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Term 35: September - December 2013 Term Thirty-Five: The EBWEQBSC! (September 2081 - June 2082)

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Old 09-02-2012, 03:05 AM
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Default Sorting Hat Ceremony

The famous Sorting Hat sits on a stool at the front of the long Great Hall, in plain view of all who enter the feast. First years traditionally take their turn sitting on the stool and getting Sorted before joining their new house mates to loud cheers and thunderous applause.


OOC: You may RP for the hat, but please limit yourself to one post.
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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Adi nervously waited with the other first years. He didn't know why he was nervous because it didn't matter to him which House he got into. His mother had reassured him about that, telling him that it didn't matter to her if he didn't get sorted into Gryffindor like she was.

When his name was called, Adi hurried forward, sat on the stool before he could fall over because his feet felt like jelly and jammed the Sorting Hat onto his head. Almost instantly he heard a voice in his ears.

"Hmmmm. Interesting. Plenty of courage. Yes. A brilliant mind. An innocent mind.'' Adi waited while the Hat debated with bated breath. He honestly doubted the had plenty of courage or a brilliant mind. "Honest and hardworking. Loyal, honest and modest. Oh yes, very modest. And I can see that loyalty and friendship matter the most to you. Very well, then. Better be...


Awesome! Adi had met loads of Puffers and liked them! He pulled off the Hat and hustled off towards the Hufflepuff table which could only be the one where the students were cheering.
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She was supposed to put on a ratty old hat, that apparently TALKED and wait for it to look inside her brain and tell her what her strongest traits were? That did not sound like a good plan to Gwen. At least it would be something to write home about.

When "Jensen Gwenhwyfar" was called she choked back her nervousness and stepped strongly up to the stool and took a seat. The hat was dropped on her head, and she braced herself for the onslaught she expected. What there was instead was a small voice asking questions, and discussing the traits she already knew she had.

After a few minutes (in which Gwen got very fed up and ordered the hat to just sort her already) the brim of the hat opened and it shouted "Ravenclaw!"

Good. She didn't know anything about the houses, so it didn't much matter where she went. Grateful to be away from the flea bitten thing, she headed over the the blue and bronze clapping table that she assumed to have been Ravenclaw table.
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Caleb didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he was nervous. Very VERY nervous. He knew from his parents that he realistically could be in ANY of the houses, but which house was HIS house? Which trait did he possess more than the others? As the first years walked up to the hat and began to be sorted, he found himself cracking his knuckles anxiously and biting his lip. Oh my gosh, this was it, this moment determined the rest of his life...

L, M...finally, they got to the N. Caleb knew he'd be called before Sophie, since C came before S, and sure enough his name was called as soon as they started the N students. He glanced at his sister and gave her a small little smile, since in a minute, she'd be sorted as well but he might not be able to give her a smile of encouragement from his new table. Wherever that would be.

With shaking legs, he walked up the stairs and up to the stool. He sat down on the stool and faced the school. OHMIGOSH the entire school was watching him!

He barely got to register just how mortifying that was before the hat was plopped on his head.

Everything went black, and suddenly he felt someone whispering in his ear, and he jumped. The hat was TALKING TO HIM.

"Ah, yes, I remember your parents. Very much like your father, you are. But you're more determined, much more determined, you have your mother and grandfather's spirit. Quite a good mix, you could really go anywhere you wanted...but what do YOU want? You might not know, but I can tell. I can see it in your heart. You want greatness. You want to achieve it and make a name for yourself, and you won't let anyone stand in your way. There's only one place for a person like that, it's got to be..."


At first, Caleb was nearly deafened as the hat shouted at the Great Hall what it's decision had been. Wait, what had it said? SLYTHERIN? As the hat was pulled off his head he noticed that yes, indeed, the house that was draped in green was cheering and waving him towards them. He was still shaking as he stood up, and a huge grin was plastered on his face. It was over, and it had been decided. He was a Slytherin! Just like his grandfather, and his aunt, and countless other Greingoth's before him. Now that he was headed towards his table, he couldn't help but feel that the hat was right. He HAD wanted this. This was the house he was meant to be in.


Oh, but...what would DAD say??
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Ariel stood in line, waiting with the first years. She couldn't believe she was here, actually at Hogwarts. The girl couldn't remember when she first started planning her transfer to the school, but it seemed like forever ago now. And all for this.

Ariel was familiar with the house system. You get sorted into a house where you remain for the rest of your schooling, good behavior earns points, bad behavior looses points, House Cup, Quidditch Cup, Gobstones Cup, Triwizard Tournament, yada, yada, yada-- she'd done enough research to know the whole sha-bang front to back and on its head. But she didn't really know anyone well enough to have a desire to be in any house in particular, and both of her parents had gone to Beauxbatons, so it's not like she'd really had anything to live up to.


Fern had nailed that thought into her head quite thoroughly on the train ride. Yes, she could do without being in that house. But honestly, the girl wasn't sure where she'd end up.

As the names were shouted out in alphabetical order by last name, her's was called close to the beginning of the list.
"Bride, Ariel!"
Making her way to the stool, Ariel stood with her head high... mostly in an attempt to keep her robes from dragging. She did prefer the Beauxbatons robes to these, but mostly because they fit her better. Smoothing her skirt, the girl sat on the stool, a model of perfect posture. The sorting hat grazed her head, spewing it's thoughts into her head in a matter of seconds.
"And what do we have here? A transfer! And from Beauxbatons, no less! Prestigious heritage, good values, an impeccable sense of desire. An agile mind, and a strong sense of self to top it off! Why, even if I were only a few days old I'd have no trouble placing you. None whatsoever! Off you go to--

The decision made, Ariel rose from the stool proudly, joining the thundering sea of green and black. Thank goodness.
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Jayden looked around the great hall in amazement, and his eyes were drawn to the peculiar hat that sat on a stool right in front, The Sorting Hat. He knew what had to happen here, they were going to be sorted into their separate houses.

Even though he knew, he was still nervous. And when he heard his name “Jayden Jones-Campbell” being called, his eyes seemed to pop out of his head and his legs started to give way. Not wanting to seem weak, he snapped out of his slight trance, strode up to the stool and sat down.

The hat whispered into his ears, but he could not catch what it said. He was too busy watching the crowd ahead stare at him. And finally after what seemed like ages, the brim of the hat opened, “you into…


His mother was in Gryffindor; many others in his mother’s side were in Gryffindor too! He was happy. He put down the dirty brown hat and walked, with a slight bounce in his step, towards the Gryffindor table.
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Malcolm beamed at his peers surrounding him this was a very special and important moment in the young fourteen year old's life! He's father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all attended Hogwarts and had ironically all been sorted in the house of Gryffindor.

Fidgeting with his fingers and imagining the great hall filled with a wide range of food he patiently waited for his name to be called.

"Malcolm Corbett." His name was finally called!

Here we go!

The hat was placed on his head, fearing that the stood might fall apart with his weight he slightly sat on the edge just to be safe.

"Hmmm...intelligent, a fiery attitude." The hat said "I say...GRYFFINDOR!" It chanted.

MAC had a Cheshire smile on his face, this was such an exciting moment! Now to celebrate all he needed was FOOD!
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Petra looked at the people being sorted. The sorting hat just got through shouting Gryffindor.. and before that Slytherin. For the most part the students went up nervous and came down happy. So the sorting couldn’t be all that bad. It was Petra’s turn next, she went up to the stand very confident and sat down the hat was put on her head and then she heard it. The voice.
“yes… power…, you crave it, you think about it every second. You love power there’s no doubt about that and you are also very determined. You let nothing or nobody stand in your way. Oh you act sweet but you don’t fool me... I know just where you need to be... Slytherin!"
With that Petra smiled, got up, and walked with her head held high to the slytherin table and sat down.
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Well, this was awkward. Being a fifth year up here with a group that was predominantly firsties. Schuyler wasn't the tallest person in the world, but she did look pretty out of place compared to ten- and eleven-year-olds. Oh, look - there was a newly sorted Slytherin girl who looked about her age. See, she wasn't the only one. Plus, she had Olly right beside her, to whom she gave a quick smile. Actually, come to think of it, there were a fair amount of non-traditional sortees, which was somewhat odd considering the fact that they had all chosen a school that was pretty darn broke.

Finally, she was going to be sorted. Schuyler actually had put a considerable amount of thought into which house she might get. In a few minutes she would discover whether her prediction was correct.

Forget minutes, make that NOW.

"Schuyler Emmons."

She walked to the stool, keeping her eyes on that old hat until she had finally reached it. She crossed her ankles when she sat. The hat touched her head....

"Let's see now.. we have a pureblood on our hands. Stubborn girl, yes, with a value for loyalty. One who finds no better motivation than someone telling you that you can't. Striking courage in the face of adversity.. Yes, I know...


Her lips parted in a grin, and she slid from the seat to join the welcoming roars of Gryffindor house.

She'd guessed right.
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With wide eyes, Vesper followed the First Years and other transfers into the Great Hall. Clutched to her chest was her notebook and markers, more so clung to out of absolute wonder at her surroundings...It was all so COLORFUL...She just couldn't stopped looking at everything. In fact....if it weren't for the more pressing matters, Ves would've insisted on being able to sketch this rather beautiful sight.

The full tables, four of them, were neatly placed across the birth of the Hall...She got the 'House' thing, now. The different crests all over the robes, the ties, the black pointy hats....Even Theodore's badge....Marcus' and Nigel's, too. She'd never seen anything like this. Most certainly not at Beauxbatons...The 'House' banners were everywhere, of course, hanging up high above each table. Vibrantly colored, too, in blue, green, red, and yellow....

Eagles, Snakes, Lions, and Badges...That finally made sense. All this talk about the different animals had gotten a bit confusing over the past couple of years....What with everyone trying to explain the community of it to her.

......Then Vesper remembered the sorting......

......She was about to be sorted into one of these Houses......

......or would she?

What......if none of them wanted her? Truth of the matter...Ves was a terrible witch. Magic wasn't easy for her...and she struggled in almost ALL the 'practical magic' lessons. Charms seemed to be the only ones that made any sense...What if the hat seen that? What if she wasn't.....good enough?

Vesper tried not to appear too she was called forward and made to put the hat on just after all the First Years were finished. Tried and failed. Heat was present in her face...The kind of heat that told the fifteen-year old she was, in fact, blushing with embarrassment. Embarrassment about...nothing, really. It was kinda like a spotlight thing? The equivalent of stage fright, maybe? With the hat firmly in place, Ves made no sound as she waited for something to happen.

Was she wearing it wrong?

Suddenly a voice sprung to life....seemingly in her head? Was that right? It sounded close...almost like the hat was whispering right into her ear...Or maybe it was talking telepathically...right to her brain...That was curious...

"OH, another transfer from Beauxbatons Academy! And the first witch in your family! How exciting! Muggleborn...with a brilliantly artistic mind. Lots more potential here, too...Potential that must be nurture by the right people. You do struggle...but magic does not come so easy to everyone...You'll need other forward thinkers who can help you on your way..."

"Better be.....RAVENCLAW!"

Vesper nearly fell backwards off the stool at the loud shout, releasing a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

She'd...............actually been sorted into a house. The hat had accepted her and placed her somewhere. She hadn't been cast aside....and rejected. Looking out onto the crowd, Ves smiled nervously, looking to the bright, blue banners. Dora had been right...Marcus, too. She was now a Ravenclaw. Officially...

Shakily getting to her feet, the hat was removed and she dashed towards her table. HER TABLE. SHE HAD A TABLE...
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Olly couldn't help but be just a liiiiiiitttlee (okay a lot) bit impressed by the grandeur of the whole castle. It really WAS quite impressive. Despite the fact that the school was apparently broke. And they would have to make their own food. Wait. Would they get food at the feast now? Or was that just a ceremony and they'd be pretending to eat and drink tapwater? Hopefully it wasn't that, because she was starting to feel quite hungry to be honest.

Allowing her eyes to roam the hall they'd just been guided into for a moment, the flicked back and forth between the four house tables for a moment. Right. Houses. Four different houses. Sorting. She was going to get sorted into a house. And while she wasn't particularly picky - though, Slytherin WOULD be quite frustrating considering Cassia was in that house - Olly did start to get just a teeny tiny bit nervous.

She didn't like other people judging her. Not even an old hat.

Talking of which. There it was. Olly actually wrinkled her nose at it while at the same time feeling quite intrigued as well. This hat would determine which house she'd be in for the next three years. Hopefully he would choose well. She still had to spend some parts of the day in the Common Room and sleep in the dormitory after all. Oh no. The dormitory. She'd have to share that with people her age. Okay, now she REALLY hoped she wouldn't be sorted into Slytherin.

She returned Schuyler's smile a little absently and watched her friend walk up to the stool when her name was called. At least she wasn't alone in this. After a few seconds the hat called out Gryffindor which brought a smile to Schuyler's face. Good. At least she was happy. Now Olly DID have a bit of a preference regarding houses though. Giving the newly sorted Gryffindor a small smile when she walked off to her house table, Olly waited for a few more first years to be sorted. Then...

"Olivia Clarke."

Great, now the whole school thought her name was Olivia. Which it was but you know. With a sigh, Olly walked up to the stool, took a seat (couldn't they have found something a little more comfortable to sit on?) and placed the hat on her head. "Hmmm...." She might have jumped a little in her seat when the hat suddenly started talking in her head. Olly zoned out for a moment when the hat went rambling on about her. She really didn't want to hear what he thought of her. Really didn't.

That is until he said "Oh, but you would ANYTHING for the people you like" which earned him a raise of her eyebrows. Well, yeah, actually he was quite right about that. Though that would mean... "I know. You'll find a new home-" Olly snorted in her head. She wasn't exactly here to find a HOME. She had a home, thank you very much. "-in HUFFLEPUFF!"


Great. Hufflepuff wasn't Slytherin at least. Though it also wasn't Gryffindor. Bleh. With a small groan, Olly took the hat off again and placed it back onto the stool (or somewhere close, she wasn't exactly paying attention). After a quick glance at Schuyler at her table, Olly finally made her way to the Hufflepuff one. Her new house table. Yeah, brilliant. At least they had the mirrors, yeah?
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Default apologies for the length :33
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So this is the Sorting Hat

The brunette stood in line as she waited her turn, arms crossed and bored, pursing her lips and sighing quietly as her gaze wandered about the Great Hall. So this place didn’t look to be as bad as what Lex described earlier, but it wasn’t anywhere near impressive with what old man Vanderbilt said either. It looked better than the orphanage though, that she’d begrudgingly admit only to herself.

It wasn’t long before her name was called out and with another silent huff, she strode towards the stool and took her seat. Plop goes the hat onto her head, her nose wrinkling out of reflex. It looked decrepit and filthy and in desperate need rehabilita—

So do you my dear.

Full stop. Was that a voice in her head? Her eyes shifts suspiciously in the partial darkness.

We are pleased you have finally decided to join us.

“I didn’t decide to-- Wait why is she talking out loud? It’s a telepathic thing. Start over. ‘I didn’t DECIDE to join you. I was forced. I am here against my will.’She fumed, lips pursed tightly.

And yet you had willingly brought yourself across the path of Hogwarts’ pride and joy. Forced your way in if events are to be reviewed...

‘Hey I didn’t know he was coming back, it looked like he was gone for good and I get dibs on whatever he’s left behind. Finders Keepers you know?’

Actually its more like Breaking and Entering.

‘Semantics. If you can review events in my head then you would see life outside your plushy palace requires some creative thinking.’

Indeed this is your gift. A gift currently misused and for all that powerful potential, it but lies sadly dormant...

‘Oh oh! I know where this is going—powerful, achieve greatness—you’re gonna put me in with those Green people right?’

Hmmm, you would make a good fit child, but alas, that will do nothing for your REHABILITATION--which is the primary reason why you’re here. Besides, wouldn’t you want a bit of a change from your usual sleeping arrangements? Perhaps somewhere a bit more bright....

‘Uh wait... can I just say that yellow clashes with my skin tone...’

Worry not my dear, I am not placing you with the Hufflepuffs. You have neither the temperament nor the patience for them.

‘Good!-- wait. What are you saying? I’m not patient? I have LOADS of pa—‘

--Two houses remain, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat pauses for a moment. You would do well to learn of honor. But.... Something was lacking. And something would worsen in the presence of they who Roar.

Balance, that is what you need. To be with those of like mind to help you realize your lofty dreams...yet have the uncanny ability to cultivate traits which you have studiously ignored....

"RAVENCLAW!" The Sorting Hat declared, its voice echoing across the Hall.

Her gaze shifted immediately to those robed in Blue, and the happiest of happy grins graced the features of the brown eyed girl. The Like-Minded. Whatever else the Hat had said, Huxley cared most about those who shared the same mental wavelength as her. To be accepted for how she thinks, not what she appears. She hopped off the stool and turned halfway towards the Sorting Hat “Thanks.” Genuine smile. You get one fuzzy hat.

She turns to make her way towards the table of the Blue and the Bronze. She couldn’t wait to tell the Ravernerd who just inherited his ties.
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A hat was going to sort them?! Donny let out a giggle as he watched the first student getting sorted. It wasn't a very pretty hat, was it? Not that Donny cared about pretty, it was probably really cool. He nodded to himself and moved along in the line. Was it almost his turn?

'Donnacha Harper!'

Oh! That's him! Donny rushed up to the stool and stumbled over his untied shoelace on the way up. Just smile. He sat down on the stool and smiled at the other kids, it was his turn now.
Fingers crossed that he'd be with Abbi. Or just.. the cool big kid who helped him.

'A new one!' Donny nodded, yep! Now hurry, please, he wanted to meet the new people in his house. Abbi had to be there too, he'd miss her otherwise. 'A loyal one....'

Donnacha peered under the edge of the hat to look at all of the big kids, the whole hat thing was really THAT cool. His cousins's stories had been much better, but no armwrestling with the giant squid... That would've been sticky.

....easily distracted too, I see.' Donnacha shook his head, this was taking a long time okay, there was lots to be seen. Chop chop!


The yellow one! Donnacha took the hat off and rushed over to the table, tripping over his shoelace once more before reaching the table, this was so so cool! Just like his dad!
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Blair stood watching the other first years be sorted into their houses. It looked easy enough: walk up, put the hat on, be sorted done. Then why was she still so terrified?

"Blair Anderson!"

This was it, her turn to be sorted. Being muggle born, Blair didn't know much about the different houses only what she'd heard in passing conversation on the train. She was so nervous she didn't mind what house she was put in as long as she was sorted.

She sat down and put the hat on, what now? She thought. Then she heard it, a faint whisper. She whipped round thinking someone had came up behind her.

"Yoo hoo up here!" It was that hat. Blair was not expecting that, she knew people were watching so she tried to compose herself. Her scarlet cheeks however gave away her embarrassment.

"Top grades at your muggle school hmm? Yes you're intelligent, but how will you get on with magic? You don't act it very often but I can feel a fire burning in you. It's bravery. Loyal, you are a very loyal girl. Sometimes too much for your own good. Where to put you?"

Blair waited, holding her breath.


She let out a sigh of relief. No longer did she feel scared. Holding her head up high, Blair walked towards her house table. The Gryffindor table.
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This was it! Abbi watched as one by one her fellow first years took their seats up on the stool and wore the hat of wisdom, as she decided to personally nickname it. It suited the hat perfect. No hat was so clever that it could sort people out like that! Wise hats were wise....and witchy looking which made the 'fairy' cringe slightly, but she was okay it would be still COOL!

'Abigail Campbell?'

That was her cue. She was one of the people to go more first considering her surname. The little eleven year old stood up and took her place on the stool. So many people! She peered at them all with interest wondering which were the meanie children-eating witches and were the nicer ones.

The hat then started speaking to her. Blink. THIS WAS SO COOL!

"Abigail..the you think you are. Hmmm?" She nodded at him all beamy. Of course! She was fairy Abbi Campi! "Quite loud, very opinionated and a fighter for sure even when anxious." Giiiiigggle. This was a little funny."Wise too, but no so much Ravenclaw. I think you belong in....." The auburn girl squirmed excitedly in her seat.


BEAM! The house in red! She remembered from Donny telling her! Look at that! Abbi smiled widely at the red coloured table and noticed the lion banners. She was one too now? HOW AWESOME! She was a Lion witch fairy! Too cool for you! See!

The newly lioness got up and walked over in the direction of her new house. Now all she wanted to see was where Donny ended.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
First Year
Hufflepuff Sorted!

Standing with the other first years, although very shy, Elizabeth had been chatting to a few people..

As the crowd slowly finds out their houses, Elizabeth was eventually called.. She was really dreading being called up, only because she didn't want to have to sit there in front of the entire school, just to be told which house she'll be in...
Why do they make us sit in front of everyone? And why on earth do people clap when we're sorted?? What's the point?
The hat indeed goes on and starts hmmm-ing & ahhh-ing... Finally it speaks..
"I can tell you are very loyal & trustworthy. And although you are quiet & reserved I can tell that if anyone crossed you or hurt a friend, you'd be standing up straight away! You're just like the badger and extremely good at finding things.. You've got all the right stuff, you belong with Hufflepuff!"

And there it goes, the cheer she was dreading.. She quickly stands up & joins the table, sitting near the people she'd met on the train..

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cassidy Burke
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Léopold Bouchard
Magical Creatures
x6 x3
SPNer | Whovian | Sherlockian | | Artist | Cornhusker | Blackhawks

Adelaide clenched her fists under her robe as she tood awkwardly with the rest of the first years. There were a few older students scattered around the group as well, so at least she wasn't the only one. The nerves and anticipation showed on her face. She had no idea what to expect or where she was going to end up.

"Adams, Adelaide."

She jumped slightly at hearing her name called. Addi looked down at the ground as she made her way through the cluster at the front of the hall. She sat down on the stool. She took a deep breath as the hat was placed on her head.

"Hmmm..." Adelaide jumped slightly when the hat started making noise. She knew it spoke, but it still scared her quite a bit. "Intelligent yes. But ahh. Very ambitious and such strong leading capabilities." She furrowed her brow. She'd never really thought of herself that way. "I know just where to put you...Slytherin!!"

The green table cheered and Adelaide smiled, although she was quite a bit confused. Strong leader? She continued to think about this as she made her way over to the sea of green.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Phoenix 'Red' O'Connell
First Year

Phoenix sat apprehensively on the Sorting stool, her father wanted her to be in Slytherin, and she didn't want him to be disappointed, but she didn't want to be her father. She looked up as the Hat was placed on her red hair.

She jumped as she heard a voice, speaking to her, it could talk! she frowned and thought how strange it was. Aah, well, lets see then. A good mind, yes, ambitious, good, good, but oh, what's this? Can't speak to men, but tries to, yes tries very hard, loyal to those close to you, but little loyalty toward your parents, interesting. She frowned, how could a hat know all this about her? Oh, but what's this? Fear of disappointing them. Phoenix was shocked, she wasn't afraid of disappointing them, no, she couldn't be. But I see your bravery in the face of fear, and especially danger, but I see a lot of your father in you, yes I remember him well, a Slytherin I if remember correctly, Phoenix was angry, look Hat, don't Sort me by who my father is, I am nothing like him, nothing. she said in her mind, Well, you are brave enough to say that to me and i suppose there is enough of yourself and your bravery so it had better be...


She smiled, but oh no, what would her father think, his whole family had been in Slytherin for generations, she had broken the tradition, but she supposed that it was good to be judged on her own character for once. She went to join the other Gryffindors at the table and smiled, yeah, she belonged here.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rowan Fairfax
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ezra Greenwood
Second Year
Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Józsua Istvan wasn't the sort of boy to show his nerves. So far, he had kept himself to himself, and waited to be sorted in silent solitude despite being was surrounded by a mass of noisy first years. His face had settled into a relaxed, serene smile. It was forced, but didn't look it. And it was taking a whole lot of effort to maintain and not allow himself to frown and show his stress.

It was sort of humiliating going up with a bunch of first years, but he noted a few older kids. Quite a few around his own age in fact, and that was small comfort. A tiny, scrawny looking girl went before him and was promptly sorted into Ravenclaw. The very house he was keen on joining. Next his name was called by the creepy looking hat which, rather disturbingly, resembled his relic of a great uncle on his dad's side.

He sat and the hat was placed on his head. Weird having something reading your mind.. or personality.. or whatever the thing did. It spoke to him, which he wasn't surprised about having done his Hogwarts research, and he sat and listened patiently. Yea.. he was ambitious.. clever.. loyal.. determined.. looked good in blue.. 'Thanks sorting hat.'

Hum hmmm.. It pondered over the strange sounding houses and, at last..


The fifteen year old nearly jumped out of his skin! He wanted an explanation, but the hat had gone quiet and still. Why Slytherin?

He gave the thing a dark look when it was taken off his head. He wanted answers. Come to think of it, it was a bit like having a conversation with his great uncle. All one sided and then he'd go to sleep just when things got interesting. 'Old people.' Maybe Hogwarts needed to invest in a new hat. But, oh yea.. the school was broke..

Slightly dazed from the weird experience, he wobbled as he stood and was brought back to his senses by the students applauding. He walked off to join his new house at the table with the green and silver banners and the snake symbol..
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jessie Arabella Morgan
First Year

Jessie walked slowly up to the end of the hall way, watching as the other students were sorted into the appropriate houses. After a few nerve racking moments, Jessie heard her name called... MORGAN, JESSIE

Very slowly, Jessie made her way up. Having never met anyone in her life, except her father, up until about three days ago, to have all the attention in the great hall focused entirely on her, Jessie was nervous.

After some serious debating...The hat went through every house in great detail, mentioning strengths and weaknesses Jessie finally heard the shout of


and the applause rang throughout the hall. Jessie jumped down and made her way over to the table with the fellow hufflepuffs, and sat at the end, shyly smiling at everyone. Tucking a strand of her curly blonde bob behind her ear, Jessie sighed. Well...At least I don't have to do THAT again...
Jessie.M xoxo
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Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw! | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate

Newell, Caleb came right before Newell, Sophie. Unless there was another Newell at the school, which Sophie highly doubted. Either way, she was wide-eyed and had a racing heart by the time Caleb took to the stool. She watched the hat be placed on his head, and she even leaned forward just a little to try and hear the thought process.

She heard nothing until the hat shouted out his house, causing Sophie to get even more wide-eyed. That one she had only half-expected. She knew her family was made up of lines and lines of Slytherins with a bit of Gryffindors mixed in. She hadn't really pinned Caleb as a snake, though. She had kind of thought he might end up there, but it was really herself that she had pinned as the next family snake.

"Newell, Sophie!"

Oh, dear Merlin. Sophie gulped and spared a second to look at Caleb before walking forward. She waved at him and cracked a tiny smile before turning her attention solely on her sorting. She slid into the stool and felt the hat rest upon her head.

Hmm, much like the last one I saw. The sister? Another Greingoth, I can tell. There's greatness in you, but of what kind? You seek to not only succeed, but to be first or best at what you do. There's ambition in you, much like your blood that came before you. Your grandfather has taught you well. Perhaps too well. Well, I suppose there's no other Lions for me to find in that family tree...


Sophie nearly hopped off the stool so quickly that the hat had barely begun to be removed. She grinned proudly and did a little fist pump at arm's length. She was a SLYTHERIN, just like she'd hoped for, and just like she'd aimed to be! That hat was right. Her grandfather had taught her well. She looked out over the crowd of students and sought of the table of green and silver.

Welcome home, Sophie, she thought to herself.

She descended the little area the stool sat upon and made her way to the house table.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Violeta X. Escalante
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ares Sevenhales
Fifth Year
That's Rough Buddy | Be the Flower | Moon & Stars


Lucian stopped at the entrance, probably causing a first year pile-up, but the Great Hall took his breath away. He's seen pretty grand stuff like this at his grandmother's house, but...this was like, his new home. And he hadn't expected it to be this cool. Especially not with last years rumors. But...whoa! He resumed his steps, walking along the aisle, the hem of his sleeves dripping wet. What? He dipped his hands in the water while on the boat. Lucian wanted to know how it felt. He could tell you, it was cold and his fingers were pink from blood rush.

When he was called forward, the young Blackwell rubbed his hands together, beamed and sped walked toward the stool. Wiggling on it, he froze when the hat was placed on his head and jumped right into it.

"So?" he asked eagerly.

"So what," the Sorting Hat replied.

"Where do I go? With the brave Gryffindors?" That'd be great because his dad was one. "The cunning Slytherins?" His mom was one, and she was awesome. "The clever Ravenclaws?" Meh. That was it. His grandfather had told him he'd burn his name off the family tree if he landed in Hufflepuff.

"Hmmmm," the Sorting Hat mumbled. "Hmmmmmmm."

Lucian crossed his arms. He had a feeling the hat was taking its lovely time on purpose. The Hat laughed. "Too rash, impatient, stubborn, just like your father, but such a baby!" Lucian huffed indignantly, but the Hat kept going. "Too sneaky. Hmm... ambitious, determined. Yes, yes. Like the McCoys. Ah, but far more cunning, like your antecedents, the Jones. Yes, yes."

"Sounds like a tie. If it is, I'll choose. Give me Gryffindor," Lucian said, but underneath the hat his lips stretched into a smirk.

"As you--"

"Nevermind! I want Slytherin!" He smirked wider. He waited a moment, then said: "Just joshing with you. Gryffindor. Yeah, that'll suit me."

The Sorting Hat huffed. Maybe it was Lucian's imagination, but either the hat was getting tighter or his head was getting bigger.

"Very well--"

"Nooooo! Wait! You believed that? Nah--"

"SLYTHERIN!" the Sorting Hat bellowed. "Now get me off and go join your new housemates, and Merlin, good luck to them."

Lucian hopped off the stool and cackled all the way to the green and silver table. Stupid hat couldn't even take a joke. HA. HA.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Faylinn Hadaway
First Year

She waited in the middle of the group of first years feeling like a herd of cattle as the rest of the school sat and stared. Of course a majority of the first years were captivated with the great hall that surrounded them, with the tall, majestic ceiling that reflected the night sky, the torches and large chandeliers that lit the vast room, and the large rows of tables, including the one up front where every professor proudly sat. It was quiet overwhelming. However, Faylinn had been warned and told plenty of stories about Hogwarts, and had been expecting most of it, so after a quick look around, the excitement passed; she was ready to be sorted.

She was very lucky that her last name was near the beginning of the alphabet because it wasn't long before she heard her name being called... "Hadaway, Faylinn!"

Suddenly, all the previous confidence Faylinn possessed left her. The butterflies in her stomach started buzzing and she felt a bit sick, but she quickly calmed herself and took a deep breath, held her chin up high, and shuffled over to the stool. She sat down and closed her eyes as the hat was placed over her head...

Hmmm... A Hadaway? Haven't seen one of them in a while... Let's see... No, no, no definitely not Hufflepuff, not nearly kind enough. Very proud. Too much confidence perhaps... Quiet clever. No drive though, what a shame. A mischievous little thing too... I guess the best choice must be...


The hat was lifted off her head and Fay let out a the breath she had been holding. She quickly walked over to the Slytherin table, her legs felt like jelly, and sat down. She was quite happy with the results, and she knew her father would be too...
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Mackled Malaclaw
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
[working on smthing, maybe.]

Ministry RPG Name:
[working on smthing, maybe.]
x1 x2
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Tallulah had been nervous. She was really very concerned that she was going to be the only older student waiting to be sorted. Seeing so many taller kids though, that was a relief. She counted in her head, as they went up and were sorted before her. There was a good bunch of them, which was comforting to know.

While waiting for her name, Tallulah stood by Fern, pointing things out about the architecture. The garygoyles, the tapestries (which looked a bit worse-for-wear, which was odd.), the ceiling. The Great Hall was almost like a dream to her, it was so artistically crafted. It was also a nice distraction away from the fear and nerves.

She watched, silently, as student after student went up to the stool, and had the hat call out their house.

Tallulah didn't trust it.

"Palmer, Tallulah!"

Oh!! Oh, that was HER.

She gave Fern's shoulder a squeeze as she walked up to the stool and the hat. Nervously, she sat down.

This was going to be terrible.

Tallulah jumped, possibly visibly, when the hat started speaking to her. She hadn't been expecting it - not for it to speak in her mind, almost. Was she supposed to greet the hat? Should she think up a 'hi there!' for him to hear? Would the hat think her foolish for that? These were things you're never told.

She sat, fingers threatening to rub holes into the sleeve hem of her robes, as the Hat made his sentience apparent, and spoke about her parents. He said he remembered sorting her Dad into Ravenclaw, and how Ollie had been hoping for - expecting - Hufflepuff. "Much like you, it seems.", the hat noted. "No... I don't think you'd flourish there." The hat proceeded to talk about how it was a shame that her mother never got to sit here, how the magic in her family tree was so strong. (Tallulah did not like this one bit. How on Earth did this HAT know about a woman who had never even been allowed to come into the school?! "Oh, I know many things, child.") The hat mentioned how, if it counted for anything, with what he knew of her, He'd have placed her with the Lions. He even knew that for the longest time, they'd assumed Tallulah was just like her mum. He was impressed by her persuasion techniques, how she'd convinced her parents to let her come to Hogwarts.

"Now... You. Where do I place you...?" It took the Hat some time, as he mumbled through her apparent qualities. "You're clever, certainly... Only a year at home to catch up... Artistic, yet mellow, and... Your thirst for knowledge is impressive, as is your desire to find your Place... But of course... You do not want knowledge for learning, nor your Place for friends... You're keen to prove yourself. You want to prove you're as good as, if not better than, everyone else. Mhmm. Interesting..."

It felt like Tallulah had been sat on the stool forever. Did it take this long for everyone else? It certainly did't seem it when she was stood on the floor below.

"I was right. You would be comfortable in Hufflepuff, certainly, but you will not find your goals there. Nor will your best qualities grow there. So... I think it would be wise... perhaps, instead, to see how you fare in ..."


No, no no no... That's a mistake. She WANTED to be in Hufflepuff. She LIKED the idea of being comfortable! She didn't want to 'see how she fared'!

The hat was already off her head and she was being ushered away before she had time to try to protest.


Oh, no.

Fern had REALLY been hoping they'd both end up in the same house... There was absolutely no way Fern was going to make it into Slytherin. Ignoring the usual route to the Slytherin table, Tallulah made a beeline for Fern and pulled her up into a hug.

"Good luck, kid."

Then, before she could let Fern see that her eyes may or may not be threatening to cry, Tallulah dashed off through the unsorted kids, off to the Slytherin table...
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Mordaunt, Cuthbert!

Cutty heard his name being called and with all speed he stepped up to the sorting hat and took a seat. He saw from the others before him that the hat deal wasn't anything to be nervous about. He even liked the ragged look of it. It was all old and wrinkly, and when it was placed on Cutty's head, he reached up his still damp hand to touch it.

Quite impulsive. Yes. Very tactile in your learning. And bold. You'd be a great asset to Gryffindor.

But possibly...

The hat seemed to pause as Cutty stuck his hands in his pockets and drummed his feet on the floor impatiently.

Your industrious nature might make you a better fit for Slytherin. A great deal you have to learn on finesse and using your will to realize your ambitions.


Cutty tried not to look confused as he removed the hat and got up from his seat making way for the next student as he headed towards his new house table.
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