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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Jude knew a bit about Holden’s siblings and wouldn’t mind getting to know about his wife and kids. Holden had an interesting life and it was the family oriented nature that made him the perfect Head of House for Hufflepuff. Jude honestly could not have been happier with the choice.

Scribbling away at his letter, the sixth year was aware of someone approaching but since he was under the impression that it was another Puff, he didn’t bother looking up. In any case, he was in the middle of telling the boyfriend about his time back at school without revealing the magical aspects and the words were just flowing. It was always like that with him whenever he was writing to Davet.

But hearing Holden’s voice, Jude finished up a sentence quickly to wave the man over. “Hi, Professor! I’ll accept that compliment still even if it’s not homework I’m busy with.” He thought briefly of the week’s homework sitting up in his dorm completely untouched. “Honestly, after all the studying last year, I don’t want to see homework and essays for a very long time.” His interest was piqued at the mention of mysteries. “What sort of mysteries? I mean, were there any specific type you stuck to?”

Jude shook his head. “It’s all yours! It's nice to see you visiting the Common Room, professor.”
Oh?” replied Holden as he arched an eyebrow in reply to Jude informing him that he wasn’t studying. “What are you scribbling furiously about then?” Consider Simon’s interest thoroughly piqued.

At Jude’s inquiry about mysteries, Simon smiled and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “A but of this and a bit of that. My best friend and I started a junior Wizarding detective consulting agency our third year that has continued still to present day. Our operations used to be the Treehouse here. We’d see students here and there. Topics ranging from grades to crushes to weird happenings to missing pets and more,” he chuckled. It had been a wild ride for sure but he had loved every minute of it. “We’d do it all. My favourite unsolved mystery has to do with one particular winter at hogwarts and Morgan Le Fay… I still am researching that one.” The ending had just felt too good to be true. There had to be more about it that he hadn’t considered in the equation.

I told myself I’d spend some more time down here. I’m used to the Slytherin Common Room. That’s where I spent most of my time when I studied here.” The Hufflepuffs had a nice common room. He thought the location to the Kitchens and the garden were nice additions….
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