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Default lil bit behind but WE'RE OK. MINI-ACTIVITY TIME. Portkeying out.
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ooc: This is another one you'll wanna read all the way through first before you post, probably. sorry for the delay, life found a way, and uh, i had to save the Minjae reacs for the end for my own sanity. XOXO. thank you for playing!! i sincerely mean it!!

Williamson just had a bad feeling that something was about to happen today, and it could be because of the portkey timer about to activate, or whatever... it could also just be because hadn't something bad been happening in almost every lesson all year?

Hmmph. His grumpiness was both deepening and yet receding with the children's' responses. This day was TOO MUCH already.

Text Cut: All The Small Things
SPOILER!!: Boot Groop
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Cece didn’t talk to the members of her group much because the hooded scaries were here and she didn’t want to risk it. She did manage a faint smile, though. She also pulled Kinsay in for a side squish before she was so rudely asked to leave. Honestly? How was Cece supposed to look after her now? She’d have to do her best to do so from afar.

At least talking about dragons was a good distraction. How much did Cece KNOW about dragons? Well...maybe TOO much. Her mum talked a lot, did Williamson know? And dragons were one of her favorite subjects to talk about, too.

”Dragons hatch from eggs, Professor. They’re not able to fly or breathe fire straight away, but they’re considered, like, properly mature after only a few years of life. Not like people. Mum says some people aren’t mature even when they’re super old.”
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More students were joining those already gathered at the old boot. Most seem to be drawn because of Cecilia and mainly talked to her. Claudine couldn’t be more glad of this fact; or rather, the introvert in her was. Body language usually said a lot, right? Well, Claudine’s arms were now folded across her chest, and this body language said that she was uncomfortable, especially of the Hood standing at her chosen portkey. The sight of Heath did bring her some comfort and she suddenly wished that she were with him. Ohhh, thank goodness for Williamson. She was grateful that the group was split, even if it was for the sole reason that it was too big.

Still irritated about the initial crowd at the portkey and the Hood, her arms remained crossed over her chest. Remind her to never be at exactly the same spot where Cecilia Summers was. Popular people were not good for her health. Also, Claudine could not help but stare at Williamson. Merlin. She couldn’t remember a time Williamson ever was so grumpy.

Anyway. Dragons! How exciting! The Snakette took a deep breath as she willed herself to push all those negative emotions out of her. After all…dragons!

There were so many facts about them; which should Claudine volunteer? Her hand was up a short while later: “A dragon's first fiery breath would come along when its about six months old. There’s normally thick and grey smoke with it.”
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Listen, W, Aboli indeed was NOT to be trifled with today. In fact, she was about to complain about the fact that she was in Kinsay's portkey group when he sent her away, which was lovely, but then she could FEEEEEEL his irritation about the five people to a group thing, especially by his tone, and when she glanced sideways, she scoffed. "Last I learned, this equals four people, Professor," she said coolly, quirking an eyebrow. "It's okay. You're probably tired."

She shrugged an ATTITUDINAL shoulder at her as she turned to look at the old boot. It might have been a nice boot back in the day, much like Williamson. She supposed he was very handsome as a young man. Not that he wasn't handsome now, but Aboli didn't really like the whole "professors are hot" thing. It was weird. Her brain couldn't compute.

It was interesting to see him threaten Ashley Fox. Aboli for the LIFE OF HER could not understand the child's desire to die. Her own survival instincts...Merlin.

She slowly raised her hand. She resisted the urge to say that if she was lucky, one might MURDER her today before she had to attend anymore STUPID DA lessons, but alas, the hooded ones had arrived. "They're wild creatures. Some of my classmates might think they're safe to pet - which would NOT surprise me at this point - " a VERY judgmental glare in the direction of any first years she thought MIGHT just be that stupid "But I'd very much advise against that."

Oh good golly gosh. Aboli was in rare form today. Was it rare if it was all she was like lately, though?????

Also, the answer was easy. Aboli didn't have to think. She didn't feel like it today.
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona was thankful that the group had been reduced in size. Once Professor Williamson asked his draconic question, Fiona quickly put her hand up to answer.

"I think there was an incident occurring circa the late eighteenth century of a Muggle sailing vessel being carried by a Ukrainian Ironbelly."
"Great answer, er.... Cece." He responded to the first child, blinking a few times as he vaguely wondered if her answer was, in some kind of way, about him? hmm? He didn't have time to dwell on that thought, thankfully.

He nodded at Claudine next. "That's correct. If a dragon's not breathing fire by then, there may be a deeper issue there." And some of that was debatable as far as nature and nuture are concerned, so.

He opened his mouth to call on Aboli... and then promptly shut it. The sass! The nerve! And also the fact that she was right, he didn't know how to count, and that dragons were wild. Ultimately, Williamson just ended up shaking his head at her. "You are, of course, correct, Ms. Song." He shook his head to himself (conceal don't feel, etc.) and moved on.

"Fiona..." he started to reply to the Slytherin, about to ask her to elaborate on the story, but.... stopped himself, because of the hoodie-wearing idiots around here. He clenched his jaw instead, holding in his eager thoughts. " are correct. DRAGONS SHOULD BE FREE AT ALL TIMES TO GO WHEREVER THEY'D LIKE."

Was it too much? At least he was able to restrain himself from staring at the inquisitorial squad every time he gave a performance-based answer.

SPOILER!!: Tea Kettlers
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Camryn was not pleased when the evil hooded guys arrived, although she was not surprised. The momentary excitement that she had about the field trip was fading because of them. When Atlas joined her group, she gave him a tiny smile and said a quiet, “Hey”. And shortly thereafter, they became a group of four.

They weren’t going to get away without a question and the topic was dragons. Apparently they were going to have a chance to see some real dragons on their trip. While Camryn was very interested in that, she wasn’t too thrilled about the portkey part of the trip. Trying not to think about that, she raised her hand to tell something she knew about the creatures. “There are twelve uses of dragon’s blood.” Camryn wasn’t going to list all twelve, but she did share one. “One very important use is for potions.”
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Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait BREATH wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Dragons. Portkeys. Portkeys. Dragons. Portkeys TO dragons???

Atlas was suddenly NOT feeling so great about things, even if he did know that Professor Williamson was a renowned (...he WAS renowned, right?) dragonologist. Going anywhere that had dragons AND The Hoods™ was absolutely a one hundred for ten do not recommend. Do not pass GO, do not collect your galleons. Rather than answering, for now, the Gryffindor glanced around at his group...all first years. Maybe this was a bad idea. What if these portkeys ended up being their groups once they were thrown into the nest? Atlas had become pretty proficient with a Shield Charm and a handful of other spells, though none of the latter were any that would actually go any good when facing a dragon head on.

The only thing his mind swirled back to was that dragons had sharp teeth. Really sharp teeth. Sharp teeth and they were carnivorous creatures. Also there was the constellation Draco...which was among the special 48 constellations. Sharing that would not be particularly of use either. Should he just...go with his initial thought and mention sharp teeth and claws? Um...

Cue secondary option and, perhaps, even dumber an answer.

"Like...Like Nemesis said...they have thick hides...why...we use gloves made from their hides. Nothing else compares to it. Not just thick hides but...hides imbued with ancient magic and not even the most powerful of spells can penetrate..."

...did that mean they were going to collect hides and adorn themselves in them so that the Killing Curse couldn't harm them? There WERE pitchforks here so...well...were they dressing for rebellion? Was it WISE to do that when THOSE people were RIGHT OVER THERE?!

Also...did Nemesis have to mention ONE HIT WONDER so CASUALLY when talking about creatures and such? That was SO insensitive and rubbing salt in the wound about Mollywobbles. The whole incident. All of it. Atlas neck seemed to disappear between his shoulders and he reached up to tug the excess fabric around his ears bit, muffling the pathetic squeak of the murdered jarvey and the cries of Ferret Bueller mourning her.
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia was a little more than just happy when she found herself being joined by not one, not two but three of her fellow first years. Both Camryn and Atlas were given gentle little smiles. "Hello," she whispered softly in return to Atlas' greeting.

The feelings of worry and dread eased only a small amount with Tadhg's presence as he took his place at her side. She opened her mouth to greet him as well but his attention was elsewhere. Following his gaze she quickly realized what the problem was. She had seen it too but had been trying not to focus on it. Sighing softly she brushed the tips of her fingers against his hand hoping to catch his attention. Settle down Tad.

Seeing Quinn and Eden hugging when she happened to glance their way again made her smile. Housemates getting along was great. They all needed to stick together.

Before the lesson even got underway, they were being put into groups. Well, not put into them as they were already in groups but Lia watched a few of her peers get moved around. Luckily no one in her group had to move. She liked their little Tea Kettle group of all firsties.


Were they going to see dragons?! They had to be! Portkeys and a question about dragons. Yep. Dragons HAD to be the lessons topic! There was a very obvious look of sheer excitement that filled her bright blue eyes and she couldn't stop herself from nudging Tadhg and grinning at him. D R A G O N S!!!

Okay, okay. She had to simmer her excitement to a very small and hopefully subtle bouncing on her toes. Koen was studying and working with dragons when he wasn't traveling with his band. Hady sometimes got to deal with dragons too. So she knew quite a bit about these creatures. Raising her hand she waited to be called on. "The Swedish Short-Snout breaths fire that is a dazzling blue that can easily turn things like amber to ashes in mere seconds." Their scales were also a gorgeous blue as well.
Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Feeling Dahlia's finger brush against hand he calmed down a bit taking her hand squeezing it not letting go. He wanted to latch out and speak out so badly, this was wrong and anyone with eyes and cared knew that it was. Not letting go of her hand he smiled happily as the were learning about dragons, were they going to see them?! He knew quite a bit about them, papa told him alot about them.

Seeing Quinn and Eden hugging he smiled at the sight of them, they needed to stay together at this time. If the hooded creatures had a problem with him showing affection then they can curse him now, he's not letting go of Lia's hand. As for him smiling he didn't see anything wrong with it as well, so they can all get over themselves.

As Minjae was pushed back with a loud boom, he let out a small gasp. Quickly regaining himself, he bit his lip before raising his hand. " Females oust males from their territories, at least with the Antipodean Opaleye ones." He was extremely excited about learning about dragons and seeing them, he wonderd what kind they were seeing.
Twelve uses of dragon's blood. Sure. That was an easy answer, and he wasn't surprised a first year didn't know all twelve. Still, he was in a MOOD today, so he kind of just grunted at Cam's answer. "Right. Make sure you study all 12. You won't need it today, but I'm sure Varma will expect that from you soon. Wizards...we... gotta know things." He was mentally patting himself on the back for that one, even while he rubbed at his forehead with his left hand.

Then there was Atlas, who seemed to be... going through something, in this moment. He stared intently at the boy, as though cuing him to BE CAREFUL with his words, and then slowly nodded at his response. "Right. Dragon hides are tough, like us. Not as tough as wizards though. We... we can use dr----," he started to say, the lie catching in his throat, "--we can use d-dragons how we want. Let them be free. They--- they deserve it? WE deserve it. We're powerful. Purebloods. We shouldn't have to hide, like how dragons shouldn't have to hide."

There, yes. Atlas would hopefully see through that stuttery little speech which was purely for the inquisitorial squad and not at all meant as a secrety way to encourage the boy to be tough. Williamson also hated himself SO MUCH right now. SO. SO. MUCH. This was environmentalism at its WORST right now. HOW COULD HE LIVE A LIE?!

Thank Merlin Dahlia'sand Tadhg's answers were much more straightforward and more innocent. "Excellent," he replied simply, letting out a breath. "The different breeds of dragons all have different features. This is just one reason we have dragon reserves all over the world, to better work with the dragons who NATURALLY live, or naturally occur, in those areas. Well done, you three." The differences between kids of or around the same year were astounding sometimes. Some were so sweet and cute, and some, like Flamsteed, had clearly been through something.

Anyway, he was trying not to get caught up in his feelings again as he looked to the next group.

SPOILER!!: Broom Broom
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet had become rather interested in Magical Creatures over the past two terms, but she never much like any class that required her to get up and about early in the morning. She was standing near some other students, wishing the Professor wouldn't tell them not to touch anything because that always made her want to, looking at the various objects lying around on the ground, and trying not to yawn. Suddenly she realized Williamson had assigned them in groups to each object and she had been so preoccupied that she hadn't heard her name, so she just moved closer to the group nearest to her. Looking down, she saw their object was a flying broom--just her luck, she'd be glad if she never had to look at a broom again after her last class.
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
It was a good thing that Professor Jawline was breaking his own crockery, because Phoebe thought it was an appropriate punctuation to his abuse of the Muggleborns. She wasn't sure if he did it out of clumsiness, anger, or frustration at having to do all this berating of tiny children.

Phoebe kind of wanted to break a teacup herself.

She huddled closer to the kiddos around the broken broomstick and tried to be invisible. But, like, dragons? DRAGONS? It was hard to be invisible when such exciting news was so casually announced. "There are different breeds native to locales all over the world."
Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Ilya's eyes were on the portkey ugly thing, his stomach already preparing for the awful dance it was about to perform. Also, did everyone else notice how on edge WWW was? It was both funny and concerning. Professors were instinctively the support students usually looked for when things went tough. But these days, professors were stressed and it was obvious, it was nerve-racking thinking they couldn't be protected when it came down to it. Although Ilya wasn't entirely against the idea that the wizarding world may be superior and should have the upper hand over muggles, he was not 100% comfortable with the strictness and bloodiness the Alliance was marketing the cause with.


They were at a CoMC class, not a debate club. Ilya knew lots about dragons but the stomach-wrenching feeling limited him to only--"We use parts of them into our wands," he managed to say, trying so hard to hold down the toast and jam he had before class.
Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
Irithel observed the students who joined her by the broken broom. She did not want to judge her classmates, but yes she was judging, for her own safety. Ivy, Heath, Violet and Louise all seemed like sensible older kids that she could trust. Phoebe James, though! The one who upended a box of snakes the previous term and suffered a traumatising injury earlier this term in this very subject. Neither was her fault, but Irithel was still kinda scared of her. There were too many hooded figures surrounding them and she did not have a death wish. She gave a side-eye and hastily took a step away from the Gryffindor.

Preoccupied with her thoughts on self-preservation, she did not know how to react to the news that they were going to see dragons. First things first, how did she feel about dragons? They 1) had amazing powers and 2) did not look too creepy (she had many more criteria when judging magical creatures, these two were the most important), so she could say she felt okay about them. She had a bad feeling about this field trip though. Enough of internal monologue, she had to do what the professor said: hurry up and answer the question. "It's illegal to trade dragon eggs or breed dragons. Some people want to engage in such illicit practices for fun and for profit," she said after raising her hand.
Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Ivy was happy to have Heath, Violet, Phoebe, and Louise join her and Irithel by the old broken broom (though was their group too big now too? She didn't mind if it was), but much less so when the hooded figures showed up and joined too. It wasn't unexpected but still very unwelcome.

What was also unwelcome was the mention of dragons. Or not so much unwelcome as much as...concerning? Dragons were interesting but also dangerous, and the Ravenclaw wasn't sure how she felt about having to deal with both angry dragons and the hooded creep squad.

"One of the dragon breeds is the Common Welsh Green," she said, raising her hand. "Some think that one of them might've caused a really big fire in London hundreds of years ago." Also the heartstring in her wand was from a Welsh Green, so she was quite fond of them. But even that couldn't make her remember exact dates.

A sudden loud BANG startled her, and her eyes went wide when she saw that the Inquisitorial Squad had used a spell on Minjae.
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath was vaguely aware of more people joining the group, but he didn’t react to their presence. He didn’t want to draw attention from the hoods, and besides, the lesson was starting. They were going to see dragons today? He wasn’t sure whether to be intrigued or afraid. His uncle worked with dragons, so he’d grown up hearing quite a bit about them and lowkey wanted to meet one. But he didn’t trust the hood brood not to feed students to the dragons. Nope, he did not want to become a dragon’s dinner today! Heaths are friends, not food!

He tried to block out his worries to focus on the question, but before he could come up with anything original to say, a loud bang startled him. He visibly flinched, staring in horror as the hoods used a spell on Minjae. Asdfjkl!!! Was he okay? It was only when Heath saw him get up that he was able to look away and regain composure. What was the question again? Oh right, dragons…

He quickly raised his hand and said, “The Chinese Fireball is slightly less territorial than other dragons, at least toward its own kind. They’ve been known to share territory with up to two others.” Had that answer been said already? He had no idea! He was just trying to get an answer out before something else distracted him.
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Keeping a wary eye on the Inquisitorial Squad (could they never get through a class without that lot invading it?!), Violet raised her hand: "Dragons are snakelike creatures, but much larger, with scaly skin, four legs, spinal nodes along their backs, tails, and rows of teeth." Very large, dangerous teeth. "And there are mentions of dragons in almost all cultures around the world."
Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post

Did Louise LIKE being called by her first name instead of her last - and in this case being the ONLY one in the class who got such a privilege?

Yes, yes she did. It made her feel special.

The redhead nodded at Professor Williamson and broke away from the old boot to join the smaller group at the broken broom. Her eyes lingered on the hooded figure in that group for a moment before she turned her attention back to their professor.

Ooh, dragons? That was exciting. Louise knew that Uncle Willy Professor Williamson liked dragons, and she did too. She had even been to a dragon sanctuary before, but that was a long time ago - back when her mother worked in the Creatures department at the Ministry. Those were simpler days, weren't they?

Louise raised her hand. "There are ten known pure breeds of dragons," she said, after being called on. "Though I wouldn't be surprised if there were more that we just haven't discovered yet." But THAT was a fascinating subject for another time.
Williamson wasn't even COUNTING how many kids were in a group anymore. He'd given up on the math that quickly, yes. (But listen, he'd always been a hands-on learner, not-much-for-books type of guy. So was anyone actually surprised by this?)

"Phoebe, yes. Like I told someone else," he was nodding, bobbing his head in a weird Schmoe-like fashion (and what was up with that?), but, regardless, he was bobbing and blinking and starting to get misty-eyed at her response, "there's a lot to be said about the environment where these different breeds originated having some amount of influence on HOW their distinct biological differences evolved as well. I mean, you could think of it this way: the environment, or locale, as you called it, defines a template for the process of evolution, and then natural selection shapes organisms to fit that temp---"

She got him monologing again, didn't she?

He cut himself off and turned to the next member of her little group. Belmont, or whatever the lad's name was. "Yes." Oh, Merlin, this was a sad answer. William hoped his eyes didn't look too downcast. "We do." And.... and he could elaborate, but he might save that part for later. He looked pensieve for a moment, staring down at the ground, and then nodding. More on that later, yes, Belmont, yes.

Also, Irithel's answer had him caught up for a sec. "I mean, sure, dragon-egg breeding and trading is illegal but... SHOULD IT BE? SHOULDN'T WIZARDS BE ALLOWED TO DO WIZARDY THINGS without fear of STUPID LAWS?" He was shouting again, wasn't he? He looked away from the Ravenclaw with a small huff to himself.

"That theory is, I believe, accurate," he shrugged at Ivy. "We'll be seeing some Common Welsh Greens hopefully," he glanced at the cheap watch on his wrist, "in a minute." Or.... ten.

Okay, Violet, that was a lovely little description. Williamson normally would have smiled, but he was clearly still stressed. "Right, they look a bit like the cockatrice, some people would say." And those people were dumb, because dragons were CLEARLY superior to cockatrices. "But right, they're everywhere, in all cultures... even... s--stupid Muggle cultures.... because... dragons LIVE everywhere... and... thus.... should be allowed to live free. Everywhere. All at once." Right. Actually, he himself was starting to believe in this answer. Maybe if he said it enough, it might even come true?! And then all people and creatures could live together in harmony at the same time?!?!

Why was he like this. He had to get a grip. Had to, before they took off on the portkeys. He bob-nodded once more at his pseudo-niece. "You're absolutely correct, Louise." Of course she was. His little favorite niece, even though he had maybe some real nieces. Such a great kid.

SPOILER!!: Tyyyyyyyyyyre Dis-count-ers!
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Joy of joys. Bad time to point out they were generally never considered for taking on babysitting duties back home? It was unlikely to get them out of being in charge of Limpet and co, so Nem refrained. They did, however, slide back off the fence again, and took a half-step closer to the tyre. "Sorry, sir. Just needed a rest." And, for the record, every time. Weasley would have to tell them every single time. It was fun. "I'll watch over them like I would my own siblings."

Sure, sure.

Rent-a-Snitch had made it too, and this - or, more specifically their appearance (not surprising), and the way they were spaced throughout the class (also not surprising), combined with the obvious bit with the portkeys (actually surprising) - had suddenly piqued Nem's interest. Not enough, however, to make them miss Walter White all but slam-dunking that ridiculous tea cup into the ground. They coughed, more a clearing of the throat than anything, and said nothing more of it. So nice.

Portkeys for real then. Interesting, given they way they'd all been trapped within the school boundaries thus far, with no exceptions. Getting to the point though, Wilson could not have it both ways - he wanted to hear everything, but he wanted them to hurry. Tsk. Nem raised their hand to provide something, at least. "Dragonhide has incredible durability and resistance against spells, while not being too heavy or cumbersome, that's why it's used in gloves, wand holsters, boots, jackets-" Nem's eyes flicked towards the jacket Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was wearing at that moment. "-stuff like that. Not perfect protection or anything, but dragons generally aren't a one-hit-wonder, like most other creatures." This time, Nem glanced pointedly at one of the hooded figures flanking Wilbur, and then back again to the brachiosaurus (allegedly) in charge. "Know what I mean?"
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Kinsay found some comfort in being able to latch onto Cece.................. Until she was told to move.

If it weren't for the fact that she liked where she was being moved to, Kinsay would've given Professor WWW the biggest, saddest eyes EVER. As it was, however, she liked Nemesis Upstead. A lot. A lot, a lot. He was so nice to her always. And he was so good at magic. And she knew he'd protect her.

So she wasted no time in making her way over to him and even less time in smiling up at him (even though she didn't feel all too smiley these days). "Hi, Nem." Could he tell how excited she was to be in his group? Because it was a lot. A lot, a lot. She gave him a side-squish and almost didn't let go. As for the question on dragons, Kinsay knew LOTS about them. She knew lots of stuff about lots of stuff.

"Some wands are made with dragon heartstring cores. Mine is Swedish Short-Snout," incase Professor Williamson wanted to know. "They make it easy to learn spells and pack lots of raw power," she paused thoughtfully. That's what Mr. Victor had said. "Is that because dragons have the strongest magical qualities?" She asked, finally dropping her hand. Wait. Only a moment later did her hand go back up because also. "Does it hurt when wandmakers take their heartstrings?" Because Kinsay wasn't sure she liked that very much.
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SPOILER!!: Catchup + Old Tyre Club group? Or whichever is easier

Despite her best efforts, there was no getting away from the dank fog that had somehow seemed to infiltrate Hogwarts and it certainly was taking its toll on a certain Ravenclaw. Frown on her face, even in her favourite lesson, there was no good morning to the professor today. Nope. Instead, she simply made her way in and joined some of her fellow students. Stranger still, she didn’t even go and stand next to her twin, something that was somewhat her norm.

Instead, she simply stopped by the group of children next to the old tire

Doing her best to ignore the hooded figures, Ingrid locked her jaw in place and her eyes were set on Professor Williamson. As soon as he’d muttered the word dragons however, her eyes lit up and the tension in her face turned to that of wonder! Dragons!

Hand shooting straight up into the air, Ingrid paused somewhat impatiently as she waited for the other students to answer the question first before eventually answering. She couldn’t help but smile at all of the other children and grin as they spouted out fact after fact about the marvellous creatures. One of her favourites in fact!

“I want to work with dragons! was the first thing that came to the second year’s mind as she began to answer. “Or you know…keeping one as a pet would be seriously cool too although I guess that’s not really a good idea. Because of the whole untrainable thing”, her eyes now going to Minjae briefly, showing that she had been listening. “There are quite a few different types of breeds. My favourite is the Antipodean Opaleye. It’s so pretty”
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Whattttt!?!? Apollo hadn't really been paying attention to how many people were at the groups, but he just had been hyperfocused about there being someone familiar and older. But Williamson was booting him and Kinsay, Apollo frowned for a brief moment. It could have been worse. He could have been with the pitchfork crew, for instance. Uh ... what? Why was Ashley being yelled at?? Had he missed something?

Perhaps, but no matter, as the first year moved to join the older snake kid along with his fellow lions and listened to the professor. Dragons!!!!!!!!!! Was anyone paying attentioN!?!? They WERE GOING TO SEE REAL LIVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eyes widen with both excitement and maybe anxiousness, as he considered what he knew about dragons and what Grandpa Tanc had told him. That was such a broad question... like everything they knew about dragons?? So broad. Deciding to just pick one of the ones he hadn't heard mentioned (hopefully), Apollo figured going with that was probably the best solution. "The Peruvian Vipertooth is the smallest and fastest of dragon breeds. It's got short horns and venomous fangs that it uses to subdue its prey."
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Seriously? What was UP with Williamson? He knew that the whole situation in the castle was probably putting a huge burden on everyone, but he didn't have to take it out on them. Adam had been SO smart about this since the opening feast. He hadn't thrown ONE piece of garbage at anyone. SUCH restraint.

At least he was with Kinsay and his sister now, which was comforting. Although the older kid - what was their name again? Nemo? - didn't look all that thrilled to be stuck with the younger kids. He wanted to assure them that he'd be on his best behavior, honest! The lesson had moved on by the time he settled in, though, so he moved closer to Ingrid and gave her a smile before raising his hand.

He knew a LITTLE about dragons, they weren't his creature of choice but no one could deny that they were interesting. "ProFESSor..." YIKES. Did anyone catch that voice crack? Uh. Moving on. Shush. That didn't happen. "Charlie Weasley was well known for working with dragons and helped smuggle Hagrid's dragon, Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, out of Hogwarts before Hagrid got in trouble," he explained.
"No, they're NOT one-hit wonders, you're very right about that," Williamson replied, clearly buying into whatever Nem was selling, whilst also completely missing the secret dig about Mollywobbles. It was because he took this as a compliment that he missed the dig, didn't he?

Hang on. (It WOULD occur to him later what Upstead meant about one hit wonders, but not until much, muchmuchmuch later when he was alone in his hut nomming on a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich, some of the jelly falling out of the bread as he stared into space and something clicked into place.)

...but not to digress. Onto to James' answer, which made WWW wonder if Belmont the Ravenclaw boy was still listening? Hadn't he said something similar? THERE was the question about dragons and heartstrings, which was tugging at HIS heartstrings. He almost had to turn away, the old softie.

"Heartstrings SHOULD be harvested in as humane a way as possible," as in, after the dragon's naturally occurring death. Was this always the case throughout wizarding history? Obviously not. But that was honestly all he could say in this moment, as he felt himself getting choked up again. WHo was next. Someone save him with another answer.

Mer-lin, no! It was another cute kid. Dammit. "Yeah alright, those are cool, I guess, but not as cool as the Romanian Longhorn," Williamson mumble-grumbled in reply to Jones, though he also nodded to Apollo. "I do think the poisonous capabilities of some dragons should be celebrated and researched more. In fact----"

Nope, nope, not digressing again. They were on a time crunch today. He just nodded, briefly, to Luck. "Charlie Weasley, although, er," his eyes flicked toward the hooded gang and back again, "although he was a dirty blood traitor, he WAS, unarguably, a great dragonologist. Made many contributions to the field. COULDA made more, but was probably held back by his b--b-bias toward ugly Muggles."

He shrugged. This whole dumping-on-the-blood-status thing was getting to be... unbearable.

SPOILER!!: Muggleborns. Smh.
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With Quinn , Eden and Mamie joining him and Ashley at the pitchforks Minjae felt incredibly awkward right now. With the age difference between the other Muggleborns and himself he really felt like a baby-sitter at the moment. He vaguely wondered what had happened between Quinn and Eden for them to have such an emotional and rather adorable reunion when he heard the professor speak and his mouth dropped open in shock.

Woah woah WOAH! Language! PROFESSOR!

Minjae GLARED at the man as he began verbally attacking Ashley, even threatening her for what? For speaking? "That was uncalled for, Professor!" He said, still looking at the Professor with a fixed glare. Lately he had been standing up to injustice more and it was probably a stupid thing to do but he didn't care anymore. He was getting really tired of some of the staff treating them like vermin instead of standing up for them just because they were afraid of some tyrant.

Bunch of cowards. Everyone at this school, including himself.

The thought of seeing Dragons would have excited him on any other year, before the Alliance had taken control of the school but not now. Especially not when The Hoods suddenly appeared. His wand hand was twitching to do something incredibly stupid but he refrained himself. If he did anything, he would not only bring himself but also the younger ones in danger.

Anyways, Dragons. "They're a level 5 classification to the ministry of magic" he said. "Meaning they are known wizard killers that are impossible to train or domesticate. There are some people who work with them though, they're called dragonologists." of course he knew more but what was the point in repeating what others had already said.
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Could Quinn and Eden stop being wholesome and tearful until they weren't in danger? Actually, scratch that, they could all die at any moment. Also, why was the professor being a JERK today? She rolled her eyes and gave him an ironic thumbs up, internally cringing at Minjae standing up for her. Was he going to be killed in front of her.? She hoped not. "Some dragons are more dangerous than others, like the Hungarian Horntail or Norwegian Ridgeback. I like Antipodean Opaleyes though because they live in my area and look super cool. Also, a dragon attacked a beach full of muggles once, and this lady saved them...." She paused, looking at the hoodie squad. "...which was unfortunate. And she got an award or something, which was a .... ummm.... shame." Yeah. Nobody needed to get hurt right now. Not Ash, the kid who couldn't shut up. Not Minjae, the kid who was too brave. Not Eden or Quinn, the kids who cried and had reunions at the completely wrong time. Don't hurt us. Please.
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Mamie gladly stayed by the pitchforks and the other Muggleborns. She was a liiiittle concerned to be in a group with such talkative students, but Mamie herself would have been talkative, too. IF the circumstances had been different and they weren't being watched by the Hooded Squad.

And she didn't know much about dragons. But she did know they were in Muggle mythology, and Minjae had said they killed wizards and couldn't be trained, and Ashley's story about a dragon attacking little brain gears went a-chugging, as she tried to draw some conclusions since she hadn't read the textbook. Reading was hard, mkay? Her hand went up.

"Professor, dragons must cause a lot of problems with the Statute of Secrecy," she said. "Since they can't be trained, like Minjae said, and they are big and hard to hide." She paused for a moment, staring at one of the Squad people standing near Williamson. "Dragons shouldn't have to hide." Seeeee? She could humor both Williamson and Neo-Alliance ideals.
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Eden got out of the hug as quickly as she possibly could without looking horribly rude, but stayed close enough to Quinn for her shoulder to brush against his. She didn't want to draw the attention of the hoods or look like a giant emotional baby. She didn't blink at Ashley getting yelled at - Eden liked the second year, but the girl seemed to attract trouble like nobody's business. Even more than Eden herself did.

The first year almost didn't answer Williamson's question. Lately she'd been feeling more defeated than she ever had before when it came to learning - everything was so new to her and it was hard to focus in class when half the lessons were about how horrible her blood was. Her answers lacked confidence - what the heck did she know about all this mess?!

Anyway. The first year made eye contact with Scary-Buttery. "Dragons are very protective of their young."

Unlike the adults at this school.
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Luckily for the insufferable child who had a perpetual death wish (astrocat), the professor dealt with her before the Inquisitorial Squad's arrival. The Hufflepuff who dared to stand up for her (DuckyLinJi) was not as fortunate. A figure standing by the pile of mud stepped forward, wand in hand. A loud BANG followed a spell that would knock the stupid child backwards with a blow to his chest.

The only reason he didn't face worse was because the Neo-Alliance's plan required everyone to be alive for this event.

Another hooded figure hovered just behind the pair enjoying a sickening reunion (NiallNIP & Bryn). They were wise to break it up quickly, but still too close. The observer looming over them scribbled a short note on their parchment.
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Quinn wiped his eyes as he released Eden. He was grateful that they'd been able to patch things up for the time being. He took comfort in her being so close.

But that comfort was dashed when Minjae got knocked back by one of the Hoods. He jumped back, startled from the sudden attack, and he looked between the Hood and Minjae, several feet away. He couldn't do anything to help—that's why this happened to Minjae, after all... he was trying to help Ash. He could feel the presence of the Hoods behinf him, he could feel their eyes on him. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He heard them scribbling on parchment—what could he have done that was so important to write down?

He let out a shaky breath... best to participate in the lesson so there was no reason for him to be singled out by the Hoods. "U-um... there's many different kinds of dragons, all around the world. Most can breathe fire, some have horns or spikes," he said. Quinn didn't have much knowledge of dragons, but he needed to say something about them.
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Minjae knew that he was in trouble the moment one of the hooded figures stepped forward and pointed their wand at him. There was real fear in his eyes as he heard a loud bang followed by a sharp pain against chest as the spell hit him so hard that it knocked him backwards and he landed with his back against the pile of mud, slowly sliding down. It was a miracle he hadn't touched any of the portkey pitchforks.

He stayed there for a short moment, catching his breath as the wind had been knocked out of him. It HURT. But he also knew that he couldn’t stay down for too long. With a painful groan, the Hufflepuff pushed himself back up on his feet. His hands, the back of his school robe and back of head was covered in mud. ”I’m sorry” he apologized, hating how small his voice sounded. But for what was he sorry for? For standing up for someone? He would do it again in a heartbeat.But maybe not in front of any of Rosier’s Followers…. He knew he shouldn't have let his emotions control his actions. He realized he had been stupid and in the back of his mind he knew how lucky he had been.
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No no no noooo nonono nooooo. What had she done? Her actions were only supposed to hurt herself! And now Minjae was getting hurt for his actions that she had technically caused. She didn't dare help him up. But she did mutter softly, without looking, "Minjae, you ok, bro? I'm so sorry." Even though neither of them had done anything wrong. She wasn't arguing, she was just lightening the mood! He shouldn't have stood up for her. He shouldn't have! Although, a small smart of herself that she considered to be selfish and dumb was glad that someone had said something. She was painfully aware of her heartbeat in her ears. What was going to happen to them? All of them. This was the end, right? This was over. They could continue with the lesson. Right? Right?


Yeah, alright, Minjae, that really WAS uncalled for, and it really DID suck that he had to be so harsh. For the record, the professor was aware of his actions. He was also aware that he didn't HAVE to be so harsh, but that the circumstances of the times meant that... he was feeling the pressure and thus responding in a very negative manner. He couldn't even control his mood half the time these days. Fox definitely deserved better treatment. They all did. But now..., see, there were consequences for your actions. Immediate consequences these days. "See, Yoon, maybe you too just needed a lesson in learning not to talk back," he practically spat. Williamson simultaneously hated how easily those words came to him and also how much he was parroting his father. Hated. It. He'd be dealing with the guilt of this lesson later, when he was alone in his hut, eating a PB&J and sipping on a ginger ale...


He didn't even know how to address the Muggleborn answers at this point. They were all correct, of course. Bless them. He pinched his nose again and tried his best to sound monotone as he summarized their responses.

"Dragons are dangerous, what a novel concept. I was a dragonologist before I worked here," too much spit on that last syllable there, Willy, whups, "yeah yeah, Fox, you think you know it all, but you live HERE in Scotland now, so what DO you really know about opaleyes," he was practically ticking these roasts off on his fingers, wasn't he, with a completely deadpan, nearly snarling expression. Just so they knew, the only person he hated more than himself these days... was Rosier for bringing out this side of him. He did stare directly at Turov though for her answer. "Wow, someone was paying attention to and ripping off the other kids' answers. Amazing." No, really, ignore the tone, Mamie, and please see that he meant it. He was proud of her. He was proud of all of them, but especially the ones who didn't cause him to have to eat his croissants cold. "Yeah, Tilly, can you name an animal that ISN'T protective of their progeny? Genius, I tell ya. And really, Kingsley, ya ever hear of cracking open a book for something more specific sometime?" Actually, kid, how was he supposed to know everything after just half a year in this hellhole?

Then there was the apology from Minjae, and Williamson really just couldn't take it anymore. He turned away from the pitchfork group, shaking his head at though he were disappointed, but really the head shake was a warning for Fox to STOP BEING SO NICE TO HER FRIENDS. He was making eye contact purely with the ground at this point and really, truly, trying to contain his temper. He coldly snarled at Minjae, "Don't let me see it again or it'll be much worse." Take that one on more than one level, please.

Then his gaze BRIEFLY turned up to the Inquisitorial Squad as he nodded at them, his tone very, very neutral. "Thanks for the help with discipline. Where would I be without you? Guess we're going to have fun on this field trip." Absolutely. What a delight. A bucket of joy. Come back to Hogwarts, they said. We'll get together, they said. We'll have a few laughs.

Yeah, right.

And it was, really and properly, time to move on. Literally. Williamson didn't even need his watch to tell him the portkeys were activating and lighting up, even the pitchforks beside the poor Muggleborns.

"Look, kids," he cleared his throat, trying to tamp down that ever-growing gut feeling that something is wrong here, something is very wrong here. "Stay WITH YOUR GROUP at all times when we land in the dragon reserve. It's just in Wales, not that far away, so you should be FINE. I want you to look for CHARACTERISTICS of the dragons who live there, and consider--- c--c-consider making some observations when we get there. Look at their environment, go check out the young ones, go... go explore, but be careful, and stay in groups."

His gaze flicked towards the hooded gang once again. "Remember, dragons should be free." That was all he had to say about that. As for him? He had gone for Luck's abandoned bit of newspaper and assumed the stupid squad would pick their own portkey. Without further ado...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. They were gone from Hogwarts.

IMPORTANT OOC: The field trip continues in this thread. Feel free to post your exit here and arrival there (or just post there, whichever). Then feel free to begin exploring! You can stay with your group as commanded or... y'know, be one of those kids who doesn't follow directions and thus has to experience ~consequences~ Your choice. >:-)
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