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Default CoMC Lesson 2: The Field Trip

Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 2

On a very gloomy and overcast Friday morning in January 2104, as a soft and moody mist seems to settle over the entire school, Professor William Williamson is up bright and early. He is stomping around the fenced-off Creatures classroom in an old dragonhide jacket (made from a dragon who passed of natural causes, of course), checking on what looks like little piles of rubbish everywhere, and occasionally stopping to sip from a stupid little teacup of black coffee. The teacup looks absurd in his large hand, but, ya know, they'd taken his Muggle thermos from him so what could he do.

"Once again, and I know I say this a lot, but don't touch anything," he growls at the students as they come in, eying them from behind the rim of his steaming cup. Now it becomes apparent that you should pick an old boot, broken broom, rusty tea kettle, or something similar and go stand by it. "Just gather in groups of four or so. Muggleborns THAT way though." He points grumpily to two pitchforks stuck in the ground in a pile of mud. How delightful.

Checking his watch, Williamson lets out an impatient sigh. Apparently he has to wait for his "chaperones" to get here before they begin.
Lesson Progression: