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Nomming on her two jawbreakers and conjuring happy thoughts in her mind, Abigail Campbell made her way along with the rest of the class. The happy thoughts were really not difficult considering how happy she already was.


Still beaming the little girl listened some more as the Professor explained, she couldn't help but stare at the wings as he spoke though. SO PWEEETTYY and BIG and just kjsafgjgsdadfgsdh. SHE WAS EXCITED.

Finally! The speaking was over and the FAIRY FLYING was about to begin.

Abbi got herself a pair of wings and put them on. They were HUGE on her but SO COOL JHQFGJGJHGJH. Everything in check the fairy jumped and began lifting up in the air.

"IM FLYING IM FLYING CAN I CRY OF HAPPINESS NOW?"She kept on going higher and higher in the air.

Now...this whole spell thingy? People were ready to be zapped by the fairy right?

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