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Olly couldn't help but be just a liiiiiiitttlee (okay a lot) bit impressed by the grandeur of the whole castle. It really WAS quite impressive. Despite the fact that the school was apparently broke. And they would have to make their own food. Wait. Would they get food at the feast now? Or was that just a ceremony and they'd be pretending to eat and drink tapwater? Hopefully it wasn't that, because she was starting to feel quite hungry to be honest.

Allowing her eyes to roam the hall they'd just been guided into for a moment, the flicked back and forth between the four house tables for a moment. Right. Houses. Four different houses. Sorting. She was going to get sorted into a house. And while she wasn't particularly picky - though, Slytherin WOULD be quite frustrating considering Cassia was in that house - Olly did start to get just a teeny tiny bit nervous.

She didn't like other people judging her. Not even an old hat.

Talking of which. There it was. Olly actually wrinkled her nose at it while at the same time feeling quite intrigued as well. This hat would determine which house she'd be in for the next three years. Hopefully he would choose well. She still had to spend some parts of the day in the Common Room and sleep in the dormitory after all. Oh no. The dormitory. She'd have to share that with people her age. Okay, now she REALLY hoped she wouldn't be sorted into Slytherin.

She returned Schuyler's smile a little absently and watched her friend walk up to the stool when her name was called. At least she wasn't alone in this. After a few seconds the hat called out Gryffindor which brought a smile to Schuyler's face. Good. At least she was happy. Now Olly DID have a bit of a preference regarding houses though. Giving the newly sorted Gryffindor a small smile when she walked off to her house table, Olly waited for a few more first years to be sorted. Then...

"Olivia Clarke."

Great, now the whole school thought her name was Olivia. Which it was but you know. With a sigh, Olly walked up to the stool, took a seat (couldn't they have found something a little more comfortable to sit on?) and placed the hat on her head. "Hmmm...." She might have jumped a little in her seat when the hat suddenly started talking in her head. Olly zoned out for a moment when the hat went rambling on about her. She really didn't want to hear what he thought of her. Really didn't.

That is until he said "Oh, but you would ANYTHING for the people you like" which earned him a raise of her eyebrows. Well, yeah, actually he was quite right about that. Though that would mean... "I know. You'll find a new home-" Olly snorted in her head. She wasn't exactly here to find a HOME. She had a home, thank you very much. "-in HUFFLEPUFF!"


Great. Hufflepuff wasn't Slytherin at least. Though it also wasn't Gryffindor. Bleh. With a small groan, Olly took the hat off again and placed it back onto the stool (or somewhere close, she wasn't exactly paying attention). After a quick glance at Schuyler at her table, Olly finally made her way to the Hufflepuff one. Her new house table. Yeah, brilliant. At least they had the mirrors, yeah?
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