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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Kevin had been back at work for the past couple of months after a pretty long break at ST.Mungo's. His Healer had advised him to spend at least 20 minutes every day doing some low impact exercises to get his strength back.

He wore a black tank top paired with black shorts as slowly climbed up the stair climber. Using the towel around his shoulders to brush away the sweat on his forehead, Kevin pushed the towel up a bit to hide the two puncture wounds on his neck. He had gone to several different Healers in the country to get rid of them but he had been told time and time again that they were permanent.

He pressed on the level difficulty button to put it higher and continued to climb.
Gabriel had a date. With the level two punching bag. He didn't get to pretend box as frequently as he did before, before YATI training had gotten quite so intense, but he liked to make time for it occasionally. He wanted to be sure that, down a wand, he could still take a criminal in a duel, if needed.

It was like learning to swim to prevent drowning.

He took note of another guy in the exercise room as he entered, smiling and nodding politely to the older fellow as he got himself situated in front of the punching bag. Punch...punch... He wondered if the guy on the stairs ever did boxing. Or why he'd choose stairs over something that Gabriel found much more exciting. He glanced over, weighing whether it would be rude to ask, and decided, yes, it would be.

"I'm Gabriel," he said instead, steadying the bag so it wouldn't swing back and hit him.
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