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SPOILER!!: Sookie
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Sookie felt like she appeared as if she'd been licking her wounds since the Gala event, not having ventured much around the ministry. It was her first year as acting Head for the Department of Economical Regulation and an event under the sea turned into... a disaster. She had concluded it was not, in fact, better down where it was wetter.

The only defense she could give herself was that with the loss of some her staff at the event, there was a LOT to do to keep up with daily demands of the department, plus the additional research she had been trying to do into both brushing up on her language skills from the days of studied Mermish past. She'd been often popping into DIMC just to peruse if they had any books available for her to study further - should her assistance be needed further. Or at all.

In the mean time, she knew MLE in addition to the Minister's own offices were pertinent to information between the loved ones of the Mernapped and the ministry, and she was feeling the need to check on the families and figured this was the best place to do so. Heading towards where all of the desks where situated, Sook let her eyes roam before landing on a man sitting at his desk and heading his direction. "Good day!"

Good day!

The auror turned security man looked up at the greeting, almost expecting it to be for someone else. But the approaching woman’s attention was on him and there was only a limited presence in the office that wasn’t him. The aurors must all be out on all sorts of other duties.

It had been an alright day so far for him, but Simon wasn’t sure what her presence meant to whether or not it stayed that way. Department heads, even acting ones, didn’t exactly see him where he worked. It was usually the other way around, unless one was a friend. Or like the one visit from Mariel, something of a more personal nature that needed his help. “Good day,” he echoed, the security man doing his best to keep his suspicious mind at ease…for now.

“Can I do something for you?” he asked, placing the file he had been looking at closed and down upon the wooden surface of his desk.
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