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Pierson Fuller-Thompson

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Louise Bones
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January Bones
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Evangeline Shacklebolt-Toussaint
Law Enforcement
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There was an accident with the lifts and the memos... The lifts... were exploding with memos? The lift was.. broken? As January pieced all these bits of information together, she looked between the two employees a few times as they spoke, then looked down at the stack of memos the one of them set on her desk and then looked back up at the two of them.


"Well," January said after a bit of a pause, thinking about their first point of action. "Would you two be dolls and help gather them all together? I'll contact the Maintenance crew and have them take a look at the lift. Meanwhile let's see if we can't help these memos get along on their way." Delayed memos surely would stall things in all departments, wouldn't they?

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