security man having always done his best to keep apprised to the names of various persons with the Ministry, especially the department heads which he’d likely have interactions with during his rounds and other duties. It had been weirdest upon his return to fill in those who had left in his absence, though at least he had known of Victoria’s retirement.

“Simon Bennett,” he returned, before listening to her request. His gaze briefly flickering towards the other side of the office where the YATI resided with the aurors thinking on the missing man the MLE themselves were missing before focusing on the woman. He felt caught between a rock and a hard place. Torn between thinking that a boss looking into supporting her employees’ loved ones while they were captures was a touch gesture and wondering if he truly had the right to reveal such private information when she didn’t have it already. Perhaps done differently on other levels, MLE was one of those where next of kin knowledge unfortunately had purpose at times.

“I’m not sure I’m the one you want to talk to about that information,” Simon settled on. Which was true. He wasn’t one of those directly handling that situation. “I'm sorry...Mr. Bumble would be a better bet.” The man stumbling on adding the mister given just last names tended to be the norm of reference….first names if familiar.
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