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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Zander Adair was one of those employees who had to skip breakfast in order to be on time. While 9 AM wasn't the earliest call time (thank you, January), he had arrived at the Ministry much earlier to familiarize himself with the nursery. There was so much he wanted to do already. Of course he couldn't reorganize the room the way he wanted all in one morning, but he did want to do a quick run through of the activities he had planned for the first day.

In fact, he had been so immersed in the nuances of his position, that he had only hardly registered his watch's alarm when it sounded. Despite this he had managed to arrive to the conference room with plenty of time to spare and was unsurprised to see that he was the first arrival after his Department Head.

He needed to make a good impression, y'know? Maybe one day he'd want to be promoted to the fancy, supervisor position and he needed to maintain a good reputation for that. Not that his current position was any less wanted. He was incredibly excited (read: incredibly nervous), but the pay wasn't exactly up to par with his last paycheck from Games and Sports.

"'Morning," he smiled goofily and made his way inside. "My watch must be a few minutes ahead," he laughed sheepishly, looking around the room.... Though, it wasn't his watch that got him here before everyone else. It was the paranoia, probably.

Looking up from her notes, January caught eye of the first employee to arrive and she was glad to find that it was Zander, her new personal favorite employee that she would never admit to to anyone but herself. He was just adorable and he wanted to work with children and he had a heart of gold and she wanted to adopt him.

She gave him a warm smile and glanced at the clock. "You're right on time." At least for her standards. If you were on time, you were late. If you were early, you were on time.

"Lovely to see you." By the way.

Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Brodie came in with a cup of tea, and glanced up, "Good morning." He gave a small wave before sitting down glancing around, clearly somewhat nervous. Needless to say he hadn't been the most attentive worker as of late... but who could really blame him? Between his wife, having one child at Hogwarts and another eight at home, his life was kinda filled at the moment.

But that was beside the point, he knew he needed to focus more and pay more attention to work before they got tired of him constantly being late... but he was here a bit early! He really was trying to improve and be more involved in his work place and this seemed like a good first step. He took one of the other seats and glanced at the two others in the room with his usual friendly smile.
Zander was, unfortunately the only one that was early. Another employee came just in time, to which she returned his greeting with a nod. "Good morning. Welcome back." He looked a bit nervous, didn't he? Didn't they all? How interesting. Perhaps they'd be more comfortable after this meeting.

This meeting... that was now starting late. The room was basically empty and it made January uncomfortable. But she was devoted to starting things on time, despite their low numbers. She had hoped even the Minister would be on time, but her expectations for him had started to lower since she received this job.

She would have to start without him them.

"Well, I appreciate those who have come on time... Perhaps the holiday was just too nice to come back from." Or they slept in. Or they didn't want to meet their new boss and they were rebelling. Merlin. "We'll have to start. I'll make this meeting short so you can get to work, but I do want to welcome you all to a new year at the Ministry. As you have noticed, Miss Cavanaugh is no longer here, so I will be taking her place as the Senior Undersecretary."

She wasn't really one to try and make friends so her introduction... was less of an introduction and more of a 'hi, I'm your boss now', sort of thing. "You'll notice that there is now a frozen yogurt machine on our level, thanks to the grateful donation of our Minister. As posted on the notice board, I ask that you only take advantage of it during your designated break times." Because she knew that someone might try and hog it all day long and not get any work done.

Pausing during her spiel, January looked up to see if anyone had any concerns or questions so far.

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