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Text Cut: Jonas, Rula, & Liv
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Alright so that was pretty easy. Get out of your seats, blah blah circle wand movement. Any questions? Eh. Just one.
"How would weather charms work anyways?" Jonas asked. "I mean, you cant just create something out of nothing."
Originally Posted by 2111jen View Post
Jonas got up from his desk and stood where the professor said to. When he was there, he pointed and circled his wand.
"Solis Lucidum!" he called out.
He frowned as nothing happened.
"Seriously??" he said and frowned.
Gaston stood beside his desk and watched as his students dispersed, waiting for to answer any questions they had. And it didn't take long before Mr. Emery spoke! How did weather charms work? Well, that was a complicated question to answer... How should he put it? "Weather charms don't so much create weather out of nowhere but change existing conditions," he said. "All the components to create any kind of weather are already in the atmosphere; the charm just helps to bring them out." Did that make sense?

He couldn't help but notice that the boy was struggling with the spell and seemed to be getting frustrated. The thought crossed his mind to offer help, but he decided to let the boy come to him instead. "Keep trying, Mr. Emery," he said with an encouraging smile. "Practice makes perfect."

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Rula scribbled down some notes on weather charms as well as the incantations and wand movements for the first two that were demonstrated. She was actually pretty excited to try the sun one out. How cool was it to have a mini sun inside?! Even if it wasn't really a sun, but it was close enough!

She pulled out her wand but didn't move it as she practiced pronouncing them first. "So-lis Lu-cid-ium. Sol- Wait. Lucidum. Lucidum. Solis Lucidum." Yeah, that was it. Not too bad.

The second one was a bit of a mouthful though. "Me-teo-lo-jinx Re-cant-o. Meteolojinx Recanto. Meteolojinx Recanto." Not too bad once she got used to it though.

The wand movement for the sun was just a circle, and the other was just pointing, so she didn't feel like she needed to practice those separately. So time for the actual practice!

"Solis Lucidum!" She moved her wand in a circular motion, and...nothing.


It took several more tries with varying levels of success - on one attempt, she got the little sun to finally appear, but it disappeared after just a second or so. Then, finally, as she moved her wand in a circle again, the little sun shone down again...and appeared to be staying. Yes!

"Meteolojinx Recanto!" Rula pointed her wand at it, and it disappeared. At least that part wasn't too hard!
As Gaston watched the students practicing, he soon saw that Mr. Emery wasn't the only one having a hard time with the charm. He kept a watchful eye on Miss Botros as she tried and failed to cast the spell. One time he thought she had it, but the sun she conjured almost immediately went out. Oh, so close! When the girl succeeded, he applauded. "Excellent work, Miss Botros! I knew you could do it!"

Originally Posted by Govoni View Post
Weather charms, though! Olivia had never thought to attempt this type of magic before and it both excited and slightly intimidated her, but nonetheless. She was here to try her best and get it done!

Stuffing her things back into her school bag, the blonde stood and casually made her way to the center of the classroom... before breaking off and finding a space of her own to practice. Professor Gaston had mentioned that this spell could combined and grow bigger with multiple castings, and while that sounded exciting and fun... Well, Liv didn't want to hurt herself today. She hard too many exciting things going on in her life right now to risk it.


Solis Lucidum. It was currently being muttered over and over again beneath her breath. That was the trick, you know? Get the pronunciation down and then the wand motion, and then actually practice it out loud. Well, that was HER process. Everyone could do things a bit differently...

Breath in. Breath out.

"Solis Lucidum!" Maneuvering her wand, she shot the magic up into the air.... but then again, there wasn't... any magic? What? Lowering her wand, Liv regarded the tip of it carefully. The spell hadn't worked... Well, obviously this was okay. First time performing it and all. She just... whew, needed to get her mind in the game. It was probably a concentration thing or something. Huh. She wasn't about to give up, anyway.

With a few more breaths, the blonde poised her wand once more. "Solis Lucidum!" Paired with her wand motions, the tip flickered slightly, but as far as projecting sunshine up into the air... Well, that, again, hadn't happened. And as much as her friends believed her to be kind and lovely, this particular Gryffindor had a temper to rival any other. So, getting just a touch angry, she gripped her wand all the more tightly, eyes narrowing just a little as she refocused her energy and magic.

"Solis Lucidum!" And... FINALLY. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

Flinging it up into the air, Olivia took a moment to twirl and triumphantly pump her fist into the air. AWW, YASS! Did everyone see!? Guh, success was wonderful and it was so awesome finally performing something that would work. Unlike other areas of magic. It was a nice change, you know?

Now, to kill the sunshine... What had that spell been again?

Meteolojinx Recanto?? Was that right?

It wasn't performed right away. No... Several moments passed where she simply uttered the spell to herself and wiggled her wand around appropriately. This was necessary for Liv, as if she didn't get a handled on it from the beginning, disastrous things could happen. It was known. It had happened before. It would probably happen again at some point, but hopefully that wouldn't be today. Hopefully.

.... Aww, but she liked the sunshine. Did she have to kill it right away? Couldn't she just bask in it for a while? It'd been so cold these last several weeks. To finally feel the warmth of the sun on her face again... It was just amazing, you know? Wonderful, amazing, nostalgic. Hehe.

Pointing her wand upward, she half-heartedly said, "Meteolojinx Recanto.".......... and apparently something had went wrong. Instead of disappearing, the ball of sunshine, started growing, expanding outward.... ?!?!?!?!?! What?!?! Er. NO, NO, NOOOOO.

Breath. BREATH. Focus. OMG. FIX IT.

"Meteolojinx Recanto!" POINT!....... POINT!!!!

Whew... Okay, it was... It was shrinking again. Merlin's sock. That had been terrifying. O.O
And another student struggling! Gaston watched Miss Phillips try unsuccessfully to produce a sun a few times, and it looked like she too was beginning to get frustrated. "Don't give up, Miss Phillips!" he encouraged the Gryffindor girl.

He thought her struggle was over once she'd cast the sunlight charm, but more problems followed when she tried the countercurse He automatically reached for his wand when he saw the sun growing instead of shrinking like it was supposed to, poised to react before it grew enough to burn or blind anyone. But before he needed to intervene, Miss Phillips successfully made it disappear. It looked like he'd finally found an occasion to award points to Gryffindor! "See? Nicely done, Miss Phillips!" he said, beaming at her. "Five points to Gryffindor for your perseverance and quick reaction to a potentially dangerous situation."

Gaston glanced at his watch. About ten minutes had passed, which meant it was time to move on. "Well done, class!" he said, again moving toward the middle of the room. "If you still haven't managed to cast the sunlight charm, you'll have another chance later, but for now we must move on..."

He gave the class a moment or two to stop what they were doing before continuing, "Now then, the other weather charm we're doing today produces the opposite effect of the first, namely a rain charm. For the purposes of practicing, everything in this room, except yourselves and anything you brought in with you, has been charmed to resist water. For those of you who wish to cast the same spell on yourselves or your belongings, the incantation is Impervius. Older students, please help your classmates with this if needed. For the rest of you..." With a flick of his wand, rain coats and hats appeared at each desk.

The Frenchman paused to give his students time to cast their Impervius charms and/or put on their rain gear. "This spell is a bit more difficult than the other one, but not exceedingly so," he said. "The incantation is Lluvia, pronounced Yoo-vee-uh." He aimed his wand toward the ceiling over his own desk so the students wouldn't be caught unprepared in the downpour, tracing a teardrop shape as he repeated the spell. A dark cloud appeared, pouring rain over Gaston's desk until he waved his wand again, and it vanished. "I'll give you a few minutes to practice this spell before we move on to today's activity. Go to it!"

OOC: We'll be moving on again in 20-24 HOURS. Happy practicing!
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