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By the time Kyle made it to the Hospital Wing, he was limping slightly. He didn't know why. The burn on his leg didn't do anything to the muscle beneath it, nor was limping going to keep it from hurting. But he couldn't seem to help it. He filled out the form carefully.

Originally Posted by Form
Patientís Name: Kyle Erikson
Patientís Year & House: Year 2, Slytherin
Accompanied By: N/A

Link(s) to post(s) where the injury or illness happened:
Actual Event | Discovery of the Burn
Depositing it, he sat down and shifted his robes to look at the wound on his thigh. The burn now had blisters on it and was an angry red. He frowned. Why did he have to be so clumsy sometimes? Though, he kind of felt bad for the Salamander. It probably didn't like being dropped, or possibly Kyle may have manhandled it trying to get it off his clothing and back in the fire. But at least it was probably comfortable now, while Kyle was in pain. This sucked.
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