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Had to admit, he didn't think so many of them would jump on the "run away and hide" wagon--especially not after the last term where many of them opted to run toward the source of danger. It had been a dark time for them all. These responses here almost gave him whiplash. Almost.

The man found it curious that none had opted for what he considered the most obvious most, behind running away with the optional screams as he was sure some where partial to. Very curious indeed but it meant the lesson would indeed be quite the surprise when he finally introduced it.

SPOILER!!: Replies in here
SPOILER!!: Vance
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

Cole had finished reading about lethifolds and was about to flip to another page when a shadow came over his book page. Looking up at his cousin he nodded and gestured. "No, of course not. Please sit. Did you enjoy herbology class Carys?" He wondered. He knew that Carsyn wouldn't be far behind so his hope of sitting with some manly company probably went up in flames. Oh well, maybe in the next class he could choose to sit down next to one of the guys in class. He didn't know that many very well so maybe he should take action and do something about that. After this class was over.

SPOILER!!: Headman Trent

Hearing Headmaster Trent's concerned question about his wellbeing made him remember the events of the previous night. Cole really wanted to forget the whole barfing episode, but he probably had to endure a few days of gleeful remarks from his peers still before something else became the talk of the halls. Looking up at the headman he nodded slowly. "Yes, headmaster Trent I feel much better today. Thank you for asking. Healer Beryl cured me fully of my ailment." He didn't want to say barfing. It'd just remind everyone else of his little spectacle and he didn't want that.

Soon enough thankfully Headmaster Trent closed the classroom door and got the lesson started asking them about effective ways or methods to employ if you we're being chased. Cole thought about his answer for a long while not wanting to be first. He eventually raised his hand though and said "If i was chased by a stranger then I'd find somewhere to hide from the stranger and then if they passed my hiding place then find help from someone in authority/security to aid me. Also a good way to shake someone off that is chasing you is running in circles and back and forth to make them loose track of you."

Malachi shot the Fourth Year a silent but cautionary glance when he proceeded to strike up conversation with his desk mates despite the lesson now beginning. He trusted the look would be enough of a "settle down, this isn't the time for idle chatter" but he'd become verbal if he needed to.

Still, the man was glad he was feeling better. No need to have any repeats of the previous night.

"I suppose depending on what or who's chasing you, that could be a viable option. You'd have to be certain whatever's chasing you doesn't have a keen sense of smell, however. If it did, I wouldn't count on it running past you and giving you the opportunity for a run around."

Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
No back alleys for her? "Of course not, Sir." The Headmaster didn't have to know she'd crossed her fingers behind her back when she said that, right? Because honestly, there was no way she could guarantee that she wouldn't be hanging out in any dark alleys this term. Which, actually, reminded her that maybe she should be looking for ones. So far she hadn't found one yet. Not really. Maybe she'd ask Cora for help.

ANYWAY, moving on for now.

'For now, pay no attention to the covered boxes.'

Lol, very funny, Headmaster. Shivvy's eyes were still trained on said covered box and the urge to peek under the cloth became more and more unbearable by the second. But she couldn't. Or maybe she could? Just a tiny little...

No, she had to stay strong. She was strong.

Sort of.

Placing her wand in her lap for now, Siobhán tried to focus on the lesson and the professor's questions for some much needed distraction. "I'd hide, probably. Or run. Fast. Depends on what was chasing me. Or who." Pause. "I mean maybe it's someone or something nice that's chasing me. Then I wouldn't try to evade them at all..."

Let it be known, he didn't trust the innocent denial for even a second. Gryffindors had a knack for agreeing then running off to do exactly what you asked them not to do just seconds later. It was a special talent of theirs. He would know, he'd had his own days running around in the scarlet and gold.

Malachi blinked at her response--not the part about running because that seemed perfectly in line, but the other part. "I don't suppose if it was someone...nice or a creature that meant no harm, it would be chasing you to begin with. Especially not a person that could effectively communicate that they'd like to have words with you without exerting much energy."

So please, do run if you weren't going to do anything else. "Running can prove useful." As she'd said.

SPOILER!!: Summers
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Cecelia wasn't sure what the headmaster meant when he said she was the third one of something, but she figured it MUST be good by the way he was looking at her. She stood up just a LITTLE straighter and grinned her toothy grin, nodding along to his question. "Sure can, Headmaster. Mum's always asking me to be a good influence on my little brother, so I'm SUPER capable of being a role model." It was practically her JOB.

Did Cecelia feel really cool sitting with two older boys? Why yes, yes she did! It was EXTREMELY beneficial 'cause it meant she could learn from what they ALREADY knew and maybe even make some friends in the process, especially the one that was in her house. He probably had all KINDS of tips and tricks for her ALREADY and they were just WAITING to be uncovered! "Hi Alexandre, 'm Cecelia, but you can call me Cece if you want!" The blonde offered both boys a smile and then added, "You can call me Cece, too." To the original boy. The one who was a lion like her. She didn't know HIS name just yet, but she would.

You know what Cecelia liked? Easy questions. She liked hard ones, too, 'cause they made her THINK, but the easy ones meant she could offer the first thing that came to mind and there was a GOOD chance it wasn't going to come out sounding TOO silly. That's what she hoped, anyway. "Bet you could evade someone by going into a big crowd of people, 'specially if you're small like me. You could hide from them that way and give yourself more time to put distance between you and them."

"I bet you are." He readily agreed to precious bean #3's statement. He could see her trying out the whole big sister role and making at least attempts at the good role model gig. It was all that enthusiasm.

"Yes, you could. Blending in with your surroundings, in this case a crowd, could provide you with enough of an opportunity to slip away. Crowds are particularly hard to move through, especially when you're bigger. Only thing would be if whatever was chasing you was what we like to call a "crowd splitter". By that I mean, something so large or so terrifying that everyone immediately moves out of the way, thereby reducing that crowd cover you were depending on."

People tended to jump out of the way when something terrifying was approaching.

SPOILER!!: Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine was quite happy to spend her time sketching... and alone. That is, until she was joined by a fellow first year and Slytherin. Great. Just great. Still, Claudine wasn’t exactly rude, even if the other girl had taken a seat without waiting for her to respond. “Hi, Gemma. I’ve seen you in our broom closet of a common room.’’ There was disapproval in her voice for the way the Slytherins were housed. “I’m Claudine.” It was at that moment she realised that Trent was speaking to her. He what? Why was he cramping her style like that? Was he really trying to stamp on her creative moment like that? Some professor he was. Wasn’t there enough time for her to get her materials for the lesson out? Claudine said nothing but her eyes bored into Trent’s before she closed the sketch pad and returned it to her bag. Since her head was down, she rolled her eyes so that the no- fun Headmaster could not see. Adults. They didn’t know how to have fun.

The Snakette now had all her necessary materials for the lesson on the desk. Door shutting seemed to be what all the Professors did when the class was starting and frankly, she agreed with them. Stragglers hardly deserved to be there. Now, she fixed Trent with her serious gaze as she listened. Without thinking too much on the question, her hand went up. “Running.’’

Trent nodded after she put the sketchpad away. This was Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Not regular Art class. There would be plenty of time for that once she left the room but very limited time while they were all here. He intended to see it put to good use.

"Yes. Running is perhaps the most straightforward way of avoiding your pursuer--provided you're the faster. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommended it." Not when there were more reliable means of staying safe in the face of danger.

SPOILER!!: Black
Originally Posted by malfoygrl View Post
Oh! Claudine was her name. Gemma couldn't agree more when her fellow first year was complaining about the broom closet they had been stuck in. "Still kinda hoping its all dream and we'll all wake up in a mist free Hogwarts." Gemma couldn't help but be curious about what was in Claudine's sketchbook. Maybe she'd ask her after class or something. Or was that too friendly without really knowing the girl?

She closed her book once Headmaster Trent started speaking. Why was everything suggesting running and hiding? This is Defense Against the Dark Arts, right? "We can use magic, right?" Oops. She had just blurted that out without thinking. She quickly put her hand in the air to recover. "I mean, running and hiding are all good measures to take but if you can throw in a few spells to stun the person or people you're running from than that's better... For example run away but look back to cast 'Stupefy' or 'Petrificus Totalus.' Sure it''ll be hard to hit the target while running but it's some defense."

"Very good point." And he was glad someone brought it up. "Running and hiding are good and fine but we are witches and wizards. We have magic at our disposal. When used correctly, it can be infinitely more useful than running." Sometimes, in tough situations, it was easy to forget that. When fight or flight kicked in, not everyone's first instinct was to pull their wands out.

"Stunning your pursuer can make all the difference in your get away."

SPOILER!!: Lindsay
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post

Naya was trying to figure out what the mysterious item on her table might be, when she was joined by another student. She was a fellow Gryffindor by the looks of things. That was good. The newbie was still trying to meet more of her housemates and classmates in general. Apparently this girl didn’t mince any words. With a chuckle, she said, “Hello to you too.” “I’m Naya......and who might you be?”

Ahh, but it was time for class to begin. Naya turned her attention to the Headmaster/Professor. The first assignment would be difficult. Pay no attention to the boxes. That was not easy for someone who was naturally curious. For now though, Naya tried to focus on the question that was being presented. How to evade someone or something chasing you. Well to her, the answer would depend on a number of factors. Was she being chased by a someone or a something? Someones could think, plan and change their plan based on your response. Somethings were all about catching their prey, no matter what. Was she a fourth year or a fully grown witch with lots of experience? Ok maybe she was overthinking things.

After giving the question a little more thought, Naya raised her hand. “Well if it happened to me today, I would probably try to hide. But......if I was a more accomplished witch, I would use a spell to conceal myself more effectively. Maybe I could use a spell that would make the chaser think he was seeing something other than me.”. Was that even a thing? Well if it wasn’t, it should be.

"That's an interesting way of going about it." Malachi admitted. Again, he was...intrigued by the fact no one have mentioned what he'd had in mind but this was actually another solution of the magical sort that could prove beneficial depending on its execution.

"I imagine you mean an illusion charm of sorts, something to change your appearance or the environment around you just enough to deceive whoever or whatever wants to get their hands on you." It could work.

SPOILER!!: Meriwether
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Anna had to refrain from pulling a face when the Headmaster asked her if she was 'alright'. "No." She said plainly, simply shrugging instead. "But I'll survive. Thanks for asking." She added not in a nasty tone, but not in a particularly warm one either.

As for his question, she couldn't help but raise one eyebrow and inhale deeply as lots of her classmates kept repeating 'running' and 'hiding'. Really? Hiding was okay, but how was just running going to evade a pursuer? Unless they had taken a stamina Potion that would keep them going for much longer than a normal person. "Knockback Jinx," was her short and sweet answer.


Of course.

He supposed he'd expected that response. It would take some time for any of them to really be anything resembling "alright". Rather than pursue that any further, the Headmaster simply nodded at her latter response. "The knockback jinx could give you some additional time to put some distance between you and whoever, yes. Good." He wouldn't pry.

SPOILER!!: Toussaint
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Alessandro raised his hand and offered, "If you're seventeen, you could apparate, sir." He knew that tactic did not apply to most of the people in this room. However, Al wasn't exactly certain most eleven year olds were going to be chased by attackers. They weren't Harry Potter. And if these eleven year olds were being attacked, it was far more likely they would be pursued by someone their own age, which, in that case, was a sound reason to get all kids trained in combat.

Durmstrang had the right of it.

Not like the French with all of their useless art programs.

The Toussaint had some other ideas about how to engage with an attacker, but that list did not feel relevant to this lesson.

"That would certainly put a quick and definitive end to things, yes." A practical answer from a practical boy. Malachi couldn't even pretend to be surprised that this was the answer Toussaint had come up with. It was decidedly rather fitting.

SPOILER!!: Dakest
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
Text Cut: pre-start of class stuff pls don't hate me Dani
Lucas's thoughts about being his own group didn't last long because soon enough, he was joined by a talkative - and very energetic, mind you - first year (Cecelia). He....... wasn't prepared for this? What was he supposed to do if something terrible happened? Was he supposed to PROTECT her? Did this mean he had RESPONSIBILITY????

Oh Merlin. Oh no oh no.

He was NOT cut out for this.

But all thoughts about that drifted away once she started talking about what's in the box and how she thought it might be something cool. Uh. No. He wasn't breaking a first year's heart. He thought it was going to be something scary or, at the very least, disgusting. Whatever was on the agenda for today's lesson, breaking a first year's heart wasn't up there.

"I bet it is. I bet it's something extra exciting otherwise it wouldn't be hidden." He wasn't sure what he would say if Trent's plans for the lesson turned out to be something less than cool in the girl's opinion but his mouth was talking and his brain was....... not thinking. " OR, I bet it's something we have to solve, or defeat, together. As a team." She didn't have to know that he wasn't, uh, the best at this subject. That was all Emma.

Lucas was relieved when someone else joined their table, someone who turned out to be a familiar face. "Hey, Alexandre! Yeah, of course. Spot's all clear." Smile. Could he tell he was relieved? Because he was. Even if Alexandre was still younger than him and that still left him the oldest and definitely the most responsible.

He hadn't signed up for this.

Cece. Her name was Cece. "Welcome to Gryffindor! I'm Lucas." There was a smile for her, too. And one for Holly who'd walked on by.

Light fun?!

Lucas's attention found Trent when he started speaking and he...... stared. Light fun. Light fun. Was he supposed to believe that? He wasn't sure. That was the problem with Trent: the man was a mystery, even if he had a way of making you feel comfortable in even the most dangerous of situations. But it was a slight relief to hear that they wouldn't be doing anything dangerous. He was going to believe you on that, Trent.

How would he evade someone that was chasing him? Easy. Trent probably expected this answer and he was going to make sure he going to stick to that. The only problem? A lot of people had mentioned running and hiding, which meant that he probably couldn't say it, right? Yeah? But it also meant that his usual option for a situation like this was probably the best option. He hoped.

His hand went up in the air. "Well, I mean, running and hiding is an option, yeah?" His usual answer for everything. "If you had time," Which was a BIG IF. "could you use the Disillusionment Charm on yourself? You know, appear to almost disappear. Throw them off your track completely while hiding in plain sight?"

Consider him pleasantly surprised that Dakest's answer didn't end at the hiding part. It wasn't that he didn't think the boy had potential, but rather that he knew how he preferred to keep safe. No need to stand and cast when you could make a speedy get away otherwise unscathed.

"You could. Again, it would depend on what's chasing you and their special abilities. A dark wizard who suspects as much may cast a revealing charm while another may continue hopelessly looking. A creature with a superior sense of smell would be able to tell that you haven't really gone anywhere at all. It's important to always weigh the situation."

Know when what tactics would prove most useful. That sort of thing.

SPOILER!!: Tamesis
Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
As Holly tried to get comfortable, she watched one girl read and the other girl draw and wondered if she maybe should have just sat somewhere else… but no bother, class would be starting soon. Her gaze pulled away from the first year’s to look around the room - she noted that smile, Lucas - and caught the look that the Headmaster was giving her.

….. What ha- Oh. Whoops.

Looking slightly embarrassed, she made a ‘sorry’ face and mouthed ‘Hi, Headmaster back at him, not as loud as she would have spoken to him if she’d said it as she’d walked into the room - but loud enough that he should have been able to hear her. Especially since he’d been looking in her direction. Whoops. Where had her manners gone? Had they disappeared over Summer? >.> Apparently.

Looking at the two girls [Claudine & Gemma] as they mentioned their broom closet, she gave them both a smile. “Think about it this way, at least we don’t need to try and decipher the other languages to figure out if they are talking about us behind our backs.” Personally, Holly was glad to not be sharing. She’d have been incredibly paranoid before the year was out.

As others started to speak up first, she looked over at the two girls on her table as they both gave their responses. While running wasn’t something she’d like to say she’d do now that she was a bit older, three years ago it definitely would have been her answer. That, or get Cameron. That could even still be an option now.. However, she nodded almost to herself at the idea of stupefying or body-locking whoever was trying to chase you.

Her own hand raised as she continued that thought in her head. “Professor, continuing Gemma’s thread of thought, something to impede their movement like incarcerous or even a jelly-legs jinx? Anything that would stop them from chasing you.” She asked, lowering her own hand as she went back to taking notes from everyone’s suggestions.

And she was still looking at that covered box.

That was better. Malachi nodded his return greeting to the young Slytherin, not dwelling on it for too long. Mistakes happened and Tamesis wasn't one of the problem children by any means.

"Excellent. Yes." This drifted close to what he himself had in mind for this lesson. "Preventing--stopping as it were--your pursuers is one of the most successful ways to end a pursuit." But that went without saying. If they stopped then they were no longer a threat to you. "Good one."

SPOILER!!: Sinclair
Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
SPOILER!!: before class started

"Nice to meet you, Alex," Avalon replied with a smile. She always liked to meet new classmates, especially in such an unfamiliar environment. "How were your summer holidays?" What she would give for it to be summer again. She was glad to be back learning magic, but she was a bit uncomfortable in her new surroundings. Not to mention the fact that she was already immensely sleep deprived.

She gave Analiese a friendly wave. "Hey Analiese!" she said, stifling a yawn. Adjusting to her sleeping arrangements in the Ombrelune Common Room was probably the most difficult part of coming to Beauxbatons so far. She had gotten quite used to her accommodations at Hogwarts, and it was always odd to be in new surroundings. The unfamiliarity was definitely taking a toll on her energy level.

Avalon's head snapped up as soon as Headmaster Trent slammed the classroom door. She knew that was how he signaled the beginning of the lesson, but the noise startled her nonetheless. She supposed that she would have to catch up with Analiese and get to know Alex more after class. At least the Headmaster was starting out with a relatively simple question. The second year raised her hand. "I would just want to be faster than whatever it was that was chasing me. So if the person running after me was on foot, I would try to find a way to fly or speed up somehow." But how likely was it that she would be able to find a broom mid-chase? Perhaps she could use some sort of acceleration charm. But she didn't know any yet. "I also agree that stunning the chaser could be helpful." Not that she knew any stunning spells yet, either.

"There's a muggle joke that goes along those lines." It came to his mind the moment she mentioned being faster than whatever may have been chasing her. Did Sinclair know the joke? It was quite a good chuckle if she didn't. Perhaps he'd tell it to her later. For now, it was defense class.

"Stunning would prove effective, yes. It would certainly make the get away easier."

SPOILER!!: Anderson
Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Analiese jumped as Headmaster Trent slammed the door. She knew it indicated that the lesson had started as she had gotten used to it, but it was still surprising if you were taken off guard. She heard his question and raised her hand. "You can distract them by throwing something at them." She was actually going to say 'at their face' instead of 'at them', but didn't because it sounded too specific. And she wasn't exactly sure why any of them would be likely to get chased. Unless... Never mind. That idea was way too stupid to be true. She was way too much of an overthinker.

Throwing things was another he hadn't been expecting.

"I...suppose....yes. If it was heavy enough to harm or otherwise hinder them." It would have to be something of a notable size to be sure. Which led him to believe she'd have to use magic to hurl it, but if she was willing to use magic to do that, she could've used it to do something a bit more reliable.

Something to think about.

SPOILER!!: James
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
When she was referring to aura of mystery, Phoebe specifically meant the MYSTERY of the boxes, but she had to admit that the professor was pretty mysterious himself. He needed an eye patch to really pull it off, though.

Speaking of... Phoebe raised her hand. "Disguises, sir. Fake mustaches, capes, eye patches, maybe a good floppy hat."




"...Promise me you'll use proper stealth and disguise if you ever decide that's the way you want to evade your pursuers." Just...please.

Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
She was here. And on time. Just before the door had closed and locked, thank you very much. Seated with Carys and Cole, of course. She was still getting used to the locations of classes and such. If it was Hogwarts, she could have made it to classes in five minutes or less, but even though Beauxbatons was a much smaller castle it seemed as if there were way more corridors and such. Or maybe it was just her attention span and wanting to explore it all. Vast contrast to a month ago when she was legitimately freaking out going to a new castle. But have you SEEN the French and Spanish boys?!? Seriously, it was as if they'd been artistically crafted as much as the tapestries on the wall.

Carsyn paid no mind to the Headmaster's introduction because she was well aware of who he was and what he taught. Her mind and gaze did wander to the covered boxes because of course. Listen, you tell someone to NOT pay attention to something, it's a natural human reflex to want to pay attention to it. It wasn't her fault. Her attention did snap back to the Headmaster when mentioned an easy question, to which most people seemed to suggest hiding.

Interesting and yet ... Carsyn raised her hand, "Hiding would be expected. Wouldn't you want to go for the unexpected? What I mean is that perhaps coming to a halt quite suddenly. Take quick turns. Summon a broom. Turn around and cast them with a stunning charm to slow them down or a tripping jinx." Okay, that was a lot of thoughts, but offensive tactics to employ seemed plausible.

That sounded like quite a convoluted way of evading someone or something but the man imagined she was going on the basis of someone tremendously difficult to avoid. "Tripping or otherwise stunning may be all you need depending on what's chasing you, followed up by the broom for a speedy escape or apparition as Toussaint mentioned, should you be of age." Adding quick stops and sharp turns then became less of a long as the stuns were done right.

SPOILER!!: Kaiser
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Oh, hm? That was interesting. Kaiser was naturally curious about Trent's probably-not-a-mere-request, but his expression remained the same. Not that he was trying to hide it or anything, he just... wasn't all that capable of looking anything other than tired right now.

"I will be there," he replied, not a trace of worry in his voice. It would not have made sense to be worried when he knew he had broken no rules yet, at least not since term had started. There was a pause, before he remembered to tack on the, "... Sir."

Kaiser knew that, sooner or later, someone would join him at his table, and it wasn't such a long time before he was proved right. He didn't really expect that someone to be Alessandro, not without Kodee or Gunnar or someone like that already present too. But Alessandro it was, and he received a brief glance for his trouble. Kaiser could also appreciate silence.

He also just about caught the nod from fellow Slytherin, Holly, who was a few years below him, and returned it only slightly distractedly.

The slamming of the classroom door to indicate the start of class was something Kaiser was, by now, extremely used to. Though he absolutely detested being locked inside a room, he knew better than to show that particular weakness. Kaiser didn't even bother looking towards the door, instead focusing his attention on Trent again.

Okay, well, see? SEE? Questions like that were exactly the reason Kaiser tended to do well in this subject. It was just the sort of stuff he knew. Not that he'd, you know, lived certain aspects of it or anything. No, certainly not.

His hand went up. "I would..." Ah... well, yes, he had to be careful here. It wouldn't do to give his methods away to everyone in the room, would it? Just in case. "... climb." He left it at that.

In the context of fleeing a pursuer, giving this information away to Trent wasn't such a big deal. However, if the man realised one of his students had a propensity for climbing, and scaled school buildings on a sometimes daily (or nightly) basis, that... might not have such a good outcome, even if it wasn't technically against any rules (Kaiser didn't actually know if it was or not, he deliberately hadn't looked into it). Trent might even already know - Kodee knew, and that boy certainly had a way of talking without thinking to anyone who crossed his path, so was it really such a stretch to think the topic might have come up with the Headmaster one day? Kaiser would rather not risk it.

Anyway, he didn't need Trent to tell him if his answer was correct or not. He knew. He knew it worked. You just had to be good at it.

"Good." He would be there. They could figure things out together and find a way to make it work. If they were quick enough, the boy wouldn't even have to be held back. How had it been missed before??

Wait what?

Malachi was still semi spiralling over the boy's future when he heard him say something about...climbing. "That we'll need to have a word about as well." He'd heard things, things he wasn't willing to believe and honestly had half wished he'd never known just so he could get away with plausible deniability. Remedial lessons with Chosen made it hard for the man to plead plausible deniability with a LOT of things.

The kid was getting better at it but, on an off day, forget it.

SPOILER!!: Jenovick
Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Fiona was struggling as she heard the others give their answers. She shrugged her shoulders and raised her hand to answer. "Er..what's it called? The Smokescreen spell, I think. You could cast it then apparate."

"That's a good strategy, yes." Distract then remove yourself from the situation. It was a sound way to avoid someone that wanted to get their hands on you...or something with big teeth. You never really knew when it came to the magical world.

SPOILER!!: Pepperwood
Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Either is fine. Abra nodded. It made sense to her to call him Professor inside class, and Headmaster outside of class. And if he was okay with that, then that was what she would do. As class started in a manner that Abra more or less expected, she was not expecting the locking of the door. Well, that just meant she couldn't be late. Or... well, perhaps she would just turn around and study in the library rather than face his wrath.

The question led immediately to the thought of hiding, finding someplace to squeeze into whilst the thing chasing her headed on, or disguise herself as something else. Something bigger and bullier. But they were already being spoken about by most of the class. What else would she do? Raising her hand she said "Professor perhaps if I were older and had a Phoenix I could summon it to come to me and then we could both disappear." Abra loved animals, and really wanted a Phoenix. But also, having a companion with her would be comforting.

This one gave him pause and caused his brows to furry slightly. "Well....yes you could....but what would you do while you waited for your phoenix to get there? Depending on distance and other factors, you'd still very much be at the mercy of whatever was chasing you." And if the phoenix took too long there was no guarantee of a happy ending.

Not something he wanted to think about. He'd lost enough students to last him a lifetime, thanks.

SPOILER!!: Njordson
Originally Posted by Freyr View Post

Freyr was struck with the question. He thought with all the things he would learn in this lesson, he would not have to run from any opponent. Sitting in his seat thinking about the question and trying to keep his mind from wondering more what was in the box, Freyr thought that he could combine those tricks he once saw in a Muggle spy movie with magic.

So he raised his hand and said "I would try to put the person or thing of its stride. I would disguise appropriately with the environment, if I cannot I would try to create sources somehow that will make sound from different directions so that the thing chasing me would not know which direction I went. If I know on which sense my pursuer rely on the most, I would try to create distraction aimed to that sense as much as possible."

Freyr felt like his answer was a workaround but he thought considering how little he knew, it was enough.

"What you're describing closely resembles what some of your classmates have mentioned. Illusion charms or disillusionment charms are both good ways to blend in with the surroundings or at the very least make it difficult for you to be spotted...depending on the sense most heavily relied upon as you've mentioned." If properly executed, it was very much a plausible solution.

"Very good, everyone. As you've all mentioned, there are many ways you can evade someone who is chasing you. Charms to blend in, removing yourself entirely, slowing or stopping whatever it is, running and hiding as well." Some were likely to be more effective than others but he trusted they'd gotten as much from the small discussion just now.

"Today, we'll be looking into one of these methods, specifically into slowing down or stopping your pursuer. I've heard the knockback jinx, incarcerous and others but today we'll be looking at the stickfast hex "colloshoo". For those of you who don't know, this spell will cause your opponent's feet to become stuck to the ground or whatever other surface they happen to be standing on. Many think to use it offensively in duels, however not many stop to focus on it's defensive qualities. In a pinch, it can put a real stopper on the other guy."

Hexes weren't just for when you were hammering spells to overwhelm and win.

"An advantage is it's simplicity. We all know that the more difficult a spell, the harder it is to cast and the more power and concentration it requires. Make no mistake, you still need these for this spell to work and the more you put in, the more effective it will be, but on its own, the spell is not such a difficult one to pull for in a pinch. Note, however, that there are other, better spells depending on the size and strength of your opponents. You wouldn't use this spell on...say...a nundu." No, he fully expected them to get the fudge out of dodge under those circumstances. "It's a safer bet on people and smaller things once done correctly." He couldn't stress that enough. In the curriculum, they were required to learn a prescribed list of spells. It didn't mean that they all worked in all situations or that they were equal. It was crucial that they learned to categorize them.

"Today, we'll get some practice in on it. You may remove your cloths." Once they did, they would find....BUNNIES! 6 Bunnies per box, a different colour for each table. "Everyone up." He waited for them to do as they were told before vanishing their seats. With each cage levitated, he then vanished the desks. All around them slides, steps, swings, ladders, little holes in the wall that had intricate chasms, they all appeared. It somewhat resembled an obstacle course however they would not be running it. "When I release these rabbits, you'll have to work together to catch them and put them back in your group's cage. They're faster and slipperier than you'd think. Try to stick them in place long enough to get your hands on them." Sounded easy enough, yeah?

Just to be on the safe side, he demonstrated the wand movement a few times and repeated the incantation. "Give it a go. Only the rabbits with the colour of your table."

And with that, each cage was opened and all the rabbits burst free in swarms, sprinting about until all the colours mixed in a swirl of chaos and fluffiness.

OOC: Welcome to the mini activity everyone! In your groups, you'll have to chase down the rabbits that belong to your group and get them back into their cages. You may delegate as you please within the group or jump right in. These rabbits have been charmed to be super fast so it wouldn't be unusual for a few spells to miss or go astray (whoops). You'll have until Tuesday morning (about 48 hours from now) before I post up the second question and you don't have to wait for me to post the rabbits. Those are all yours to control and get into funny little messes or ace as you please. Get creative and have fun! ^^
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