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SPOILER!!: greetings
Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Morgan wouldn't admit that he was excited for Herbology class because it was still class and who got excited for school? But he would admit that Herbology was one of his favorite classes and he wasn't dreading coming today. In fact, it looked like he was the first one down to the greenhouses. Huh. When did that ever happen?

"Sup, Professor?" Morgan greeted her cheerfully and went to find his usual seat. Do not touch...? Was she serious? Just the fact that he was told not to made him want to even more. He staaaared at the sign, then peeked up at the plant.
"Absolutely nothing and everything, Mr McCarthy" June replied with a beam before taking a sip of her tea. It wasn't even a lie. Because while everything seemed to be perfectly still, something was glaringly off at the same time. She just couldn't put her finger on it.

Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
"Good morning, Professor," Violet called out as she hurried into Herbology class, thinking she was late. But no, it looked like class hadn't even started yet. Storing her things under the table, she looked curiously at the potted plant that rested there. Reading the note next to it, she drew back the finger that had just been reaching towards the plant--oh, she hated signs that said "Don't do something," because that just made her want to do it that much more.
She wasn't late, not at all.

June smiled at the young girl - before very quickly assessing how distracted the Slytherin was. "I think you mean 'Afternoon', Miss Blackthorne. Morning is very much behind us" she chuckled.

Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
V enjoyed the professor, not the subject. But did she really enjoy school at all? So it was probably one of the lessons she least hated, but she WAS curious as to what Professor June was doing as she approached the greenhouse. So she didn't enter the greenhouse yet, but instead stopped right next to her.

"What are those?" she asked, gesturing to the roses. "Oh, they're so PRETTY, professor!" she squeaked with delight.
Look at that. Someone NOTICED.

"Oh, aren't they?? Color Changing Roses" June replied immediately before gesturing the girl closer. "Just as the name suggest, they change colors - the professors before me planted them - I am just doing my best to tend to them" It was therapeutic really.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
“Good afternoon, Professor,’’ Claudine greeted the busy woman. Um… were they going to annoy her with all the interruptions as she worked on those pretty roses? The girl knew that she would have been. Then again. Flamsteed wasn’t like that. “Those roses get prettier everyday, by the way.” And with that, Claudine slipped off to find herself a workstation.

Violet got a smile as she made her way to a station next to Morgan. They were distantly related, did he remember? In any case, she’d always liked him so… yeah. She was going to take a workstation right here. “Hi, Morgan.”

And hello there, potted plant.
"Afternoon, Miss Blaze. Mhm, they do." June smiled at the girl before turning back to Miss Gellar - in case she wanted to help with the roses.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe paused on her way into the greenhouse to admire the Professor's pretty roses. They were coming along so nicely, and she sort of wanted to stick her face into one of the bushes and take in the scent. She wasn't deterred by the thorns, but she was definitely not interested in getting in trouble with the professor for manhandling her flowers.

"Good day, Professor. The roses are beautiful." She dropped into a seat near Morgan and winked at him. "I know what you're thinking, and stifle those Gryffindor instincts."
"A very good day indeed, Miss James," June mused - all the while gently plucking out a few dead leaves from here and there.

Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa strolled into the classroom. Visits to the Greenhouses reminded her of the gardens back home. Herbology wasn't her favorite class, but she did always look forward to it.

"Hello Professor." she greeted as she passed. She then took a seat, leaning curiously toward the potted plant. Hello there either new friend or potential enemy.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa spotted the colour changing roses ans IMMEDIATELY thought of the time when Remy and her had tried to cut some. Oops. Diffindo had been the wrong choice of spell but luckily Noah’s super hyper sister (not Lisa- Scarlet) came to the rescue! And even if she’d been a bite rude about it, Lisa was VERY glad that they hadn’t cut all the flowers and destroyed them. Would have been a pity…

Anyway- the roses were beautiful. However, she wasn’t sure if that was what the lesson was going to be about because each of the workstations were set up without roses. It was a plotted plant in the middle of the table. She joined V’s table and gave her friend a smile. “Hey!” she greeted, hoping that what had happened in a previous class had been put to rest between the two of them. She really liked V after all- she just didn’t like the behaviour. That’s how her mother had coached her on how to phrase feedback like that… Lisa, of course, had been avoiding said conversation not because she didn’t like conflict but more because she didnt want to think of the next step after it.

Hi Professor!” she greeted before peering over the table to inspect the plant. “Is it… fragile or poisonous?
"Hello Hello" June greeted both the girls back distractedly as she pulled out a wild thorn digging into a branch next to it.

Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
He hated to admit it, but Max was bad at Herbology. That obviously made him dislike the class, though he did not let it show. After all, he believed in the 'fake it till you make it' mindset. If he pretended to like and excel in Herbology (even if he had to cheat), he would truly improve someday, right? And yeah no, he did not have to be told to not touch a mysterious plant. He couldn't fake interest in that and risk losing a limb.

"Hello, Professor," he said to Professor Flamsteed before heading to his work station.
JUUUST as she was done, another student walked in. Smiling at the young ravenclaw, June pulled off her gloves, "Hello, good day so far, Mr Young?"

Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Greenhouse Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Which one was that again? With the number of times he had been down here for class or otherwise, one would think that Atlas would have remembered what plants were in which but...alas.

"Afternoon!" He beamed at Auntie June as he entered only for his face fell towards one of despair as he saw the instructions NOT to touch the plant. Professors needed to stop putting big shiny red buttons in front of their students, did they know? At least he wasn't wearing a dinosaur outfit this time, although he was accompanied by his fellow t-rex to class.

Lamenting as he found a seat, the station just adjacent to the not-a-cry baby Slytherin and Lisa who both received small smiles, Atlas folded his arms on the table and set his chin on the back of his hands to just STARE at the plant. The staring did not last for too long though as he got his quill out and wiggled the feather end towards the plant. NOT touching it but rather wafting some air towards it..and maybe seeing if he could get it's attention? What did the plant DO?
Oh the nephews had also arrived. It was definitely time to begin the lesson. "Hello, Atlas" she smiled at the boy and his twin before eying the clock nearby.

Five more minutes?

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Another day, another class that Ash had almost skipped. She had started skipping classes when she wasn't in the mood for dealing with people. Herbology was one of the first to go. But she was here today. Congratulations.

She took a seat by herself. "Good morning." She was here and she had spoken. Nobody could expect much more than that.

Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy had skipped most of the way to the greenhouses, in good spirits this afternoon, especially after doing a little bit of studying earlier on in the morning. She was ready! Remy was excited to see the colour changing roses that Professor Flamsteed was tending to, although it brought back memories of when Scarlett Mordaunt showed her up in front of Lisa. Hopefully they weren’t learning the flip’n’swip - whatever charm today.

Upon entering greenhouse three, Remy spotted a few familiar faces which put a smile on her face. She smiled at Lisa, V, Atlas, and her newest friend, Ash. She paused and thought about who to sit beside, but decided that since Ash was sitting alone, she’d pick her. Remy smiled and said, “hey,” before shooting some longing looks at her other friends. Why did Ash choose to sit alone?

Good afternoon, Professor Flamsteed.” The Gryffindor greeted politely, setting her stuff in front of her.
June was hardly in the mood for grump. But fortunately, she was distracted enough to not notice Miss Fox's vibe, but she definitely did not notice her greeting though, "It's afternoon, Miss Fox. Hopefully you'll be more aware when the lesson begins" June chuckled before turning her head to look at Miss Gaeltheos walk in.

"Afternoon, Remy"
she greeted the girl and moved to the centre of the room.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
The first thing Heath noticed upon walking into Greenhouse Three was the color-changing roses, and he smiled to himself. He liked those flowers! They reminded him of a plant his brother used to have. Was that what they were doing today? He hoped so; that sounded like a really fun lesson! “Good afternoon, Professor Flamsteed,” he greeted, acknowledging the woman with a polite nod. “I like your roses.”

Dark eyes scanning the area, he spotted Claudine and beelined for a workstation near her. “Hi,” he said with a small smile. Oh, and hi to the two Gryffindors (Morgan & Phoebe) seated sort of nearish too! “Hey,” he added, nodding to each person in turn. As he arranged his supplies in front of him, he noticed the plant in the middle of the room. He eyed it with curiosity but made no move to touch it. He wasn’t stupid enough to touch something despite explicit instructions not to do so. That sign must be there for a reason!
Oh! One of the favourites had arrived. One more minute and June was deinitely starting this lesson. "Thank you, Mr Jones. Good of you to join us. Settle down quickly now"

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Plants! Dahlia had a slight spring in her step as she made her way into greenhouse three. Herbology always put a smile on her face. It was one of the classes that came easy to her, well her knowledge of plants came easily. The spell work.. not so much lately but she was doing her best.

"Good afternoon, Professor! The roses are looking beautiful today, are we going to be working with them?" Color changing roses were so pretty! Not to mesmerizing. She could sit and stare at them all day long. The other plant that sat nearby caught her eye as well but it didn't keep her attention for very long. Not yet anyhow.

Turns to find herself an empty seat and sits down, taking out her things for the lesson.
It was time, June decided. Just as Dahlia slipped inside - the herbology waved her wand to shut the door after her. "Just in time, Miss Donovan" she smiled at the girl before tapping her wand at the station in front of her to get everyone's attention.

Once everyone had settled in, June shut the door and moved behind her own station. "First and foremost, thank you for showing restrain - and not touching the plant ... just yet" The brunette chuckled - looking pointedly at the few gryffindors around, especially her own nephews. Was Aries trying to sniff the pot?


Ignoring the disaster-in-making for now, June began, "I promise - I won't stop you all for long. But before we get into that, answer me this, can you tell me about plants that are always difficult to handle - and what are the ways we can handle them?"

OOC: Thank you for being here, guys. First question up, will hopefully move the class along in 14-16 hours.

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