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For a long time, Natalie hadn't seen herself as a career-woman, but as of late she had become extremely grateful for the 8-hour shifts that kept her body and mind busy. She could just come to work and focus on each individual task at hand as they arose. She was especially grateful for that today. Her mind was busy with personal issues that she didn't care to deal with. And thankfully, there had been a lull in activity for the day with her normal job duties that she had a small break in time to spend in the greenhouse.

Natalie grabbed some greenhouse tools and hid herself in the back of the greenhouse, tending to some plants that looked like they needed some extra care. SHE needed some extra care, but, you know... taking care of plants was easier. So she pruned and weeded, very carefully, humming a light tune to herself and the plants - something she had often done over the years as a plant caretaker.

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